People laugh at thia coin now

>people laugh at thia coin now
>it will go up in value 65% in the next 12 months
>you'll remember this thread and regret not getting in

>12 months


in 3 months it wont exist.

screencap this







Let's do this fellas! TRADESATOSHI WOOT

>no premine


There is nothing on their site or twitter


Just because you didn't start mining early enough doesn't mean there was a premine.
If you think the pareto principle doesn't apply to crypto, you're a fucking retard. Go be a communist somewhere else

What's the point, sooner or later those whales are going to destroy the market

Im in Turtle and you can fuck right off with this endless screeching in caps on several threads. Are you doing some kind of reverse psychology FUD?

Turtle will never go up with all those whales hurling millions of coins onto the market. Me like the average turtle fag got only a couple thousand of coins and we dont care if turtles are worth 1 sat tommorow.

BZC's platform is finished, it's like one of the only 20 crypto's that has a finished platform.
Go buy your "We promise it'll be done by 2025" coin.

M8, even if the current supply was in the hand of 1 person, we are nowhere near the total number of TRTLs. That "whale" will be a noone once all the other TRTLs get mined. That's why the no ICO, no premine is SO IMPORTANT.

Yes, someone got lucky and mined a shitton of these, but he could only get the rewards of a few days' worth of TRTLs. That's not enough to crash a market, not nearly.

If they the coins would be more averagely distributed the normal user would have a real interest in the coin and its future.

And they think donating 10 fuckin turtles through their faucet will change anynthing. The whales are just too greedy.

fucking keynesians

I'm not a keynesian.

Im planning to hold my 100k coins for 5 years

this shitcoin wont last 5 months. dump the shit now.

coin inflation is worse than Zimbabwe.
also dev planted keylogger and other shit.
also dev and his friends pre mined the shit out of it
also dev wont reveal who he is
also nicehashers killing the mining and control the market
also 3 billion new coins every month is going to shit on overone holding.
still no ANN
all wallets is shit and buggy even new gui wallet is worse than slimy shit with keylogger

early whales mined this but are shit poor living in trailers. they will keep dumping.

as a dev of TRTL i can confirm that i myself put trojan viruses, keyloggers, CIA hacks, KGB moles, and i premined 4 billion TRTLs

its not on tradesatoshi yet, wtf are you guys saying.

shilling. Trying to get people to buy. TRTL hit 38 sat at one point, which is good progress for a new coin, but it dropped to 7 sat today and trailer park investors are scared they won't be able to afford making meth if they lose their turtle money

What's the best way to check for a custom keylogger?

login to stuff and see if your shit gets stolen

if you don't know already, you will never make it.

I think he's just about ready to kill himself

fuck off ranjeep. go rape a foreign tourist or some shit like you pajeets do best

Not sure where this baseless fud started

Turtles are amazing

Looks it's a good old-fashioned, fun coin.

It's really fun to own a million of something

TRTL listing just got refused on Trade Satoshi
No moon for TRTL, it was doomed from the start
Forget about the keylogger meme for a minute, they have bigger issues: the distribution.
Less than 10 people hold 90% of the supply.
The Devs got too greedy. They thought making a stupid thread in Veeky Forums is enough traffic for people to start mining the coin seriously. They should have said it to reddit, bitcointalk and other public places. Because of this greedy stupid decision the coin can never grow. No investor would be interested in some stupid coin owned by less than 10 people that have 90% of it.
Why tech does it offer that monero doesn't already have? Turtle memes? lmao

Insiders have MULTIPLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS mined already, they can crash the market any time, with almost no losses since they didn't buy the coins with their money they mined it.
>yfw it's even those hundred millions holder whales that are chosen to handle the turtle-market and get paid 5% fees on each trades on top of that.

CodIsAFish is one of them and said multiple times that he has a "couple hundred millions". pic related

Will tradeogre even be there in the next 2 weeks?
It reeks of exit scam

Acrobatically factual

fuck CodIsAFish has 200 million
Leonardo has 200million
superduperdeluxe has 200 million

above three a shitty trailer trash that mined it with a single GPU. they will keep dumping as soon as they see they can a few dollars to get some food for the day.

mkid has 800 million now.

>CodIsAFish has 200 million
This is an understatement

Reminder only 4.2% of the total supply has been mined. This whale shit is getting out of hand, in a few months their accumulation will be a pittance

I understand why these faggots keep shilling that shit here. What I don't understand is, why people who don't have millions of turtle coins take part in shilling it. It's like these whales have an army of retards, probably Americans or pajeets, it's roughly the same anyway

>muh 2 billions new turtle per month
>muh inflation
1. Your shares are getting diluted at the same rate as the whales
2. They can flip and increase their share at a much greater rate than people can mine it
I don't know how you guys fail to see this

I bought in near ATH at .0025, any chance well ever hit. 0050? :(

I dont understand the whale thing. This is literally the same for every pow coin ever. The first to mine get a lot.

>I dont understand the whale thing. This is literally the same for every pow coin ever. The first to mine get a lot.

the basic argument, and it has merit, is that the devs are fags for only announcing the coin on an ephermal board and not someplace permanent, eg.. the defacto being bitcointalk.

This is the part that just feels a bit off about it and why this community is basically saying to fuck off.

>this community
>no no no
Nicehashers and industrial miners just mad they got stealthed by a bunch of hicks. TRTL devs deliberately shlled just on Veeky Forums to give non-institution miners a shot.

well, it didn't work as you can see by the feedback given here.

i saw one of the early posts and managed to mine 450k trtl with my geforce 1060. Worked for me!

>i saw one of the early posts and managed to mine 450k trtl with my geforce 1060. Worked for me!

i did too, i mined millions, but i can understand how others that didn't see it would be like "fuckkkkkyouuuuu"

If any of you downloaded the official software can you 100% say that there was no keylogger or whatever.

Sure, the code in github might be clean, but you never know what's in the released .zip file.

They don't even have build instructions for Windows available there so it could have been compiled by who ever and include whatever.

Software keyloggers have an aggressive and easily identifiable heuristic signature that will flag any quarter-decent AV software instantly. Except for the hardware-coded backdoors put into every system by the CIA. It would require another CIA to activate those tools.

Unfortunately the dev of TRTL is both CIA and KGB. And his dad works for Nintendo. So basically you're just fucked.

I got wind of it (ironically because somebody was baiting an angry nocoiner on /g/ crying about GPU prices) about 2 weeks ago and managed to mine 800k with my 1080. By releasing only through Veeky Forums, hashlets like myself managed to get a couple of hundo g's. My suspicions are basically this post

Yes but that does't mean you are not an idiot

Yes, the TRTL devs should have anticipated that Veeky Forums would be a bunch of retards and pajeets that would rather scream about fake keyloggers and global conspiracies than to just download their free money.

>y-you should have told Reddit first!
Go the fuck back.