Adventures with Neville


Post pictures of this land whale

>fags pretending to be girls talking to Veeky Forums losers pretending to be normal people

Only one but ill delivar noodz


do it faget

OP how can you be this fucking autistic and still have women telling l respond


I'll literally cum wanking to this bitch

OP, thats a dude? wtf

I want to see pictures of this la creatura 56%.

>shy emoji

Kill yourself, OP.

thats a fucking trap

This is Mr DX, OP what happened to Jocelyn?

It begins

OP masturbating to the nudes right now

Chad always wins.

im wondering this as well

post more pics of her please



*unzip dick*

Wait is that actually your picture?
If you're slaying while being an autist, you're our hero

>t. mutt poster

I think he posted a fake blockfolio pic on his profile like yesterday

No, the threads would be more interesting if OP wasn't catfishing.

you fucked up, that is easy to see the number with a little shooping... sorry dude

post it then cunt.

so what?


OP i cancelled movie plans for this

I'm still here, cock in hands, patiently waiting

>threads would be more interesting if OP wasn't catfishing

That's kinda sad
Getting pussy like that seems easy. Does that mean we're all gay?

OP hurry up, I'm bored

>there are people who post here who dont have girlfriends or at least a gay friend they suck off from time to time

hidden face of sorts
sausage fingers


Incoming give me 5 minutes

why would i suck the gay friend instead of letting him suck me (if even) ?
u closet fag

this a dude

It's OP, and the whole thread is a big larp leading to (him) posting his own nudes. I didn't intend to ruin his fun, but he's taking too much time, so there. Moving on now.

At this point I'm ready for anything

pls come back op


wtf this looks like something out of the oblivion character creator.


Where were you when op didn't deliver yet again?

op is a phaggot

Confirmed OP struck out like the soyboy fag he is


No way.

pls respond

I'm literally fuming at this point

hes ded

Come back OP we miss u


I'm quite sure he's balls deep inside Cody at this point, if not already cumming on her face


deliver opie

Stand and deliver

Actually that part is called a rostrum in whale species

Godspeed OP I hope you didn't actually do it you goddam autist

>Godspeed OP I hope you didn't actually do it you goddam autist
landwhale or not, we all would have done the same

So i guess its settled.

If you look like a chad you can literally say anything to women and it will work. If you dont then youre fucked

Link to original thread?


Link is bad coin, sir. Please buy mobius, lambo moon missioN!

do post moar, OP

Or be funny.

the madman actually did it... He fucked her


Or maybe she found the thread, then found him, then fucked him up. ARE YOU OK OP? If you don't answer, that means SEND HELP.

Are you ok OP?

what a disappointment

what the fuck? why all the /b/ tier shit on Veeky Forums?

it was fun and OP actually got laid