Need help with offshore trust

Non-larping cryptomillionaire here. Got into ETH at $7 and REQ at $0.06.

Want to set up an offshore trust but not sure which Jew firms to trust now that Paradise Papers and Panama Papers has got everyone scared.

Anyone know where I can start? Need to lock away $5m

im just here to beg

thats what sucks about fiat. what's nice about crypto is you can just not deal with any kind of entity formation

>1)Setup up company A in Seychelles
>2)Setup up company B in the Netherlands
>3)Open bank account in Bahamas or Cayman Islands
>4)Create and sell an imaginary E-book with value $XYZ from company A to company B
>5)Send money from company A to bank account in Bahamas/Cayman Islands

If the day we can pay everything through crypto ever comes, it's gonna be a shitshow. What regulations will they come up with?

Crypto payment tax... Technically its already in place in the US since anytime you buy something with crypto you have to convert the gains you made and then pay capital tax.

Example: Buy 0.1 BTC at $5000. Sell 0.1 BTC for Amazon gift cards at a rate of $10,000 per BTC means you profited $500 and should pay capital gains on that $500 goyim.

Go Belarus

pls OP help a poorfag out


>user makes 5 million only to be fucked over by sleazy Panamian lawyers
This is why we'll never make it.

i got double trips do i get a prize

Isn't 5 millions barely anything in offshore accounting world?

What's your citizenship?
Where do you live?
Willing to move?

If you got an US citizenship you must change it too. I know the experts in belize.
How much for setting up contact?

Jew think:

I should rob the people WITH the bank

Listen to this guy, forget your childish worries about nationality,etc. Companies pay taxes where they are registered no matter what nationality the shareholders are.


oh shit

I live in an EU country but my local tax office give a fuck about price transferring scams like yours. They'll see through it then drag me through the courts for years.

I actually don't mind paying tax in my home country but I want to take some fiat off the table and secure it

Give me your throwaway email and i'll contact you off board. We'll talk price then

They can't determine the actual value of an e-book or other digital items. Similar to paintings.

[email protected]

Setup company and bank acc in caymans, sell coins using company name elsewhere, tax free profits but you'll have to live like a digital fagmad

>[email protected]

Email sent. You'll know it's from OP, my email address begins with "m". Take

Paintings/sculpture I can agree with. I can make any old shit from a talented poorfag from South American and claim that it's worth 500k. Do that 10 times and I'm golden

But ebooks is different. One book is worth maximum $100. That means 50,000 customers. 50,000 emails, 50,000 different ETH transactions etc etc. You see the problem here?

Not calling you out. Just it's simpler to pay a decent Jew firm and get quality advice, they've been hiding assets ever since they nailed Jesus to the cross.