Bull Run

Let me clarify something.

There won't be another bull run like we saw a month ago. Had you put in 500K you would've easily had over a mill.

The point is that the guarantee for a 2x minimum were there.

Things will never be that way again because everyone became aware.

t. armchair warren buffet

motherfucker shut the fuck up, the majority of haven't gotten into cryptos because of the lack of easy access, with new exchanges rapidly popping up there'll be a ton of more people coming in

But everyone should know this

In the context of the last 5 years, i would say there will come another bullrun, it may not be around the corner, but it will come.

This is a prime example of someone who completely missed out on the free money which was the recent bull run.

Don't be like that guy.


most people are aware, but most people, billionaires included, do NOT understand it.

the next bull runs come as billionaires/serious masses start to understand what is happening and what actually gives crypto its value.

You heard that guys? Pack it up.

The only thing that gives your crypto coins value is when someone buys them after you.

Please don't act like the crypto market is more than a Ponzi scheme

false you mong. there are coins with legit utility. do you not see the value in being able to validate authenticity of products through the blockchain? your small mind is still focused on hurr durr let me buy a burger with 5 xrp. nah man, the tech is the future not the fucking coins. buy VEN faggot

On a different note, why do burgers buy crypto if they are taxes 35 percent upon exiting?

That's the real question.

*there are crypto with legit utility

same for stocks. same for gold.

if you don't hold enough to take decisive power in the company, there's nothing that gives stocks any intrinsic value
the sole reason people buy them is because they hope someone will buy from them for more later on.

there's nothing stopping a stock of a company steeply increasing its profit to fall. except speculation. if the company is doing well, people will assume someone will buy its stocks for more, that is all.

fine if it goes bankrupt you may get 0.00001% of your investment back. similarly, if people lose interest in gold, you may get 0.00001% back for its conductive properties.

if you really want that 0.00001% intrinsic value, just invest that much less in crypto, boom, now you have guaranteed 0.00001% back.

>There won't be another bull run like we saw a month ago
Happens every 3 months since 2015.

VEN is going nowhere. That was proved in the last few days. This is it's peak. Only downhill from here.

only like 1% are aware, that last bullrun was nothing and we'll see more like it this year. crypto mcap will be multiple trillion by EOY

what gives crpyto value is

easy transfer
places that accept them (hundreds of thousands of places from local pubs through daycares to overstock)

and, unlike with stocks, these properties ACTUALLY give it value even if you only hold a tiny-tiny fraction of the overall cap

> desperately needs new people buying in so he can keep getting money
> not a ponzi

Pick one.

Anything with money going in can be a ponzi scheme retard

Its the same with companies having stocks or any type of investment.

thanks user, always appreciate the opportunity to laugh at a fucking idiot

Imagine a scenario, where the total amount of money (fiat) which has entered the crypto sphere equals that of the total amount of money which has left the crypto sphere.
i.e. All money (fiat) that have been used to buy BTC’s, has the same USD-value as all the BTC’s which has been used to buy fiat.

What would the total value of the entire crypto market be? I don’t think it would be known, although we are operating at a zero-sum system, the market cap of the entire crypto market could be astronomical or it could be less than a USD.

The crypto market is a bubble in the sense the numeric dollar value of a coin, is entirely arbitrary.

You niggers say this every dip

>The crypto market is a bubble in the sense the numeric dollar value of a coin, is entirely arbitrary.

which market isn't a bubble by that definition?

and i mean, it's not so much arbitrary, when right now you can buy thousands of goods for a fixed amount of crypto. those prices will obviously be readjusted if people give less -other stores of wealth- for a particular cryptocurrency, but right now they make the currency's value not arbitrary

Most other markets have a ratio between them, meaning the price of a carwash are reflective of the price of a restaurant dinner.
The crypto market, is not tied to anything, it stand alone.

it depends on the supply/quality of carwash, and the supply/quality of restraurants

crypto is just global therefore supply/quality/speculation applies and make changes globally, not locally

specultion still applies in the case of carwashes and restaurants

e.g. there are car washes and restaurants that will give you services below their operative costs in certain cases

in the past

and the last bull run happened, what, 3 weeks ago?

ended 3 weeks ago*

False. The December bull run was just couple of uncles joining crypto after family gatherings.
Now there are a LOT more normies aware of how crypto works and they now have accounts on exchanges.
Once BTC stops shitting itself, the influx of money that is currently on the borderlines waiting, will be absolutely massive.
One last bull run.
Then it will be over.