Under $100million market cap

>Under $100million market cap
>not a pajeet scam

Agrello (DLT)

Maybe a little bit if a hold but if your patient you could get a 10-20x



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He said
>no pajeet scam
you dumb fuck

Moria Token.
Based in US, all white team.
Responsive on their telegram and social media.
Security token, pays dividends.
Dividends paid in ETH, quarterly.
Token represents actual share in company.
ICO now for accredited investors.
Regulated by the SEC.
Hits exchanges later this month.

Poor people and nocoiner virgins can't get in.


both under 50 mill. easy 50x by eoy

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AXP I'll just leave this here, and come back in 6 months to laugh.


PRL. Thank me later.



despite how much this coin has been shilled on this board recently, im glad i dont see it on here with the rest of these pieces of shit


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Buy my bags: DRP and HST. They will probably go up again, why not.



RLC. Thank me later.


OriginTrails (TRAC)

Also, slightly above 100 mcap, but ZEN.

ADB ADBank - just listed on Kucoin today

>Poor people and nocoiner virgins can't get in.
Why not?

+ name of the girl ?


Buy now train about to leave the station.

ARY Block Array


yep you beat me. I jumped on board only a small investment since I want to save some in reserve but still worth a shot. Also check out CXO close to ICO price at the moment on ED and IDEX. Thank me later


jibrel, easily.

No chance this doesnt hit at least $5 by summer, which is almost 10x from here.


so basically what Vechain is already doing but nowhere near as successful or well funded? Fuck off with your shit coin

$Linx was 4x current sat value before drop
3m mcap you do the math user

thanks interesting maybe i'll give it a shot


Hubii Network Token (HBT) Decentralised Content Marketplace
>CEO Jacobo Toll Messia
- Founded Hubii based on his experience in large IT projects across industries, investment banking, oil & gas, as well as telecommunications
- Owns 75% of his own company Hubii AS
- With Hubii he focused on creating global solutions that combine content, mobile and new technologies. Hubii currently serves content to 50 million users daily across 200 countries working with leading telecom and mobile device manufacturers
- Working closely with Telenor Group. They have worked together for years on various projects. Telenor is a mostly government-owned telecom giant
- Former Reuters editor-in-chief David Schlesinger is listed on Hubii's advisory board
- Groupo PRISA, world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group
- OmiseGO, fully public and decentralized payment and exchange platform
- TCL/Alcatel/Hawk, a top-10 global mobile phone manufacturer selling products in over 160 countries
-It's only listed on EtherDelta with more exchange listings coming soon™

Flixxo - 10M marketcap. Decentralized video platform run off bittorrent technology(same as Popcorn time - tens of millions of users so it works well, can't question that). Creator of Popcorn time on team, bitcoin rootstock CEO on team, guy with 15yrs Toshiba/IBM on team, ex CEO of video platform signed(to be announced). Partnerships organised and exchanges paid for. Token only been on exchanges for 2 months, platform released in May.. price will rise until platform release.. I'm here for a 10/20 times


Been seeing that pop up a lot. The website looks nice.

TEL is at 93mil now

ADST. 8m market cap with rebranding coming in a few weeks.



I am balls deep in ADB ADBank
some in KEY
holding on CXO, it will be 5 more days before they secure a new exchange so people have to put up with IDEX and ED so I think the price will drop some more from weak hands

fucking longshot TEL if they don't secure a Telco they are fucked and it will fall over

Also relooking at TRX has bottomed out I think and has chinese investment to come back - long hold I guess. Only holding 1 eth in this


he said not a pajeet scam


I think I'm sold on JNT and ARY so far.

1USD per 1 token. It's a little too rich for most people who get in and look for coins at 0.15 when in ICO or listing phase.

Plus I'm just talking shit for no reason. But it's worth your time to look at it.



Check ADB on Kucoin at the very least it will pump over next few days.

what is the market cap on cxo right now i can't find shit about how many coins are circulating

>all white team.
>Franklin Levy, Treasurer and CFO
You sure about that?

(((White))) enough, goy.







Of course the shekelberg is in charge of penny pinching.

i was one of the 40 man team for jibrel alongside sunny lu, id stay away from this coin if i was you guys, shady shit going on


What is Vechain?

Devery is not a scam. In Bokky Poobah we trust.

seconded Origin Trail this shit is solid as fuck. Will fly when more people find out and it hits a major exchange

PFR also super cheap and product goes live in a month

Devery is the single solution to replace all the supply chain blockchain solutions. It can operate with them or replace them completely for any industry.

ill give you some average ones i dont care to invest in

i give them a 2/2 rating for their idea and price right now

>get protocol

>Responsive on their telegram and social media.
>Security token
>ICO now for accredited investors.
>Regulated by the SEC.
>Hits exchanges later this month.

>all these meaningless buzzwords

I hope nobody is dumb enough to fall for this shill.



Are you talking about b0x? It is like a non-retarded non-pajeet version of Lendroid.

Could only afford 13.5k of these but i'm feeling pretty comfy with them! Hopefully Devery can find it's way to a decent exchange pretty soon.


BAR is a scam

You must be an street shitter. How much is CTR paying you?

What kind of shady shit?

the very definition of a pajeet scam


It's an already existing product getting in blockchain


Guncoin and Hobonickels. Hobo has 64million coin supply and is mineable and POS. Cheap as fuck. Guncoin is at like $0.004 right now and the dev just woke up after a 3 year absence and forked the coin to add a ton of updates, redid the website, and is gearing up on social media

Umm DBC is by far your best bet. x10 AT LEAST in the next couple months.

SPANK! (it's a porn coin, gonna be 10$ in a few years)


no please i dont want this shit site to know about it

>under $1m marketcap
>1 week old
>normie bait, redditors love it
>subreddit already larger than r/dogecoin for a 1 week old coin

100% this