Portfolio went from 110K to 40K. In just 1 months

Portfolio went from 110K to 40K. In just 1 months.

About to kms today. Any tips?

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your doomed

take your profits. don't come back

Cash out before it goes below your initial investment. Which is in a week or so.

most of us here only have 1-2k dude you have 40k just keep going

cash out and diversify

Send some of it to me and you can leave behind a positive change because I will use it for good

Don't make It hard for your family to clean up your mess

maybe you should learn to trade. or just hold ETH

inslin can be bougt otc in the US, you just go to sleep and never wake up again.

well give donations before you kill

Buy Neo and be a chad

>inb4 some one says hodl is a meme
t. bought 30k ark in may lmao

and what the fuck who cares ?

you must be a newfag

>not taking profits after an insane bullrun

just invest in rope

global prices will go up soon

teach me

Massive head and shoulders forming, how can I short your portfolio?

>Any tips?
yeah, kys

Cash out the 40k, Buy a bunch of hookers, then KYS.

You greedy fucks deserve this justing

just bought 100k, nice, where can l read whitepapers?

I will make this very simple, invest in Kleos and you portfolio will go to 200kabillion. The next 100x shittoken is Kleos. It is basically the next stackoverflow but the content creator gets paid. Heres my ref for discount ico.kleostoken.com/r/g7RgO

remember to take profits the next bull run user. This is a lesson, not the end.

>up 57% on the month


Taxes. Cap gains tax in America is like 40%, so even when you aren’t getting JUSTed you get JUSTed

Short-term capital gains are based on your tax bracket. 37% is the max (over $500,000 income).


Long-term capital gains is also based on your tax bracket, but the percentages are a lot lower.


This. It was my first run through this as well and I learned my lesson not be greedy and understand when to take a profit rather than weather through a loss