So this thing is dead right

I know CCK made up a bunch of rumors about the PBOC, Sunny is kind of a shady dude, and VEN fans are literally part of a cult but is this thing really dead? I’d like to think so.

It’s helping out Chink land to rule the world. Jimmy no like Ling Ling with his money

I got banned for asking about the code in discord.
I got banned for questioning CCK on telegram.
Thinking of selling my Ven. The community is all about the price and rumours...

every hyped coin is like this.
14 year old moonlambo kids.

I got banned for asking how many ven a guy wants for his sister, or if a bag of rice was just as good as payment.

community is chock full of faggots. just focus on what sunny and the actual project is doing. It sucks price is still so low but this has got to be the most promising coin with the lowest chance of shitting the bed totally. at least my 0.02

Makes you wonder if CCK is a insider who profits of pumps and dumps.

i'd be inclined to agree but typically news gets released after his retarded 'riddles.' could be pnd but its not like he's usually making shit up like that literal homo justin tron sun

If the PBOC is confirmed false, this will immediatelly lose at least 50% of its value

Idk about you but not comfortable riding a coin that has that potential.

I was in an elevator with Sunny Lu and I said to him that I was really impressed with everything he had accomplished with Vechain, and that I wished him good luck. He didn't even look at me and didn't respond, but he did move closer till we were shoulder to shoulder. Then he slid his left hand into my pocket and began to fondle my genitals. He never made eye contact. Just felt my balls and my stiffening shaft through the inside of my pocket until the elevator reached the ground floor. Paralyzed with fear and embarrassment, I didn't resist or push him away. The door opened and about ten Chinese businessmen were standing there looking at us, Sunny with his hand in my pocket, me with an erection. I didn't move. Sunny took his hand out, shamelessly licked his fingertips, and then walked out of the elevator. I still didn't move. The businessmen crowded in and I rode back up with them as a few of them cast sidelong glances at me and talked to each other in Chinese. I rode all the way to the top of the building, then back down again, just to make sure Sunny wasn't in the lobby waiting for me.

Guys I heard a rumor that VEN is going to be DELISTED from binance.

Get out while you can I REPEAT get out while you can.

Also my uncle(works at Samsung) just came back from a business trip in china and he ran into sunny! Well he saw him at least.

So my uncle and about 9 Chinese business men were waiting on an elevator to take them up to a conference room. As soon as the door opened my uncle told me he saw sunny with his hand in another man's pocket GRABBING HIS FUCKING PENIS.
At first I didn't believe my uncle but Sunny has always seemed pretty shady.

Well today I finally pulled the trigger and sold ALL my VEN (23.7)
You guys should sell yours too

Except the pumps usually last a lot longer than this. The only reason it's going back down so abruptly is because BTC shit itself at the same time.

My question is, whats stopping Sunny to pay CCK? Sunny could easily be telling him whats about to happen therefore he gets the news right and before anyone. Then the final rumour which is huge will be about PBOC. The one thats not true but people are gullible to believe since he has not yet been "wrong". Of course that rumour is huge and I don't believe its true. A smart investor doesn't buy rumours.. Even though I hold VEN. Just looking at both sides.

i was always under the assumption that CCK does work for VEN or at least is in cahoots with them... jsut to be clear, you don't think VEN is going to work with the chink government? given the connections with Breyer as well as the connection with Gui'an?

Absolutely not. China doesn't want us Ven holders to have or be a part of their government. They are high rulers. If its true. Kiss the tokens goodbye. They simply could just use the technology. Why would China allow its bank to be part of a global market owned bought by just anyone? They want nothing to do with us. They dont want their people to have even the slightest power. My parents are Chinese immigrants and I know how the government rolls in Mainland China..

Fcking poor tard. Nobodg believes in PBoC. I have spoken some whale holders. Only tards like you.

If PBoC true this will moon top 3.

?? if you think 'we' own anywhere near a large sum of VEN compared to chinese government and chinese companies you are deluded. Regardless, how would owning VEN have anything to do with us being part of their government? PBoC would use VEN as a way to track their citizens wealth as well as basically anything they fucking want. Having people outside china adds validity, come on guy

It doesn't add validity. Thats not how the government runs things. They would rather use the blockchain technology and not have a security like the VEN token circulate. My Chinese cousins in Beijing who also mine bitcoin thinks its the most absurd thing ever. Im not causing fud. I hold this coin too. Im just being honest.

Autism: The Movie

we need this pull back to shake out all the retards. I don't care if I lose money on paper as long as these faggots give up and sell at a loss.

Read the paper written by the PBOC deputy from last week. It describes the future of digital currency of China and how blockchain fits in their future. Vechain will be what powers their smart contracts both internally and around the world. China wants to be a world dominating power and they will do it through vechain in much the same way the usd dominates world trade right now.

lol it jumped from 1.5b to 3b on coinmarketcap when they corrected the actual circulating supply

Man I can't wait til the big news gets released and all these desperate FUD spreading brainlets will be fomoing in at the ath. There has literally never been a better time to buy VEN.