If anyone is wondering about CPChain still, I'm also starting to believe it may be a scam. They've removed their "partnerships" from their website and there has been no mention from VeChain for partnerships. The most interesting part is that they claim to be partners with HPB but at HPBs conference at Stanford last week HPB made no mention of CPC on their partners slide, however they noted being partnered with Bottos and Nebulas. Why would they exclude CPC?

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Kek did you just copy paste this from the Coin Crunch telegram?

it wasnt removed, they would to stay in shadows before they start the marketing... I'm one of the 100+ ETH whales from private sale.


the page is here.

I actually pasted it from the other thread. Too many threads of this pajeet scam GETTING RIDICULOUS

Qtum, HPB, Torque and many other partnerships are publically available on ther internet by them (articles by torque and HPB for example).

Show proof of your wallet, please? So we know you are not just moon chasing rakesh

>cp chain
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how is sending an eth address proof of something? I can send you a random address with a lot of CPC coins. Pajeet?

Pajeet nigger confirmed go fuck yourself with this scam coin

:D :D :D :D... i'll laugh at you here in a post next week when CPC is 1.5 on Huobi or Kucoin, we'll see then.

Ven has fucking confirmed this jesus christ this is some low effort FUD. The partnerships ARE on the site my god. Do some fucking research before posting this trash.

This coin is getting shilled because it will have its MCAP listed tomorrow where everyone will realize how undervalued it is.

Buy it or not I dont fuckin care, this crypto shit is stupid but you're a lazy fuck.

this all fud everywhere on CPC will stop in a few days when it gets listed, code published on github and big announcements made.

lol check vechain twitter, cpchain is sound tourist fks

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nah there is no proof that you invested in the ico.

because there can't be any proof, you cant prove it anyhow... there's no digital signature.

Quoting someone from different post:

The page is right here


This is the worst attempt at fud i've ever seen, all partnerships have been confirmed by HPB, VEN, QTUM, Metaverse

Metaverse even posted it on their official Medium and Twitter.

if it get shillsed on biz it is a scam. thats why when i seen cpchain posted on here i decided not to invest.

:D:D:D... srsly fud gets weaker and weaker every post. I guess you are 1 or 2 people doing this in all CPC posts alone