A few signs you’re dealing with a nu/biz/ retard

Tired of seeing Rajesh, Rakket, Ranjeet, Poopjeet, and Maharanjeet trying to take advantage of people on here. Also tired of seeing 15 year olds posting as if they shouldn’t have their head jammed in a fucking toilet for being so dumb.

Here’s a few key phrases that indicate someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about:
>they use the term “FUD”
>they think a coin being listed on a new exchange means it will “moon”
>they think Raiblocks is a good coin
>they say things like “guaranteed 5x once it hits _____”
>when their coin isn’t going up, they blame “whales” instead of the fact that no one wants to buy their coin
>they think Bitcoin should die so “real tech” like Raiblocks can take over

There is a significant overlap between these people and people that frequent reddit, so just be aware.

>they think Bitcoin should die
Seems they're right at least once

Retard detected


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go away late adopter, youre no better than the stonky pajeets

>>they use the term “FUD”

Shut up retard

What's wrong with the term FUD? I FUD threads because it looks like one of the best ways to get actual information here. Newfag to Veeky Forums BTW.

It’s a thought terminating cliche spammed by retards. Try asking some coin cultist about their coin and they’ll rain that term down on you like they’re saying something legitimate.

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>my technologically inferior coin should be kept on life support because i'm emotionally attached to it and i'm completely taken by brand awareness and groupthink

Join any telegram group and thats the gist of it.

>they think Bitcoin should die so “real tech”
but i unironically believe this.

>stonky donkie

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Fair enough, makes sense.

I would but I got expelled from mine.

>>they think Raiblocks is a good coin
imagine if someone listened to you and didn't buy when it was $0.30 in december

also youre a fucking retard, making FUD threads about a coin youre considering on buying in a solid tactic.
If the FUD mentioned is real technical issues or lack of github activity etc then you know the coin might have some real issues.
if the FUD is just meme responses and shit like that then its a good indicator

However if youre relying on Veeky Forums as a weathervane on investments then youre going to end up in the poor house

>California Kang

Can a black please explain to me why your fellow are so cringeworthy? Don’t they realize that calling themselves “kings” and “queens” only serves to highlight how untrue it is?

He is a shill trying to shame you into not using and understanding basic investment terminology (look Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in investopedia) so they can manipulate you better through fake news.

>sweeping generalisation

>muh lightning network
Lightning network isn’t bitcoin. It’s offchain and a different crypto. Your shitcoin couldn’t make it.

This is the dumbest argument for a coin being good you could possibly have

Dash hit what, #6 market cap? Is it a good coin?

>There is a significant overlap between these people and people that frequent reddit,

Fuck, the shilling & general retardation of /r/cryptocurrency and /r/ethtrader is next level.

Pic related: reddit users

Fuck off retard take your 2 eth portfolio and kys

No, you're a retard who can't read. I said the term FUD is what retards say, not that there's anything wrong with questioning a coin.

If someone replies to an honest question or pointing to a technical flaw with the term "FUD" then they're a retard, sorry.