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stop your shit and buy BZC now faggot

Why can't we have flags like /pol/?

you forgot link and verge

because we have to pay for them

fuck that

Get fucked, nolinkie.

UFR too

God damn I love segregating an entire race using filters.

This, also include Tron.

>God damn I love segregating an entire race using filters.
You could have filtered out nigs by filtering out BIIIIIITTTCCOOOOOOOOOOOONNNEEEEEEECCTT last month too.

you forgot

you forgot trx and xvg

Last time I went to /pol/ every flag was this weird red flag with a black cross-like signature in a white dot in the middle. Anyone know which country that is?

Unironically: would love to see flags in Veeky Forums

Too lazy to check out, but what’s wrong with TRTL

Because the mods are pajeets.


Because flags would ruin any discussion. Professional shills would just use proxies, while the rest of us would get shat on for our flags.

here's my filters:

Did this 2 hrs ago and it's instantly so much better holy shit.

we dont awnt flag for everyone, just india

Thx man, this Post is gold!

You forgot Powh

want india flag for smelly pajeets

amerimutt memes catch me off guard every single time

works flawlessly

I can't find that on settings

Might as well not browse biz

Yeah where is this in 4chanx?


I've never used any extra-application to lurk. But on biz the shilling is too much and hiding threads isn't enough.

As you rightfully deserve.

You don't need any addon to do that.


what to use in firefox 58??

forgot about mobius

Nvm I found it. I've never needed to filter so didn't pay any attention to it.

thanks man

i got better

Only 3rd world shithole pajeets

It would expose the leaf

You guys need to go back to Plebbit, now.