Below ICO Price on ED
Exchanges confirmed for later next week
Roger Ver Advisory
Imminent moon mission

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> mfw 12345 AXP token holder

which exchanges

cant wait for this guy to finally kill himself

is there literally any worse spokesperson for the crypto space than this fucking man child?

>roger ver
>positive contribution
you axpergs really are this retarded arent you?

Daily reminder that Rodger Ver smirkingly read a script to mt. gox investors that was full of lies and they proceeded to lose hundreds of millions based on him. Ignore Roger Ver posters. Do not reply to bcash threads. Sage bcash threads.

People just hate on Roger Ver because he's so hansome and rich. his face is so perfect, like the protagonist of an FPS game. you think he likes traps?

kek, i feel sorry for your shitcoins, especially since i shilled this very hard

Sell now, move on, bee free, you dont have to carry this weight. i sold immediatly for a better project like hpb. Just read the white paper, it makes no sense. look at the completely incompetent developers. Look at all the sell orders and the price and exchanges. Just bite the bullet, sell and invest in something more worthwhile


Yeah this is when you should buy
Req tanked below ico price, link and snovio the same

nobody even knows what this token does
btw the team ran and took the money (check twitter, no updates since two weeks ag0)
its over.

You've been used to fund their existing software

The problem with Roger Ver only begin when he opens his mouth.

Again this fucking retard with his stupid android phone
Gtfo, you don't know how any of this works

you've been pajeeted, it's time to move on

He's right about pretty much everything tho
Only cucks and sjw get mad at him

Why would "cucks" and "sjw" be mad at him? he is litterally crying about the US imposing sanctions against Iran.
He litterally gave up his US citizenship and moved to a country that is +98% black..

99% of teams in crypto have at least one pajeet
Your point?


You want more?
>Fake partnership Microsoft
>Outsourced development
>Shitty whitepaper (AI and ML in a ERP solution kek)
>Failing simple token distribution

But muh Roger Ver KEK

> Chad face
> Beta voice, literally crying

He's Chad so he can get away with it. I admire his passion and his vulnerability is cute. What do people have against him anyway? The criticism against him seems like empty FUD.

glad you like his face, passion, vulnerability, and cuteness. you wanna suck his dick now you literal faggot?

He uses every rhetorical tool except logic

They've done a good job keeping people up to speed on their Telegram though, I'll give them that

If this can get on at least one decent exchange I'll be glad I invested

Because Roger Ver is a self-made millionaire Chad

Quiet Twitter but active Telegram
Are you waiting to buy a coin that everyone knows about and has mooned already?