The stock market isn't in a parabolic bub---

The stock market isn't in a parabolic bub---

the crash will come and it will be hard
the question is if the money will pump straight into crypto
or if everything goes down in flames

some will try crypto, will create a mini surge, people riding the stock crash will see the mini crypto surge and get in on it creating a medium surge, etc... etc... this couldn't be more perfect

>mfw all in on gold and crypto

people will cash out of all assets to make ends meet, if the crash is severe enough

you are not supposed to look on stocks. Crypto is the only thing you need to care about. Crypto is bubble.

They'll want to hold cash instead of speculative investments.

>muh crypto is bubble

A sector worth less than 600 billion is somehow concerning whereas thr entire stock market going parabolic is just organic market growth.

2x in 5 years? Is that so bad?

have these companies double there earnings is the past 2 years? has the economy grown to twice the size to support the growth? no and no therefor the're overvalued

in all seriousness how much longer until the market gets a retracement ?

Be careful, I saw some guy say that gold soars during inflationary crashes and drops during deflationary ones (or vice versa, can't remember). Seemed like he thought this would be a bad crash for gold.
I don't know if he was talking out of his ass or not but it might be worth checking out.

part of these money will go to BTC soon, be prepared

>A US government institute has claimed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the “original” Bitcoin while Bitcoin itself (BTC) is a “fork” in a surprising official research into cryptocurrency.

>In a document titled “Blockchain Technology Overview” from the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the US Department of Commerce, authors Dylan Yaga, Peter Mell, Nik Roby and Karen Scarfone claim that “technically,” the perception that BTC is the genuine version of Bitcoin is incorrect.

>“When SegWit was activated, it caused a hard fork, and all the mining nodes and users who did not want to change started calling the original Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin Cash (BCC),” they write.

>“Technically, Bitcoin is a fork and Bitcoin Cash is the original blockchain. When the hard fork occurred, people had access to the same amount of coins on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.”

Even with the usd getting fucked with no end in sight? The world hasn't even moved to the Petro Yuan yet.. When that happens.

Why The fuck would they hold cash if inflation rises?
Are u asuming that this time federal reserve would not print trilions of dollar out of thin air?

Gold always soars during crashes, because it's a physical object the banks can't take away from you.

Buy HelloGold(HGT) anons, it's backed by gold and Tether has a lot of problems as you know. CEO was at CNBC a few days ago, market cap around 30M

about the ceo
>Robin is the former CFO of the World Gold Council and brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts about the gold market. He was the principal accounting officer for SPDR Gold Trust (‘GLD’), the world’s largest gold fund, which held over US$30 billion in assets under management. His WGC experience includes supporting the launch of the world’s first exchange traded, wholesale kilo gold contract and introducing a gold savings program with ICBC which generated annual sales of $6.5 billion.

During deflationary crashes gold does not soar. Deflation means currency has more value, while gold is a hedge agaisn't inflation. If currency has more value, said currency would buy more gold per dollar.

However, in this environment a government would never allow deflation to take hold via quantitative easing. However that may change in the future.

Actually this. I'm feeling comfy holding my HGT. Hopefully mudslimes and GOLDX becoming the new Tether will make me rich.