Be hiring manager/CEO at my small crypto hedge fund with $5 million AUM

>be hiring manager/CEO at my small crypto hedge fund with $5 million AUM
>sat through 2 interviews yesterday
>one was a gook with a PhD in mathematics, with 3+ years in writing code related to crypto, but he looked like a skinny beta soyboy dressed in full grey suit, which I thought was a bit overkill
>the other was a qt 3.14 brunette with a Masters degree in Astrophysics, but zero experience in crypto. She had long curly hair running down her sides and looked extremely cute in her outfit.
>the gook gave well rehearsed and perfect answers to every interview question thrown at him
>while the girl struggled to answer many of the questions, frequently apologising. She was red as a cherry when she got stressed and I found that extremely hot and cute for some weird reason
>unironically ended up hiring the qt

Did I make the right choice Veeky Forums? I wasn't just thinking with my dick here. I just thought the gook came across as too overqualified and potentially a threat to my hedge fund, while the girl has more room to grow

the novelty wears off, user. how can someone who will make you money be a threat.

thats dumb i wouldnt have hired either

I would not have hired either

Hahah you're so weak you deserve whatever lesson comes out of this. I give you 3 months before your business goes insolvent and you're battling a sexual harassment charge for this bitch

>women in the workplace

They unironically fuck shit up in every job I've worked at so far.

You're a dumbass user, that gook couldve made you and your hedge fund a lot of money. There is no such thing as 'overqualified' when it comes to these situations.

Do you guys really think that or do you just hate women?

Nah, I'm afraid I'm too beta to make any moves on her. Shes already chatting up with our finance director who happens to be a chad.

You really only made the right choice if you smash her. Until then, it's just unrealized gains.

Is this supposed to be a vinly-theiled /r9k/ thread? I can't help but think is only bait. Should have hired the gook if you're serious. You let your dick do the decision-making and now it's gonna cost you money.

Dude for real do the right thing and fire her and bring the chinaman so you could just attract hotter girls than her with your affluence alone

Def bait

Thanks for adding to hiring unfairness :)



Depends on if it was a male only company before that. That's when women really fuck shit up. I suppose a single man working in a female only job would fuck shit up in a similar way though.

If that gook really was that good he would be starting his hedge fund, thats my own line of reasoning.

Shes not managing any of the trading though. She is being assigned to PR and client relations. At the moment my hedge fund mainly has people from my family and friends investing in it. Though, yeah, because we are a small team, she is getting an equity share. Not sure whether it would be a wise decision to remove that clause now that we hired could be seen as discrimination.

She should be fine as PR though. Women tend to be better at those jobs in general

>man answers questions correctly and professionally
>hes just faking it
>roastie cant answer the question and is dumb
>atleast shes honest!!
you're far out dude, jesus

You pay for prostitutes after work you don't give them a wage you dipstick.

>PR and client relations
Fuck you. You should have started with this information.

why would you hire a woman, seriously? you open yourself up to many legal liabilities considering the rampant spread of this pitiful #MeToo movement that seeks to emasculate men and provide openings for women to sue you. Terrible move, OP. Really think these things through next time.

You did the right thing, we need more gender equality in crypto

Dude, I can't even...I think you might actually just be legitimately retarded.

She's going to take advantage of you the first chance she gets. You should have hired the Asian guy.

You want to surround yourself with like minded men looking to make both of you money and success. You let the guy go because you want to fuck the PR girl and you know it.

You fucked up, and your business will suffer for it when she's not capable of answering any questions related to the fucking backbone of the business (that being crypto).

Way to go, retard.

You're going to get #MeToo'ed and lose your firm, and you're going to deserve it

you did the right thing life is too short to be surrounded by subhuman asians

You made a decision based on hormones, next jerk off before making a decision. Have fun hiring a roastie that won't make you that much.

Shut your whore mouth

Most women are absolutely toxic to work with. You'll learn.

should've hired the gook for the job and the qt as your personal "pump and dump analyst"

Its kind of a role made on the spot t b h. I'm already the programmer for the trading algo doing all the work and I have my friend who is the finance director who manages all the accounting, taxes and shit. another programmer on the team wouldn't be so bad but in this instance i guess i just wanted to diversify our team... having 3 dudes seems kinda gay to be quite honest

can you guys stop overreacting. i've already said that i have no chance in hell with her because im too beta. but yeah i should probably have a word with my finance director because they appeared to get on friendly terms quite quickly... not sure how that would impact our friendship...but i guess in business you just have to take risks and i made a judgement call

You literally just took a shit on your kitchen table m8. Mark my words.

OP is retarded

You erred in hiring a women. Think about the #MeToo movement. If you even tap her on the shoulder, she will sue you for sexual harassment or assault. What are you doing? Think about this.

Fire her and hire the Asian. This is pathetic. Be a fucking man. No women and no Jews. Is that so hard to follow?

>having 3 dudes seems kinda gay to be quite honest
Are you aware you have to be 18+ to post here?

If we're doing this, I suggest we push to make crypto easier to use, because it is racist to make it so hard to get into.

>gook gave well rehearsed and perfect answers to every interview question thrown at him
how shit are your interview questions that the gook had well rehearsed/perfect answers to everything?

it's your own fault, gook literally outfucking skilled your interviews. should've hired him

look guys, i did my fucking homework before making the decision.

I checked her linkedin, facebook and other background checks extensively and did not find any evidence whatsoever that she is actively engaged in feminist or SJW movements. She does not even have twitter or snapchat and was extremely embarrassed to admit it.

gooks are always well prepared for interviews with lethal efficiency.
guess I dodged a bullet.

you fucked up!

Women only come along after a man has built something that she does not understand & COMPLAIN.

your next post will be about how to fire her cause she is incompetent


she is suing you for sexual harassment

your business will fail. you're too weak to be a CEO and whenever your employee will fuck up and starts crying your beta ass will even start comforting her. sorry you wont make it and once you lost your baby fund your family will come after you and rip you apart. Should've stayed with being a wage cuck.

So you turned away a "soyboy beta" who would have made you much more money when you're a soyboy beta yourself?

Literally played yourself.

no of course you didn't. fucking retard.
>too overqualified
why not employ mexican borderhoppers exclusivey
they have so much room to grow, you'll even have to teach them english
fucking moron

>falling for this obvious bait thread

>search archive
>6 larp threads with same op image

Why do you guys even waste time on this shit

Can we all agree that if we wanted our companies run at peak efficiency we would hire all gooks, chinks, and pajeets? I mean can you really deny that they are smart, dedicated, and don’t bitch and file lawsuits over every pussy entitled thing that hurts our soft, American egos?

Holy fuck I can't, you literally took the worse applicant because of gender diversity, BAHAHAHAHA

ehhhhhh. masters degree in astrophysics is pure niggertry. you fucked up boyo

why are you guys so obsessed about this sexual harassment bullshit. I haven't made any moves on her nor use any language of sexual nature. if anyone has to worry about sexual harassment it has to be my mate the finance director. i can always fire him and come up with a diversity PR plot if it ever comes to that scenario.

nice try. but my fund is up and I have successfully profited out of the recent dips. Also that girl isn't going to trade unless she expresses interest in doing so, which she hasn't.

not a bait thread. i already spoke to my lawyer, a friend of my dad's, about this and the contract with the qt is pretty ironclad as long as we don't fuck up or pull any stunts that may be seen as sexual harassment. harvey weinstein has been accused but not convicted thanks to top class lawyers. if in the worst case scenario she sues for sexual harassment, I'm throwing the finance director to the sharks anyway. don't tell him i said that here though.

Unironically this. You're a fucking idiot OP

nice larp faggot

noone with such dumbass social skills would make it to the hiring manager

>You really only made the right choice if you smash her. Until then, it's just unrealized gains.
Fucking newfags

yeah except if i smashed her its an easy ticket to being accused of sexual harassment after that. dumbass

so pussy wins over knowledge

goddamn. the truest statement here.

I can't believe you people fall for this shit.

>yfw chad-bro cucks you & qt3.14 makes up harassment charges
>yfw you lose your job, then they hire the gook to fill your place

Women are a fucking joke

Veeky Forums is now /larp/, just play your part


>working with women

it's a strange thing to larp about desu
what does he gain from threads such as these

Quints confirm

Great bait seriously

He's accumulating (You)s you fucking retard

Opie is a total buffoon and piece of shit.

>hiring woman
>their job do not involve sucking your cock
Well, you fucked up, OP.

alright Veeky Forums. have to get back to trading now. i will keep you all updated with our new lady friend in the coming days and weeks. this is my tripcode just so that there aren't any imposters claiming to be me in new threads.

Fucking betas when will they learn.

> tfw borderline retarded chad doing my masters in solid state physics, thanks to looks, nepotism and non autismo bullshitting my way in literally every job/internship

>be hiring manager/CEO at my small crypto hedge fund
>crypto hedge fund
you already failed user