Market cap $10M. Not yet on KuCoin. It can only go up from here

Market cap $10M. Not yet on KuCoin. It can only go up from here.


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This, AXP and ARY are the gems for this month
Don't blow it up biz

>comparing 2 shitcoins to EVE
hmmm no sweetie

lmao, AXP and ARY are total shitcoins, only worthwhile lowcaps are CPC and ADB

Ok what’s the use of this?

lmao, devery looks like a scam

Axpire I'm not sure bro. But Devery and BlockArray still have a big room for growth.

A $100M market cap is literally a x10 for Devery at this point.

It offers a so-called the Devery Protocol.

Third party developers can build a product verification software on the Devery Protocol, and the tokens EVE will be used as the gas for the protocol.


I'm loaded up on EVE. Gonna go huge once people realise how good the team is. Also no hype so it's a perfect time to get in.

>Bokky Poobah

>Not yet up on Kucoin
Thanks I'll wait for the dip when it does.

Sure, bud.

Check out their advisors:
>Bokky Poobah, the legendary smart contract auditor who is also working with Bluzelle, Cindicator, Stox etc

>Dorjee Sun, investor and advisor to Power Ledger (POWR) and the COO of Santiment

Yep. I'm almost 50% in EVE now. Once biz and the normies hear about this coin, we're going straight x10.

It has had its dip yesterday at .0014 ETH. ICO price was .00017. Good luck, user.

poobah. poo_bah

Just what I've expected from biz

bokky pooper did liveedu and that was a scam

stop shilling this shit, i got burned hard by this shitcoin

Buy high sell low pajeet

Ok. But he also audited the smart contracts of Bluzelle, Cindicator, FunFair, Stox, Cindicator, AION, Indahash, Simple Token, Oracles Network and Sirin Labs.


>Ughgh I bought Devery at high and sold at low. Devery is a shitcoin!

Pic related is you.

Unironically all in on this shitcoin

stop shilling this poop

>taking investment advice from Chad Thundercock

I'm not gonna wait for you to finish accumulating, user.

>he actually doubts Chad Thundercock

anons like you will always be poor

one of most legit teams in new icos

Wow almost every coin these guys have worked on is now on binance hmmm correlation? Stay poor pajeets

I am in.

Devery fulfills two upcoming memes, interoperability and supply chain. Lmao this is gonna be great

I know right. I'm literally considering to buy more EVE right now. Thinking to sell my other alts. Currently holding 36k EVE and I still want to double it.

What do you think, user? How big is your EVE stack, if I may ask?

Man, thought I was doing well with 13.5k but too nervous to sell more Link for it.

Sitting on a big ass stack ready for the future. I don't intend on selling any until after $10

Kek same amount here

My suggestion is don't sell any long term holding, user. And LINK is definitely not a short term one.

But easier said than done. I'm literally thinking hard right now; should I sell my DRGN and KEY to buy more EVE?!

Fuck you 205k AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH you lucky bastard. When do you see EVE hitting $10, user? Give me honest answer. I personally will be very happy with $2 EVE.

Are you considering to buy more too?

I'm currently for other shitcoins to break even first

$10 depends on partnerships and how well supply chain coins take off throughout the year. It could happen overnight if the right partnership is announced but more then likely it will take a year.

> its easy user

take calculator to your hand and check which coin from your stack gave you biggest ROI till now, and then sell it and but Devery or something else for easy 2x in shortime

I see. One year is a pretty long time, but I can see $10 EVE is doable as it only takes 'only' a $600M market cap for that price.

What aspects which made you all in on EVE? Do you think there are considerable risks to go all in on EVE, besides that the team is young?

I'm planning to make EVE 80% of my portfolio.

The only risk is that the crypto bubble pops before it blows up. It is 10M marketcap and has real names working on the project. It will go to 50M without any news or exchanges.

Yea that's what I've been thinking, user.

Alts that I'm planning to sell have already gone x2. So selling them is not a bad idea. I'm not planning to settle with only x2 profit from Devery. I'm aiming at at least x10.

Ah yes, the bubble. So other than external unpredictable reason, you don't see any considerable risk in Devery?

Team is young, but their advisors are big name so that doesn't worry me. And they're planning to hire more developers and PR manager, which is nice.

When do you see $50M market cap? Q2 or earlier?

I have no idea when it will come but when it starts to move it will probably not come back to this level ever again. I'm in it for the long hold but it shouldn't sleep for more then a month or two. Patience is how winners are made.

currently have 40K EVE and I am buying more ...

just 10M mc ... it is easy 10x from here

I see. Thank you, based user. I'm gonna make my decision tomorrow morning. Hopefully we're all gonna make it with Devery.

Good idea to think on it!

Delet dis


this coin has a tiny market cap and people nowadays LOVE supply chain coins. I'm holding a little bit myself (12k). Better buy some soon before they go on more user-friendly exchanges

This and ARY are going to 5x at the very least in the next 2 months.

agree but my bags are full so we need to spread more good words about Devery

That's a nice article, user. Thanks for sharing.

>anons like you will always be poor
>one of most legit teams in new icos
Honestly the team is the weakest' part of this project. The ACYUAL TEAM, not advisors , are fuckin normies. An accountant , a lawyer, a dude who made a shitty ethereum retail shop that nobody uses. This is my only concern and I got a fat stack.

Seems solid to me.