Hello anons

hello anons
>be me 23yo
>Living with mom and my brother
>Wagecucking every fucking day
>Salary worth 238000VEF
>A dollar worth now 255000VEF
>If you live in this shitthole you can't flip burgers for go all in Cryptos
>Shit get harder every day
>Mom's car need repairs
>Try help my mom but a replacement for the car costs 5600000VEF
>Help mom but not is to much
>My brother help anyway, but not is to much
>Wake up
>Don't have any shit to eat
> My cat is meching me to feed him
> Depress me because I can not feed my old friend (14yo cat)
> Follow up the Crypto market since November
>Any fucking dollar to invest
>To much people getting rich every day
> I get depressed even more because I feel that I will never be able to leave this country of shit
> Hate every day more communists and any lefty in this world
> My edgy dream is to be rich to finance armed groups in my country to help free my country and purge this country of each brown voted Chavez in 1998

Anons if you can help me to enter in the crypto market I will be grateful for life. I'm not in the mood to go to work today and my stomach roars me too much

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Shit larp.

Go mine BOLIVARCOIN and stop begging

Another begging thread....

I swear to fucking God user, not another
>muh I'm a downtrodden third world nigger pls pity me
Delete your thread and reflect on your shitty life.

Weather widget location to add weight to my post goddammit

pls anons
here pictare of me cattie

I will legitimately order cat food worth year for you if you can prove you're not larping. Take a picture with timestamp and/or three fingers with your cat in the picture.

pls sir am,, stravingf

Bro peep the dude's hardware.
Don't enable beggars for fuck's sake.
If you want to give to charity, donate to a local cause that can actually affect your environment positively.

send your details to [email protected]

Get some Airdrop?????? Last time I got some random ass STORM airdrop worth 1000$

Yeah dude. I can't believe this guy. Sell your alienware OP. That shits probably worth a years salary in your country

I'd imagine it's hard to sell your shit when people can barely afford food, and the rich people could just get new stuff

yet you have a computer/phone and internet and free time to post LARPs on it. fuck off

this guy iz bullshitting. this is just a copy pasta from a thread that died 10 min ago. ask for another timestamp with some detail before sending money if you're intended doing so.

Fucking petafags thinking stupid animals are more worth than human life. You won't make it.

>waaaahhh im so poor
>uses 1000$ gaming stuff

>t. psychopath


I'm going to report this thread to Maduro and I hope he has you locked up for being counter revolutionary

Because psychopaths are known to value human lives over retarded vermin?

good on you for looking out for these swipey bois

You can have my STK airdrop. Give me your wallet.

Honduran bro here.

Just leave the fucking country dude. It’s unliveable, we all know that.