60 cents!!!! ahhhhhhh

60 cents!!!! ahhhhhhh
when! when will the pain end


I don’t understand. People keep posting that they pray for lower prices during FOMO so they can buy in. When it arrives everyone panics and pink wojacks. Do you believe in the project. ?Yes —> buy more ?No —-> sell out the market

>He isn't buying high and selling low
>stay poor faggot

You are insane. We keep telling you to get out and get over it. It’s going to bleed to 0.


whenever someone says this I've bought more and it's always worked. pump incoming


Why didn't i sell at 120 cents FUCK

The pain will end when you release your grief, your woe, and your self-hatred. Then, and only then, will LINK moon to $5 and beyond.

You must find your center and humbly accept your place in the cosmic order.

When you stop measuring altcoins against the dollar

I think I see the light. Should I just walk into it?

just sold my bags, feels so fucking good to get rid of this shitcoin


You know nothing of pain.
I fomo'd in as a bagholder @ $0.39 and managed to hodl through the depths of the Valley of Fifteen Cents all the way back up to the dizzying heights of $1.42... and continued to hodl. I will hodl to ten cents. I will hodl to a penny. I will hodl unto delistment and beyond (because it's hard to sell a token with zero value carried on no exchange). IDGAF. Listen: I bought $300 worth of Ethereum in 2016, and traded the whole stack when it was worth $9,000 for LINK (all-in), and I do not give a fuck about selling ever. I *spent* that $300. That was less than I've spent on a single night out just fucking around at the local bars. I've bought into poker games and bought ounces of fine ganja which cost more than that (rarely -- it has to be absolute fire). So, let me tell you about pain.
>i fuckin' love pain
>i just need to feel *something*
I am *stoked* LINK serves that purpose. Every pink wojak I see gives me a nice little jolt, and every time the price moves it reminds me of what it feels like to heart-achingly love a beautiful woman while she's being fucked by a couple of niggers. Let me tell you about pain.
>snorts fat rail of pain and buys 100k more bags
I cannot fucking get enough of it! I listen to your pain, and I drink it in... you see, if *you* have a milkshake, and if *I* have a milkshake, and if I have a STRAW....
>snorts another fat rail of pain
This is going to be pasta -- screencap it now -- and you're gonna get btfo'd by my dubs (check 'em).
>cuts the pain with some memes and snorts a fat rail of them mixed together
Ahhhh.... that's the shit right there. Listen: I *invested* those three hundred dollars. The memes *alone* have been worth a thousand times the personal value I would have derived from a market-price-equivalent quality & quantity of pussy. I am satisfied by my investment in this utter shitcoin, the most lovingly memed thing since Leroy Jenkins and Baneposting.
>t. /pol/

Ha. I bought 500,000 LINK at Presale (~$0.095). Went all in with my $40,000 at the time. I haven’t sold a single LINK.

>mfw unable to beg
I-I'll totally trade you some of my non-LINK tokens for some of your LINK tokens? Due to reasons, I was away from Veeky Forums for over a year prior to getting back on Veeky Forums about a month after the ICO. :( I so totally would've thrown 7 ETH at that then, had I known. Well, I knew about BTC before it was $1, too, so, eh, FML? Whatever. There is *so* much more money to be made. So, yeah, I dunno, do you want any of these?

Why does this picture make me laugh so hard

That guy a week ago said this would happen. He said he worked for some company that turned down using their platform

>muh insider

Why have you forsaken us
You fuckers fucker at least tweet something so we know you’re still watching us

jesus you are going to be rich af

t.5,000 link.

nice one, Veeky Forums, thanks for reminding me to buy more

Jesus christ user I hope you'll save some lambos for the rest of us in 3 years.

When will you sell?

>selling LINK

$3 is coming. soon.