This is really something

This is really something

The (((EU))) always loves to stick it's nose into everything. Nothing good comes out of this

>t. buttblasted burger who cant participate in ICOs or buy crypto with his credit card
yeah lmao enjoy your daddy government snooping all your data and taxing every transaction while I enjoy flat income tax off of profits only and 0 restrictions

Nexit when?

Im from eastern europe btw.
Got 10% tax on whatever i cash out

isn't EU a huge business regulator? you really don't think they'll inevitably clamp down on crypto?

EU clamps the fuck down on US monopolies and fines the fuck out of them.

>nothing good comes out of this..
USA proves it. We should let Native Americans live peacefully.

Fuck the EU

What country ?




They regulate European trade. Crypto is a threat to the Euro so they will hate it.


They're not going to regulate yet.
They can't afford to, they see the writing on the wall and they're going to run with it.

Not yet senpai. While the sun is shining, make hay.

"The European Commission wants to provide more visibility to blockchain actors and build on existing initiatives, consolidate expertise and address the challenges created by the new paradigms enabled by blockchain, such as supporting the European Industry, improve business processes and enable new business models. "

To anyone retarded anough to call this bad news.

You're all worthless faggots

>want to support businesses getting into blockchain
wow fucking EU raping crypto amirite


The EU peddles in confusing bureaucracy and obtuse legal regulations.

Ofcourse, i we can follow the Brexit then perhaps we can seperate the whoke EU again, as should've been.

So much this. Like any other government, they beat around the bush as long as possible. One juristdictional misstep now could be fatal in the future.

Its mostly local goverments and their reps in the EU Parliament causing confusion to score good boy points from local tards.

EU is pro money, a brainlet like you wouldnt understand the ways of jewropeans.

Germanistan here.
If you hodl for 1year+ zero % tax here. If daytrading it depends on your other income.

Germany sucks, I'm leaving before cashing out. A single ICO flip puts me into the highest income bracket these days...

I'm a European citizen and the EU is the greatest single force for good in this world. I would bleed for the values it uphold, no matter your misconceptions. I'm serious and it breaks my heart seeing so many ignorant shits wanting to undo that beauty in the name of the toxic kind of nationalism that brought us all to our darkest moment. Principles matter, not flags.

>EU union is a failure
>Euro money is an even bigger failure
>Try to launch another project

Yeah GL.

Does anyone know what the crypto tax is in russia and uk
-t gopnik who rode the immigrant wave to uk

You are deluded and naive

The EU is cancer

centralised authorities are not allowed to have opinions on decentralised technologies

this is the first rule of crypto club

They are the masters of propaganda. Don’t believe the EU lies.

The sooner it collapses the better, and brexit has hopefully accelerated that process.

>He accepts his fate of getting ass raped by shitskins.

The EU was doing fine until mass immigration, its days are numbered

No use saying this in a /pol/-offspring board. I feel the same way although I critisise the immigration policies.

> The European Commission has been funding blockchain projects through the European Union's research programmes FP7 and Horizon 2020 since 2013. Up to 2020, it will fund projects that could draw on blockchain technologies for up to €340 million.

Oh BTW, absolutely kill yourself.