Odyssey (OCN)

Somebody tell me this piece of shit is going to go back up to at least 0.000067 ETH


By the way, this is the fucking dip I should have bought in, if any of you guys are looking for a coin that just got added on exchanges on the 24th

>everything was fine until this morning

I put sell orders on 0.08 USD 0.09 USD and 0.14usd

I went to sleep expecting 0.08 to be sold at least

Look at Game.com on CMC to see where this is going :)

Same dude, except all of mine was set at only 8 cents. I'm not even asking for much here. I guess thats how it goes. Lets hope folks buy this massive dip and it goes back up.

That would be nice.

I'm all in at 87 on the eth pair. Just waiting for death now. Every time I tell myself never to buy a chink coin again I can't help myself.

At least you didn't have your head in the clouds like I did

>this piece of shit

This token actually has something backing them up unlike 99.9999999% of the shit out there. Namely a company renting out bikes across the world.


It has millions of users, and they're all over Europe/Asia/Australia. Hell, they even operate in Iceland. Now imagine how this will kick off when they integrate oCoin with oBike and all the normies pour in their money.

Stay poor BIZfaggots, stay poor. Hell, I can't blame you niggerjews if you haven't bought in during the ICO, I'd be sweating out of my arse crack as well.

>how to turn 18 eth into 8 eth in three days, the coin

bought 400k or smth at 36 buts.

market is tanking though, might make a big return in a couple of weeks.

Honestly the price is unwarranted. It was way too expensive for how it's just a theoretical (shared economy doesn't work if no-one wants to use odyssey system for it, system that doesn't exist and is far from doing so, and one that is far from needed) hypecoin with people buying just because Justin Sun is mentioned.

Sold at a reasonable loss, I don't think it's going to recover to where it was half a day ago for a long, long time. Then again, wealthy chinamen might think differently.

It's only valued at 100 million right now and Binance is coming any day. I think you are crazy to sell at these prices.

why would you sell at a loss right now when the market is tanking?
how much did you sell?

bikesharing etc is huge in china btw and it is actually a perfect use case for a blockchain because it can be 100% decentralized. "sharing economy" is a meme for us but asian love that shit.

Sure. I think you have a point. I have a question though:

How long until this goes back up to at least 0.0006 so I can dump this piece of shit ching chong coin? I can't believe I bought it. Was I drunk? What the fuck

depends how much the market tanks today

but yeah, i'm questioning myself aswell why i sunk 12k into this. fuck me

It is going up to at least 0.000067 ETH.
Are you happy?

At least you aren't me.

>Buy 5 ETH worth at 37
>Watch it skyrocket while all my other coins shit themselves
>Sell everything else and fomo in with the rest of my 15 ETH at 90
>Lose everything

People as dumb and greedy as me don't deserve money.

not binance lol,
he already said the exchange was huobi, this shit is gotta tank for months

Nice? Is this sarcasm?

He said houbi with more coming. With how involved Justin is with Binance there's bo way this is going to hit it soon. It is a major project. Besides he announced houbi a long time ago.