I give up. I see no possible way for the market to recover. The parabolic movement was thanks to normies flooding in...

I give up. I see no possible way for the market to recover. The parabolic movement was thanks to normies flooding in. This was the peak, and if you got rich, congratulations. You were there before the masses arrived. Everyone else is now a bagholder. You're just deluding yourselves if you think such growth will happen again. It won't. The speculative phase is over, now people are looking to actually using blockchain products. A few of the coins might go up 100% or so over the course of the year, but that's it. Most will just bleed out as more and more people lose interest.

It was fun while it lasted. Which I gotten in exactly a year ago. Would've been a millionaire now. Please don't waste your time dreaming about the gains you'll make with crypto. Everyone is in on the 'get rich quick' scheme now. Just think for a second to understand what that means. It certainly doesn't mean that everyone will be a millionaire, because everything just keeps going up.

Nice try pajeet. You're not getting your hands on my bags.

I only put 700 into crypto. I'm fine.

It's your link right?

This, think about the number of normies who got burned. My roommate just got into crypto and he is a total normie. Thinking he'll make it big with just 300 invested. Fuck, I think the dream might be over.

I'm with you, I'm probably losing my fucking house over this shit. Veeky Forums really fucked me over big time by convincing me to get in on this crypto meme.

Go to hell you greedy cocksuckers.

short short short

>take a loan on house to buy at ATH
>blame others for greed
user, you need to take a serious look at your own choices else you'll keep making the same mistakes and before you know it you're another democrat voter
i lost 0.8 eth on the exitscam ponzis yesterday, you don't see me whining about it. i bought the "immutable smart contract" without realising every retard would panicsell as soon as the website went down, and i have only myself to blame
the world is what it is, nobody's entitled a free ride

Yeah a lot of bagholders from ATH are now waiting for prices to go up and dump it

Mid-February is next major takeoff. Give Clif High a listen if you like podcasts. Otherwise, just step away from the screen awhile and wait.

please cash out and leave, more to crypto than makin money. the market got a massive boost due to speculation, equilibrium must be sought

just sell at a loss & fuck off

please know that all you will do is push prices down for me to get more crypto for fiat.

But it's not even 10 trillion dollars yet.

This is exactly the problem. After the parabolic movement followed by the crash we naturally had people buying at a high price. We can't fucking recover because everyone will sell as soon as they break even. Every time. People new to crypto thought what happened in December was normal. When it doesn't happen again they'll just exit the market. And then they'll sell even at the tiniest profits. Your fucking HODL meme is dead. It doesn't work anymore because normies don't have patience. They won't let a coin go up without selling immediately after a 10% gain.

Don't be such a pansy.

OP is a fucking fag

I agree I lost everything in crypto and now I can’t pay the rent. My wife is taking her son and leaving me. I have nothing left.

Dude ven is fucking trash

Then don't HODL?

Just buy low and sell high and you'll still make it lmao

>y wife is taking her son and leaving me. I have nothing lef
OMG plz be true, you late the game and invest all you own without knowing shit faggot

How can $70bn get wiped off market cap in less than 24 hours? lol...

You are the greedy one taking a loan on ur house retard

We are currently at 2-5 percent market penetration (in the USA). 2018 is projected to bring another 13 percent (which, according to the meme graph, would be the early adopters). You are too saturated in this echo chamber to see how early you really are.

Either go big or go home you fucking poorfag

if you loose your house guess who will be the poorfag. post pics of the eviction notice when it comes in

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
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lol so many new fags

People were saying the same shit in 2013.

>abloo abloo i was too late, bitcoin is already $100, it's mainstream now :(

you're probably just some pajeet trying to buy cheap bags so whatever, have fun

Normies don't buy stocks. Why would they buy crypto, especially after many of them got burned buying at the top. I'm doubting that we'll see greater adoption of crypto by the masses.

Stocks are for old people, crypto is new, sexy and accessible. Also it has all your favourite faceberg nigger rappers supporting it!

People in that thread weren't wrong.

Yeah but hardly anyone knew of crypto or Bitcoin back in 2013. Now literally everyone has, and even the most reddit of normies has at least a couple hundred bucks invested. For fuck sakes MSNBC is shilling altcoins. Katy Perry has crypto fingernails. Pretty sure we reached peak bubble.

Fuck off and stop posting this thread everyday. People literally posted the same thing Jan 2017 during the bear market.

They did the same thing in 2013. The Mt Gox happened and there was a resulting crash, and the situation didn't develop for years.
Now companies are buying in. Hedge funds. Governments. If there is a crash, it will not be allowed to last for years. This isn't a stock. This is a technological leap forward combined with a system of currency. It's a new asset class. Normie roommates with 300 dollars in are not the harbringers of the top in this situation.

And it will be posted by the newcomers in next year's January crash as well.

I think you're an unironic Pajeet, but you're still correct

So, we have barely seen any of these projects go live, form partnerships, and start to be a part of every day life, and you think this is the end of the crypto run?

Meanwhile, over at Robinhood...

>Investing what you can't afford to lose

This is entirely your own fault and you need to take responsability


Once the market becomes more stable and there are more working projects out there, you will see more people than ever trying to buy in. Most people can't buy right now anyways due to exchanges having grown way too fast. Once more people get in, the market will explode. Until then, go ahead and neck yourself faggot

I was here when that was the ENTIRE cap of the whole market.

Many normies were burned at the top which scared them away. Though when the next real pump comes in they will all fomo back in. Human nature.

Yeah I just got back into crypto and I must say this is fucking lame.

All my normie friends said it was exciting and it's done nothing but go sideways and tank.

cliff high is retarded, he actually recommends Cloak Coin as his favourite privacy coin pick.

I've seen this thread during the dip after every single bull run.
I remeber during China FUD, just like the trigger for this one, korean fud, everyone was saying normies got burned by the massive drop in btc, if btc was to rally again there would be a massive dump thanks to people trying to break even etc etc.

The reality is while normies have been in for a while, it's only a tiny percentage of the population and with regulations rolling in soon investment funds will try to profit off the bubble. Coinmetro wants to offer ETFs etc.
Now that Crypto is actually mainstream, now that is starting to be used and adopted by companies now that big investors are jumping in, Now you tell me u want to get out?
This was our dream 2 years a go. THIS IS IT.
this fucking dip is nothing, We always go throught the same, bull run, dip, panic, dips harder, consolidation, picks up, dip, bull run.
we're still much much higher than the begining of the last bull run, It's called consolidation.
most people that have been here for a while spread fud and doom for fun, everyone loves newfags panicking,


If you think that it's even comparable to today you are officially braindead. Have a look at charts and news.

now show the one for ethereum

>Which I gotten in exactly a year ago. Would've been a millionaire now
fuck you, I got in 9 months ago and only 6x-8x'd my money


hasn't even taken off

>wife's son meme

you're making it too obvious brah

i wouldnt say hodl is dead just because of normies, they're making this last a longer time somehow, if they were to all dump for a loss, we wouldn't be bouncing back like this i dont think. we would've been at 8k btc by now maybe even 6k or lower. i hate how alot of these normies are actully hodling because of fucking youtubers. they're really fucking with the eco system here