It's my Birthday Veeky Forums, wish me a happy birthday and your portfolio gains will increase 1000% this year!

It's my Birthday Veeky Forums, wish me a happy birthday and your portfolio gains will increase 1000% this year!


Geh ma schaffen du asi Kanacke

>imagine being this lonely

Gratuliere zum geburtstag

found a drivers license recently..
how can i put it to use?


Happy birthday faggot

Danke :)

how sad.... well happy birthday doggo

Happy birthday now give me my gains user

If green ID we buy OP a cake with btc.

чecтит poждeн дeн, user

happy birthday

Hoffentlich Sachsenhausen

fuck off mohamed

birthday bump

Thank you very much!

Happy birthday user.
Mine is in 5 days, hopefully I will see some green by then because I have only been bleeding this year.

happy birthday user


Happy Birthday user, I hope you make it rich so you can leave the Caliphate of Germany.

go back to le ddit peace of shit

Happy birthday Krautanon.

I hope you don't get arrested for being mean to an immigrant.

Happy birthday!

alles Gute zum Geburtstag

I have been to Frankfurt during my tour in Germany. Absolutely loved it! Enjoy your day outside by having some good beer and food user.

alles gute juden

Go away you fucking Kraut.

Happy birthday bb

Danke Danke an euch alle, ihr seid die besten!


>posting on Veeky Forums past the age of 20
yikes, I'm leaving this place once I turn 20

Happy birthday user

happy red day user.

>this place
haha wow

already have a $500k stack in cryptos since I started in May, once I hit the big 8 figures it's goodbye forever

Eid Meelaad Sa'iid

Happy Birthday Mr. German

Happy birthday dude, best of luck to us all. Mine is tomorrow on the blue blood moon. It's a sign I'm choosing to believe.

Allet Gute digga.

post ur address op

Ich wuensche dir alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag. user. Hau rein! hoffentlich haste du ein besseren Tag als ich..

Happy B'day

Grattis tyskjävel!

Alles gute du Sack

Alles gute Kamerad


have a good one kraut

Alles gute zum 22. Ich wünsche dir kranke gai s.

La multi ani coaie

hap bday

Vielen vielen danke an euch alle!

sorry about your country

Every day I get terrified by the possibility that I'm actually posting amongst a bunch of 15-20 year old retards. Imagine feeling so special, enlightened and so much better than everyone around you. Like you've got all of this knowledge on politics, culture, technology, exciting new trends. You're in tune with the brightest minds of the internet and you are part of the coolest zeitgeist-defining clique.

And then one day everyone posts their age and you realise you're fucking early 30's shitposting amongst drooling retard 18 year old neets with screechy voices. And suddenly it hits you... I must actually be a retard too. Else I wouldn't fit in.

Fuck you OP you've made me question my whole existence.

Some old fart herel, please tell me I'm not alone???

Happy b-day bruh.
pic related: 5/5 german alfa

Danke euch :)

Happy birhday mate

Zorionak fag

Happy birthday user!

Happy birthday, motherfucker.

happy birthday hans

aupa euskadi

Happy birthday, Heinz

Herzlichen Glünkwunsch Schlampe!

Ich seid die besten :D danke an euch alle. 1000x gains

Climb in one of your grandpops ovens you fucking closet surrender Nazi, frankfurter munching, Red Army rape victim

Meine grosseltern wër Deutsche.


Happy Birthday!!!!

Question for OP:
Would you have killed Hitler if you had the chance?

I'll donate to your btc address if i like your answer.

Both yes and no wouldn't change the outcome but no

Buon compleanno

Birthday bump

u poor sod
happy birthday

No.... it sparked a change. Neccessary evils and shit

happy birthday desu

happy birthday! I hope your dick is big

Happy birthday user. May big gains come to you.

Happy Birthday user!

fucking kids

happy birthday

>1996 was 22 years ago

Happy birthday dude. It's mine too

alles gute zum geburtstag.

Happy birthday, kraut

Wie viel gains hast du in Crypto ?

ayyy happy bday dude!

happy birthday you lonely bosch

Alles gute zum geburstag :)

Happy birthday Krautbro

happy birthday dude

Happy birthday man

>american date format
so it's true: you have no pride at all

happy birthday bruh

Happy birthday mate

Vielen dank an euch, 1000x gains fürs ganze jahr

american date format is mm/dd/yyyy you fucking ape

Happy birthday. This is a bad thread, but I'm not going to pass on a 1000%.

happy birthday man

fuck off OP

alles gute aus wiesbaden :)