become a mongo today.
getting listed on binance on friday btw.

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Went all in, thanks for the tip. Looks exciting. Can't wait until normies FOMO.

Mongoloid coin

Mongo, JUNGE!


tell me about this stupid coin pls

enhanced database modification with decentralized queries. it's all on their website.
the blockchain will be re-vamped

where the f is the info f*cking homo

unironically this, solid team,
>underground until now,
>super high budget from giant investors
>scalable transaction query
>databse enhanced spreaders
>zero transaction fee
>inflatiable mining

>Ready for the bombshell?

>google is already using it

where do you read this =/

wtf guys its just a nosql database

FUCK off mong

is this thing even a coin?

yes for crypto you dipshit

hahahha holy fuck this was leaked in a google dev group. its at $0.43 now

omfg kek


No. It's not, and it's not supposed to be a coin either. This is the future of cryptocurerncies. Why the fuck would a company use coins or tokens? They would use a software. Don't worry though. You can still buy it as a coin, it's sort of a token for transactions

yeah but where do i buy it nothing on the website.

Holy fucking cow, its at $0.61 allready. Shit is booming like crazy, so lucky i got in

I assume this is not what OP mentioned.

it's a leak from google or something, you have to distribute the blockchain in order to get a valuated price. currently at 0.78$. if you wanna buy in, distribute a erc-20 db blockchain and inflation-mine from there

what the fuck are you saying

the next 100x token is Kleos. It is basically the next stackoverflow but the content creator gets paid. Heres my ref for discount ico.kleostoken.com/r/g7RgO

Ok so where is it trading then?
Link me the Etherdelta page.

this place has gotten retarded since /pol/ and normies. a true Veeky Forums would understand

Exactly, I can't find nothing regarding this. source or GTFO

google mongodb and buy lol.

google has been keeping this a secret, it was leaked in a google dev group. go and read about it on bitcointalk.

fuck off pajeet

read retard

ITT: elaborate joke that people fall for

mongoDB isn't offering an ICO

lol all these retards.
Enjoy staying poor.
Sitting comfy with 10k

The absolute state of Veeky Forums.
You pajeets are so fucking dense.

You're the retard here f*cking homo

stupid fake ass shit, a true Veeky Forums would share more info

i dont see you sharing anything

shared more than enough here. ( with a few shills ;-) )

wow. That only confirms youre from reddit.
True biztard would do the same, told you to DYOR. We dont like to just give away everything, you know?
At least put some effort in, retard

if I knew where to start, i would def DMOR. send me in the right direction and I'll do the rest. if you're not going to share more why the fuck would you reply and make me FOMO

You guys are actually fucking retarded.

MongoDB is a nosql database that's often used as the backend for shitty websites.

Pajeet has made a MongoDB coin to lure in suckers who do a two second google search for "mongoDB" and see loads of cool looking results, woah holy shit XXX uses mongoDB, no way!

Consider this post a get out of jail free card. I don't want any anons falling for this. I know if you cunts fall for this you'll be shilling your heavy fucking bags for weeks to come. So please user, don't buy this literal shitcoin.

where did you read about this coin or whatever. I know mongo is a nosql DB, but there is litteraly no info regarding a coin or whatever.

>reddit spacing

Thanks for saving me the hassle of looking at autistic white papers and scrolling through the plague that is etherdelta

That's not reddit spacing you mouth-breather

This is reddit spacing

fake shit

holy shit their ledger tool encodes your key in your fingerprint DNA via back propagation. just went all in