Shill me a coin that will 50%-100% in the next 4 days

Shill me a coin that will 50%-100% in the next 4 days.
I am thinking about REQ and DNA.
What do you guys think? Are there any other possibilities?

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LUN will be your best bet for a short.

nothing you've heard of will go 50-100% in the next 4 days



SHIFT, whitepaper will release in 9 hours and after that... shit will be wild

Wait till XRB bleeds out I guess


RaiBlocks is top 3 coin end of year. It's feeless and stress-tested at 7000 tx/s. It's better than IOTA, another feeless coin, because you can keep a permanent receiving address.

xrb NOW!
best opportunity of the month

Nobody's gonna buy your shitcoin if it doesn't have a whitepaper yet


This 'shitcoin' has a working product on testnet and their website is hosted on it. What do your coins have faggot??


No joke, Proof of weak hands.

DTA dip is a god send, be quick though

Check the chart

REQ will take longer to do a 100%, the Mainnet is launched in Q1. They won’t give a specific date, so it can happen in February or in March. But REQ is still a good investment at these prices.


Ended up buying REQ. That dip was way too delicious to pass on in an update week.
2 weeks ago it 2xed from Thursday to Friday.

Buy some low mcap coins on ED.