Vitalik just destroyed XRB in the live interview.
Sell before it goes all the way down. Probably wont hit quite 0, but under $1 by tonight.

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But is this the real Michlan.

Who is Michlan? We all anons here. Anyone using a name in Veeky Forums is autistic.

FUCK OFF Rajeets. I'll use my name if I want to.

what happened OP, explain to me I miss this interview cause I'm wagelsave.

vitalik also said " sell your neo" at an OMG conference last year when it was around $35... autism is not always correct

>already lost a shit ton of money from xrb
>now people pretend to be me on Veeky Forums

Our boy Vitalik brought out flaws of XRB that the devs could not refute. I'd sell your Rai ERC20s as soon as possible, buddy. You won't get a higher price anymore.

At least give a link fucking retard.



yes but this was a joke. he listed all the major flaws of xrb. there is a difference

link the interview dumb fuck

link or btfo

Link to the video????

Is that a trap?

yes what a douchebag, 10$ xrb wasn't cheap enough for that fucker
bitgrail is reason for dip, fill your bags


Seriously, who the fuck is Michlan and why do people actually hold him in high regard if he managed to actually lose money with XRB?

Fuckin newfag. Shove a dragon dildo up your anal passage and twist it in a gentle circular motion while navigating your browser to Tumblr

Vitalik doesnt even know what XRB is tard.


You really haven't paid attention recently, buddy.

Its sad that people actually believe op

XRB haters have really not been on point lately, OP is probably some Pajeet from a discord group
Michlan seems to be a arab name btw


I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

Is this guy on the spectrum?

Who is Michlan? There are no names in Veeky Forums, so there can't be a fake or real Michlan. Both seem to be downright autistic anyway... trying to use names on Veeky Forums...

idk man but i want to creampie her

Where should I buy, risk loving amerigun here. All I need is to buy some and transfer it into a wallet

Oi, anons, why are you still obsessed with my name? Go better check your pajeeted XRB investment. SELLLLL befoer it is too late.

jesus reaking christ user this is bait stop this faggotry

>investing in a coin that has no room for improvement and already 2b market cap

do you hate money?

Just bought 200k

6/10 b8 you actually got me to look this shit up
couldnt find shit anyway

oh look its another day of OP is a faggot