How's the wagecukery going, user?

How's the wagecukery going, user?

i work from home and get paid very well

git gud faget

I need to make money to pay my bills somehow

I'm still in school and wage-cucking on the side. It's actually kind of nice to get a paycheck every 2 weeks - I put half of it in Crypto.

So even when the USD value of my shit drops, I'm increasing my amount steadily. Wagecucking is a means to an end, I certainly don't enjoy it.

I retired at 22 for crypto. kek

Pretty good actually. I like what I'm doing, commute is a breeze, I'm making decent money and pretty much dumping it all into crypto. I'm determined to wagecuck as hard as possible for the next few years to maximize my gains during this time. Once that's over ill get a nice house innawoods somewhere and just read books all day.

I am a physiotherapist, I hope to continue working part-time if I have serious crypto gains in a few years. The work is pretty fun.

>get to work at 11am
>grab some free breakfast and lunch
>drink whiskey with my boss and leave at 4pm
>planning to retire at 40 and on track

How's the internet coins doing, son?

>Wake up at 6
>Eat a nice breakfast
>Hop on the Metra
>Read the paper on my way to work
>Work at a job I love, get fair compensation for it
>Read a book on the Metra on the way home
>Work out
>Shitpost on Veeky Forums
>Read a book
>Go to bed
Feels good, man

fuck off upper class boomer scum

What do you do?

Pls halp.

Business bears the risk while I continue to collect shekels.

It's a means to an end; don't demonize those of us still in the rat-race. Very few people go to work because they WANT to.

Post your car keys with a timestamp, faggot.

>inb4 you won't/can't for some reason

Born poor, currently 23

It's a 2014 Toyota Corolla, nothing to brag about

One month since I quit and pretty sure there is a fed surveiling me

everything i post is satire :3

same but i still wish I was a NEET.

I work in product management for a tech company. I'm an oldfag by Veeky Forums standards though. I worked for 11 years in offices, made good connections and got good experience, and used those connections & experience to get this job.

If you work in tech, it's much easier to find jobs that let you work remote - esp if you're a good developer (which I've never done, but know enough to work with them)

i'm 18 and make like 5k/day working from home, no larp

how well is very well

List of people who believe you:

$218k/yr with full benefits

does that include avg bonus/LTI ?

includes bonus yes

thanks, was just curious. I'm a fellow old man in a similar situation. I have the option to work at home but I go into the office 2 days a week for my mental health.

What the fuck do you even do?

Camwhore detected

What do you do, lying piece of shit?

You have to make over $20 an hour for work to be worth it. No idea how fast food workers can go to work for months or years and stomach making low pay for such a shitty job

I dunno I didn't show up today, I'm still on vacation.

>make 50,000
>regularly get to leave an hour early
>come in whenever
>still get paid overtime
>take frequent two-hour lunches and am drunk at work nearly every day
>literally have no idea what the fuck I'm doing (real estate brokerage admin)
I make it work somehow. It's not too bad.
Too bad I give half my paycheck to my struggling parents.

>wake up at 8:30
>take a shower
>walk to work
>have breakfast
>type a few lines of code
>have a meeting
>do some more programming
>leave early at 4pm as long as the team is meeting our deadlines
>5 minute walk back home
>do whatever I want until I want until I go to sleep at midnight

Its is hell
How do I get out Anons
Is CSS/HTML enough or should I get into Java or C++ ?

>get out of work drudgery
>become a code monkey

hey, me too!

(your image)

He's not supposed to enjoy it, that's why it's called work.

I guess monkey is a way to start. Or is that already wagecuck mentality?
Got no problems putting 30-40hrs per week. Better than 60 that Im slaving now


>brush teeth

As opposed to just shutting down all bodily functions and becoming a filthy naked blob?

if he still has his bitcoins, hes now 100% more richer since being locked up.

Bukowski was an edgy, fat slob in the 60s. Just boomer.txt.

I've been a NEET, and I've been a wagecuck. The latter is slightly less depressing.

Same, I don't particularly love sales as a career but I've worked from home for years and made six figures, so meh