What are you holding?

$477,000 to $300,000

Waiting on the rebound and price to go higher.

Poor fag here

Down about $30k, hurts really fucking bad but I'm still optimistic about the future. Seems retarded to pull out now, in hindsight I would have pulled out at the peak obviously - had a couple chances to do it.

Damn. F.

Guessing you held trx or xrp?


about 90k

Bought PRL at 8 cents


I learnt the hard way to take profits during the bull run and also to listen to certain people when they call the top

I ain't ever selling

Wtf was that from? XRP/XRB selling at the top?

600k to 178k at lowest. 233 now.



I sold during crash like a cuck. Wanting to buy major dip. But wake up to it rising today!!!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
CRASH sell sell sell

I win based off percentage wise. Blockfolio is retarded I was actually at $7700 at one point

F. You'll recover man. Put 20% in microcaps that are impending breakouts.

it's tough man, but don't beat yourself up at all. you are still way up from before the run. my graph would be similar, but smaller, if I hadn't switched to delta. started in march with 4k

I had been in xvg since the start at 5 sats. Had 1.75M of them which saw me go to 300k then down to 250k which is where I sold it for coss,eng,ICX,zcl,link the first 2 are what really got me to my peak as well as putting 25 eth into TAU ico

Actually you seem insanely lucky. What did you put in like $12 in late december?

Did you cash out or what? that looks brutal :(

Yeah it's okay. I put in 1.3k and fucking shot up to over 21k at one point. Crazy shit, could already smell my retirement

Put in 4k from march to august, switched to delta in December so doesn't show before then. I topped out just above 300k, I'm actually pretty happy with only a ~35% decrease.

105k down to 49, now back to 65k

I know what you mean, I was in that kind of mindset too.


Could be worse. Glad I sold some while it was high, but a couple of my alts tanked hard.

Down 50%% from init. Ivestment

What are your coins? How diversified?

I want to die

Jesus christ dude. There were a number of points where you should have sold.

Mostly was holding 4 coins along with some smaller positions. My largest holds were ETH, ICX, OST, XLM, and XRB. The peak is largely from when OST had a jump to ~$1.50. It's back down to $0.36 now, but I got in during the ICO so I don't mind waiting.

you sound like a smart guy

So you're holding different coins now? I'm considering what I'd do if I get to a point where my holdings go over 1mm. It's hard not to think that the best thing to do would be to cash out at least 50% if not more

Crypto not too bad. I timed it okay and only lost about half the profits I could have if I held through the whole crash.

Weed stocks I did not time well at all. Missed a decent sell off, decided to hold, and then weeeeeeeeeeee straight down. All of the charts look like this one, with the small caps taking a slightly worse hit (higher higher high lower low, percentage wise). This is up to date as of Friday's close. Hoping bottom has been hit or is at least close now.

Yeah, in hindsight I wish I cashed out a full 50%. I sold my XRB and some other stuff I had a little in (ZCL, STRAT, KMD). Might buy those back eventually, haven't decided yet.

It's hard to know, cause even if it goes over 1mm, biz has fucked my perception of things to the point where that's no enough now, and I already hear myself saying, "don't cash out now, this shits guaranteed to go to 2mm, then you can cash out half & it's still 1mm". But like, in real life, even 500k is a significant amount that can change the course of your life

Could be worse. Basically down a few hundred from initial investment.

>Few hundred

It's $1000 user. You've lost 1/4 of your initial investment.

That is not good.

Put in $1000, was sitting on close to $4000

Now I'm at close to $500, feels good, HODLed, bought high, sold low.

Yes, down $1000 during the dip but here’s the zoom out to a month timeline from initial investment mid-December. Got lucky on REQ, ZRX and REDD pumps at the start. Put REQ AND REDD profits into VEN at $3.60. THEN the dip.

At least I didn't buy ripple


178k to 118k


that's ok then, I thought you were looking at since initial investment.

still holding xlm? or did you sell?
if so are you planning on getting back in?

fuck, same here

tis but a scratch

still a couple hundred in the red, but I can see the light from here. 2018 EOY is promising massive gains.

I'm aight. As long as I'm 6 figures everything is fine.

Yeah, I’m not thrilled but also not too badly ruined. (And unlike the first pic luckily still able to count lol).

what you think asshole? It fucked me.

That's true. Ian Balina hit 2 million about a week or so after 1 million, so I figured why not wait a bit longer before cashing out too much. The crash hit faster and harder than expected though.

Still holding most of my XLM.


5k in, started in june.
Still ok for me... i just feel gay when people ask me how much more money i made. Geez

I remember you posting this the other day. It's not so bad compared to me, I put in 6k and am down to 2.5k.

he did, but he was buying ICO's in the most ridiculous bull run imaginable.

I remember sitting down and doing the math.
I told myself I would cash out 10k at 50k, but when I ran the math, with the kinds of gains I was making for the past week that 10k would have meant the difference between over 1MM and 760K in less than a month if the market kept up,

of course, the market crashed, because no shit, even with crypto you can't make those kinds of gains for that long. I cashed out 2.5k to my bank and have been playing with my positions to try and limit the damage of the crash. my ATH was 60k and my low so far was 30K this is off of an initial 4.5K in september/october and another 5k around late november. If I had cashed out that 10k, I would be much better off now, and would probably be moving at least half of that back to an exchange to buy in at this point. so yeah, you could make huge gains, but you could also make huge losses

Thing is, with the size of your stack now, you should easily hit 2mm eoy unless everything completely implodes. But I guess in theory even if that happened, if you just hold eventually you're more likely than not to see 2. I do believe there's still massive growth ahead

pls name one of these "certain people"


did you start on 4 Jan with investing 75k?