This is my ideal gf. How many btc does it cost to buy her?

This is my ideal gf. How many btc does it cost to buy her?

Looks materialistic, but it entirely depends on the kind of person she is. Stop posting these threads, it's creepy.

They give these models out for free. Just don't look retarded and get ready to spend a lot of cash on wine and xanax, for yourself because you're gonna have to deal with her annoying as voice constantly yapping away about other women.

Did...did you "censor" her right nipple with MS Paint?!

Poor standards and creepy as fuck, quality thread m9


pajeet you can't buy western girls, like you can down shit street
In the west we rent women

yea why

You need to be a white male first.

Are you a homosexual

fuck i hate being non white
no i dont want to get banned nigger

>on Veeky Forums
>talking about crypto
>not willing to take a risk
Weak hands detected. Get the fuck out.

she has the PERFECT face. It doesnt get any more aesthetic than her.

Das racis af. MODS MODS MODS



He can. Plenty of aspiring "models" that you can pay to consent to getting poo'd on.

She's a whore who takes her tits out at bars. Not gf material, melvin.

At least make your censoring somewhat creative

You know people are just going to go on her facebook, where you took those pictures, and tell her a creep is posting them here, right? She'll know it's you.

Is that Britney Spears's country cousin?

why? its not like i know her

>In the west we rent women
exactly. this is the future feminism chose.
and that girl pictured is a guy's equivalent of a mousetrap. she can LTR a guy anytime she wants and she knows it. dangerous. and we're defenseless.

i got the pics from /b fag
>implying i know how

You guys are so annoying. Just post the original picture.


whois this? post more

dont talk about my gf that way

You can have her. Me and all the boys did every nasty disgusting sex act to her in the book and her holes are never gonna be the same and she loved every second of it. Enjoy.

i unironically have a pic of a girl who is a prettier version of this girl

purrbunny on instagram
real ass fake tits

bullshit. post it
are you blind? this horseface is not the girl i posted

wasnt posting for you faggot, also your girls face is much worse imo

ayyy mah niguh can confirm we deed dat dirty shiiiiieeeeet to dat thot
bitch wuz takin 3 cocks at da same dam time man dat ho crazy fo dick

You have shit taste in women
pic related is what ideal gf material looks like


>those nails

Stay away

Shes beautiful

who has the fucking image of the chick with cum on her chin and green shirt from yesterday?

But they are one of my fetishes

>your ideal is a roastie whore
>you want to buy her with dinosaur coin