So who loves ketamine?

So who loves ketamine?

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degenerate fag kys

shits better than anything else ive tried....
>mfw iving ket and coke
too bad the sources for ket went to complete dogshit

Never tried it but ive heard its a bit like alcohol (minus the K-holing). Worth a try you reckon?


yeah man

Daily use is degenerate, but periodical small doses can work as a last resort when you feel like killing yourself. It's not ideal, but you do what you have to at some point.

I don't like alcohol, so no, it's not the same at all.


Coke is so goddamn expensive it's bullshit

It's meh.

>daytrade 1 eth
>I can now buy 20 grams of coke

ok maybe a little less, when eth hits 1k EUR i can buy 20 grams of coke

It was great when it first hit the scene but now I see kids doing lines as big as cocaine rails and not even getting hamf as high

Idk where you live but in aus its 400-500 for a gram of coke. Your better off with MDMA.

>not interfacing with 4th dimensional beings and using the intuitive understanding of networks attained through psychedelic use to underpin your understanding of blockchains.

that's crazy, i pay 50 eur for 1 gram. sucks living on an island m8


Coke is pretty cardiotoxic and so diluted that you don't have any idea what you're getting (all purity indicators of people selling it are bullshit, the only way to get it pure-is is to buy at a level that's too high for basically anyone here. People should stay away from stimulants, they're not good for you, but if you're going to use some, you should at least use clean ones that can make you productive instead of just a short rush that turns your health and finances to shit.

anyone know where i can get DMT or should just try making it

How? Even in japan it’s only $100usd(10,000yen).

holy fuck lol. Insane I'm sorry to here that.

drugs are bad, m'kay?

Anyway there are much better drugs than K, it gets really boring after awhile

>not daytrading high on 2CB
pink candles everywhere


I did ketamine on the comedown of MDMA once. Craziest experience of my entire life.

make it
its not that bad
when you see the fuckin tards that are makin it...

that's what I figured, thanks

don't forget the fog
love that shit

Price per gram don't mean anything on their own, it depends on the quality/purity of what you're getting, if you're even getting what you're paying for. If you deal with local dealers, you have no idea what you're really getting. They'll lie to you or get lied to. Same goes for randos who sell on public darknet marketplaces. It's a big shitshow.

My doc gives me a 2 hour infusion whenever I want for 100 bucks. Shits cash

ketamine is another beast of humanity that not many humans will ever venture to explore. It is truly on another level of self inspection / risk taking

I took it at a rave after party coming down from acid and my world turned upside down

Eh. I'm still yet to be bothered with coke so its all g. Where i live in australia you can get prime weed for nothing but practically everything else besides ice costs a fortune.

I was on another planet when i took it. literally.

How the fuck can you trade profitably on 2C-B or any similar psychs? I'd just end up looking at rippling colors in the screen then fat finger drool a wrong buy/sell order and lose everything.

Shit is so good

This is a weird post to see on his, but I do. I have a safe that I set to open up no earlier than 14 days in between uses. I only use ketamine and occasionally psychedelics, not even weed. Ketamine can be an amazing experience, but it definitely can be treated like just a drug of abuse. I think ketamine should be legal for religious reasons, if any drug gets that exemption.
Coke is not a good drug, avoid it at all costs

Look up John C. Lilly if you haven't already, he's one of those who approached it cautiously at first then went off the deep end. You've got a good approach, drugs are not meant to be hedonistic, but you need to be careful with these things.

I envy you so much
How did you come about this agreement, was it a doctor advertising infusion?

Cocaine is top notch in the netherlands. Especially if you have a good connection here in amsterdam
Sorry m8 I lied, I never did that.

What's it like, user? I took mushrooms a few times back in the day.

I've got a fucking great doc. He actually listens to what's going on and puts in the work to find proper solutions. I have treatment resistant depression and he offered to try ketamine out and see if it helped the SNRIs. It's been life changing.

Always wanted to try this, is there a city i can visit that is known for its k?

Thanks just bought 100g

In all seriousness I love ketamine, not a fiend use it once twice a month to level myself.

>I have a safe that I set to open up no earlier than 14 days in between uses.

Dude, I've always wanted exactly that. Link to the safe? I go on week-long psychedelic binges and am always fried to hell afterward, I'd love to be able to force myself to respect a once-a-month limit.

Was your depression a flat gray depression (anhedonic/atypical) or a black roiling depression (major/bipolar)? I've heard amazing shit about ketamine but it seems like it mostly helps people who are really out-of-control and suicidal, not so much the people who are just flatlining through life (like me).

how would you conduct a week-long psychedelic binge? I would imagine that tolerance would ruin it pretty quick (especially with acid).

>2 hits of acid
>2 grams of shrooms
>.2 molly
>sitting on front lawn of hippie house party with friend who is same way
>both deicde we want a line a ketamine
>walk up the road to house
>snort a small line of ketamine both
>blast off into space
>fucking floating back to the party
>both of use vomit all over the place on the walk back
>doesn't amtter feel amazing after
>go back to the party, everything looks like a fucking painting

I probably lost some years of my life for that one but that night was so fucking amazing.

I wish I could do that. They're testing new antidepressants why try to replicate whatever action ketamine has on NMDA receptors, I think that could help me a lot if they ever make their way to the market. It's weak to depends on antidepressants, but I'm getting to the point where it won't be a choice soon enough.

Just gotta cycle between tryptamines and ergoloids, and ramp up dose through the week. DMT especially never seems to build much tolerance in my experience, no matter how off the deep end I go with it.

Oh yeah I was in a serious dip and suicidal as shit. I haven't tried it during the flat apathetic times

>I probably lost some years of my life for that one
Try 8 ecstasy tablets, 3 grams of cocaine a couple of hits of crack and four grams of shrooms.
I have no idea how I am alive.

Amphetamine is unironically one of the safest stims out there. That's why we give it to kids. We should sell it OTC again. Would partially solve the meth "epidemic". 60 years ago 10% of all Americans were habitually using amphetamine and they turned out okay.

speed is great
>buy 1 gram for pocket change
>lasts a long time

>buy 1 gram for pocket change
>lasts a long time
>Spend the next three days uncertain whether you are ever going to feel better.

Most speed manfuacturers are kikes and cut their shit with caffeine unfortunately.

That's what I said, but it needs not be abused, and it's better to get them from an official source than from random dealers. I'm out of this now, but I've seen cheap amphetamine powders from Eastern Europe which looked dodgy as fuck. I prefer stay away from all uppers as unless you're prescribed a small dose and never go above that, it's not sustainable and most people who just self medicate lose control and break down after a while. But for those who do, there are ways to minimize the harms, and using pharmaceutical amphetamines instead of coke sold by some random person would be one of them.

ehh jesus, I have taken .4 to .6 range of strongest molly ever had while tripping at festival, in a 5 hour epriod

shit became uncomfortable and went into survival mode for awhile, forced myself to be front sets with friends but god damn, it was hard to hold on, I would have to just close my eyes and be one with myself, pretty much scared of people around me, rolling so fucking hard

you're on the money with DMT, you can only get tolerance for about an hour afterwards.

right here. I love it so much I spent 8 bitcoin on ket in 2016. in hindsight I probably should have kept the bitcoin but damn did I have a lot of fun

Has anyone here used dmt/others to communicate with the spirits to ask about market predictions?

>shit became uncomfortable and went into survival mode for awhile
I know exactly what you mean.
I wish I was better at taking drugs, I just lose all inhibition and stop worrying about taking safe doses once I have a tiny bit in my system. I plan on trying Ket and DMT once apiece and leaving the fiend life behind after that. I will probably do acid a couple of more times at some stage.

have you pissed yourself yet?

Psychedelics should be the only drug you consume

definitely. side effects are very minimal when used in moderation and it's actually a legit treatment for depression. you can go to a doctor and get a ket IV right now but it's expensive as shit. more fun to turn the lights down put on some trippy music and snort a few huge rails and sink into your couch. it's impossible to put into words what it's like. complete out of body experience, no sense of self or time. then 45 minutes later you're back. absolutely bonkers.

dude whaaaaat? coke is like 100$usd tops

I've used washed speed paste and then 80%+ amphetamine sulfate for over a year now. It's very sustainable. I use it just as a person with an ADHD script would. I'm never tempted to spin myself out.

While you can use clandestine drugs therapeutically, you have to account for purity or lack thereof. And hey, most druggies don't care enough to use drugs therapeutically. Cut speed is a fucking menace to me because they can be only 25% amphetamine or worse. Some retards also cut with BZP which you can't easily separate unlike caffeine.

>Has anyone here used dmt/others to communicate with the spirits to ask about market predictions?
yes, the fractal goblins told me to buy chain link

Psychs ruined my life

That's because you're a weak headed faggot

pussies are you kidding me? i rolled on like .8 at an armin van buuren show and i was hallucinating shit was cash. normally i dont like to hallucinate but I welcomed it with the lights and the music and all. felt great

me ketamine-chan
so many gen one bitcoins
why didn't i keep wallets for more than a day
what fucking was the laundry services for
why am i a stupid fuck

I want to try asking them, but.. I don't want to make an arse of myself
>Hello earth mother, should I go all in with alts this quarter or is btc where it's at? Also which ico will be the first successful user Fiat on ramp?

Then she says;
>Gtfo you greedy jew, don't ask me about shekels ffs, I'm the eternal spirit for x y z

Link is definitely a buy though

Tried it a few times because everyone seems to rave about it (only really took off here after I gave up my regular drug taking lifestyle).

I don’t get it.

>i rolled on like .8 at an armin van buuren show and i was hallucinating shit was cash
I took by my estimate at least 1g. see

I need this. What safe?

Another psyfag here. I also hold a large amount of chainlink. I found Sergei's old Reddit account and he has done a lot of DMT.

Weed/Shrooms/LSD, these are the only 3 drugs you need. Anything else will cause withdrawal or kill you at some point.


If anyone here wants to see what outer space is like go on YouTube and search for "Off The Air" put that playlist on a big screen with surround sound and then whack lines of K until you can barely move and watch the insanity unfold in front of you

this this this this this

This, BUT don't take it too often. That'll fuck with the most important organ in the body.

whats the most important organ in the body? heart? or is that a muscle. liver?

the wiener


mdma, mdma+2cb
best shit ever

Dissociatives are retarded 2/10

He's right u know

doing crack and shrooms sounds like it'd be the worst

balance with everything, my friend. I've seen firsthand how off the deep end you can go with psychedelic compounds, but to just write off the experience with these substances as a whole is a fucking mistake. If you have an IQ higher than 110, and no family history of schizophrenia you are doing yourself a disservice by not tripping at least once in your life.

It was my only time doing either of them and my first experience with psychedelic . In all honesty the 8 pills (and I was fucked up after two they were strong at least 150mg each) was the worst part of the cocktail. I was involuntarily chewing my lip so hard the next day I had such a swollen mouth I couldn't talk

>an IQ higher than 110
Video related?

Cowardly faggot. Drugs prevent that Neural Network in your head from over adaptation to mundane bullshit and the (((media))). Take the fucking redpill.

Only tried it once when I accidently k holed myself thinking it was coke while rolling. I thought I was going to die but I was totally cool with it and in retrospect was kind of pleasant

lsd is the ultimate redpill though

I fucking love ketamine.

This is true. They sure as fuck helped me wake up from being stuck in NPC thought patterns. But there's also a point where you've got to stand on your own without drugs, or at least use them very sparingly.

I've heard good things about modafinil

talking bugs, and spaceships. Whatever.

The afinil family is great if you've never had a stimulant before. Makes you 150% awake but that's about it. Pales in comparison to more classic stimulants.

If you want a legal version, buy Adrafinil. It's a prodrug to modafinil but unscheduled.

There's a lot of clinics that do it if you look around. Your area might have some

Otc in Mexico and kenya. Mainly manufactured in India. Take your pick.