Boy that sure was shortlived

Boy that sure was shortlived

This is absolutely glorious. There are people here who bought at 36 dollars. Lmaooooooo

Bought at 4, cashed out double my initial investment at 28. now I got like 20 left. They can rot or grow, couldnt give a fuck no loss for me.

and I would have gotten away with this if it wasn't for that shitshow bitgrail

copied this from another thread id advise you to read it brainlets

look at all those retarded brainlets that dont even understand why its dipping and instead of being smart and buying the fuck out of this dip they shitpost on biz
ok let me educate you faggots
the bitgrail owner told all US faggots to terminate their accounts
but they only can withdraw in btc
so they market sell anything (including xrb) and gtfo
the result is this dip
see you at 20$ in 3 days

Please Veeky Forums take whatever you have and run. This coin is not getting listed on Binance. The only way is down. If you want to try a DAG tech. Get into IOTA, they have a competent dev team and aren't dealing with jew exchanges.
I repeat, cut your losses and dump this shit.

Nice try, gonna buy 100k XRB during this glorious dip

iota and competent dev team don't go in 1 sentence, and they are worse than dealing with jew exchanges, they literally want to make the world jewish or refugish or niggerish

only good answer

Scam coin anyway.

I'll level with you guys. I just topped up my XRB stack. Was much quicker than I expected, thought I might miss the dip.

stop placing buy orders above 100k sats you fucks




yeah that dip was short-lived, people realize the FUDders are selling off their bags to the CHADfolios

Yep owner (“bomber” on reddit) just exit scammed. These people are so delusional.

"bomber" doesn't own XRB you retard. He owns an exchange that trades XRB. All he is doing is complying with EU law and requiring identification to deposit/withdraw
XRB withdrawals have been down for days due to system maintenance. It's unrelated.

A week ago some fag shill said this shitcoin is going to be $50 in February. I called him fucking retarded. February is two days from now.
I was right.

but then you have 28 days of febuary

And it won't change anything.

I just went all in with what I have on kucoin. This is easy money


I am thinking of doing the same, selling tel and dbc bags at loss

good idea, learning not to get money trapped is worth any $$ you lose.

Lmao the dip is still going on bitch

Source or kys

I'm grinning like a mad man buying xrb right now on bitgrail.
This is the best thing happening this year.
If you are to stupid to see that... well, what the fuck do i care.
Crazy days my friend.

Kek also bought some (14 dollars a steal)

>the bitgrail owner told all US faggots to terminate their accounts
It's actually all non-eu accounts. Including the verified ones

I'm a bit in doubt, I could transfer some BTC to Bitgrail and buy (im from the EU). The think is I don't want to send all my identification..

hi bitch

Shhhhh... let me keep buying this dip.

Bomber now owns the supply of XRB and thus the market