That was for you, soyboys.

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If a known scammer posts a conspiracy theory then you know the opposite is true.

Only thing proven so far is soy increases estrogen

Thanks just ate 100k

Is this man in some kind of psychosis?

beer is actually far worse than soy

>tfw don't consume beer or soy but still not manly

Testosterone causes violence and is for uncivilised people like niggers.

Estrogen is the white man's hormone because we're civilized and not violent.

nice b8 m8

>testosterone is bad

enjoy balding / losing muscle mass / penis size /voice depth /proper vision / willpower to do anything productive or innovative.

Actually even that's questionable. it mimics phytoestrogens (rather than straight up increasing estrogen) and even then does it at negligible levels.


It hasn't been implicated in cancer, and has been correlated with improved cholesterol and a reduced risk of heart disease.

>enjoy balding
Estrogen stops male pattern baldness
>Losing muscle mass
That's for uncivilised people. You don't muscles in 2018.
>penis size
If you had a 8 inch dick from the start, estrogen will only shrink it to 6 inches so who cares? You're already a dicklet if you need extra testosterone to get a big dick
>voice depth
Deep voices are creepy
>proper vision
Are girls blind?
>Willpower to do anything productive or innovative
You're saying girls never try? They can't study? They can't work?

you're an absolute fucking retard. Please drink 1LT of soymilk every day you low test little bitch.

>You're saying girls never try? They can't study? They can't work?
They tread ways made by people with testosterone.

This. Who fucking cares if white women sleep with black or brown people anyway you insecure fucking nazis.

High test causes baldness

>They tread ways made by people with testosterone.
Testosterone supplements will only make you violent and not some kind of business owner

That’s why women own so few businesses

Boy, I hope no one with an agenda moderates that site and edits-reedits as he wishes

Testosterone makes you willing to take risks. So yes, it makes you a business owner or leads you towards that. The opposite would be the safe and proven low test wagecucking.

Testosterone is also needed to withstand the pressures of trading and finance. Thats why women are shit traders

This is false, baldness in men is genetic and caused by a sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). So balding men don't have more dht, they just are generically predisposed to losing hair as a result.

based wassa wassa man knows whats up