Be me

>Be me
>Born in shit country controled by communist
>Never meet my dad he abandoned me and my mother when I wasn't even born
>Mom leaves me with grandparents at the age of 4 and never came back
>Shitty school life I couldn't never make any good friend because I was too fucking ugly and poor
>tfw I only had one gf and never fucked (im 24 yo now)
>barely have any good because everything here is just too expensive and I can barely make 30$ per week on jew online pages
>I have 100$ of my savings on PayPal now and I want to go all in on crypto but I don't know what the hell should I do because I know nothing of this

What should I do Veeky Forums? Should I just wait to my grandparents to die of aging and then kms or should I try to invest on some cheap coins?
Living here is suffering and Im fucking desperate

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Invest half wisely

holy god. that sucks man.
would you agree w/ Trump in saying you live in a shithole?

>What should I do Veeky Forums?

Wait for one of the bleeding hearts in this thread to send you donations

communism destroys the family and turns it into mere money relations

This thread again...

What a surprise

Okay but which one should I buy do you have any recommendations?

I think he already said that, he even blocked us economically because our president is a dictator

yea man its fucking hard living like this, the monthly salary is less than 4$

Withdraw you $100. Sneak in California. Become a Muslim. Sorted.

How can I reach california with 100$ user

steal small dogs and sell them

but who will buy them, everyone here is literally poor they will eat the dogs

The ip changes over constantly. Help a Venezuelan out

Here is my ETH wallet


Yep. As I told you guys, it changes constantly. So don't pay much attention to the ID

Help be out 0x7725c41394a8200592c5271185bb7022a2c6f214

Fuck off, you didn't even wait for anyone to ask yet.


thats not me lol, I already reported him

I can't tell the difference between dirty venezuelanos and dirty bolivianos.

Bolivians have different hairstyles similar to peruans

So all you guys look like indians and work at cloth factories?

Ask what?

You know anybody can fake a passport cover right?

So its OK to ask for hand out when you ask first?

All in zclassic

not me, but most of the people here yes, and no I haven't hear of anyone working at cloth factories, everyone works at common works but they salary is the same

Become a trap and do camshows op. You will easily make $4 a day. I am not joking

go to germany as refugee. you will get around 400euro a month a free brothel visits payed by german tax payer. send 100euros a month back to your grandparents. and larp as muzzie when asked by officials.

how are you not banned yet

zclassic is 100$+ man thats too expensive I said cheap coins

OP is like a stray dog, feel sorry for him once, give him a few scraps, and he won't leave this board ever again

Buy link, jnt or icx with $50 or that $100( I would say all of it but your are clearly too poor to risk it all) , fees are what's going to kill you but hold this shit for a year and you will come out with some good gains for your shit country to live ok for awhile while u work out what to do. I would say stay in your country, don't be a pussy and flee, work to make your country better user. Also out of the three I suggested I would say go link or jnt for best return.

Are you the user that uses rags as toilet paper
How are you bot banned yet, you are low keying doing the same shit. Everybody sees that

Also zclassic is a good buy right now, you could hold that just for the month and easily double your money if not triple it, then could use that to put on a cheaper coin

>what should I do
Buy the next BTC is what you should do

Internet here sucks and Im not gay

is this fake right? why would they give me 400 euro per month

what are you talking about lol

thanks for the advice, everyone seems to hate LINK here are you sure that i should buy this? also, this country has no salvation user, you can legit get killed for an 10$ cellphone here, haven't you seen any vids of here?

maybe you should take a look on turtle. TRTL. tradeogre com/exchange/BTC-TRTL

they have a active community. discordapp com/channels/388915017187328002/388915017963143169 and some free giveaways. and you can mine it. even with a shitty computer. and biz sprayed fud over it. all good signs.

Link is one of the best projects, do not let the fud put you off, also where are you from?

Invest in COSS, very long term hold. Or TRX super undervalued at the moment.

>Im not gay
Nothing gay about traps faggot.

NO why do you think every shitskin and nigger want to go there. Here, small 50.000 town in southwest, 1000 niggers and 500 muzzis right now

>is this fake right? why would they give me 400 euro per month

German reporting in.
No fake. It's about 400€ in cash and you don't have to pay rent. Even "refuuges" who aren't refugees are allowed to stay here.

Fucking sucks desu, german economy is going to be like in your country.

Go all in LINK. It'll give you enough to get to a better country and start investing for real

If you have a hot sister, I will sponsor your entire family for visas if you marry her off to me.

I will take a look thanks user

I'm from Venezuela

okay user sorry

Scope out bars for pavement drunks and steal their shit when they pass out

Got a throwaway email adress? I have some tips but I'd rather not share them here.

these beg threads are getting more and more sophisticated

Cual es tu objetivo user? Irte del país?

Im going to do a little research for this because i actually cannot believe it, how does that make sense

I don't even have a father or mother or probably yes but i don't know shit about them

OP I'll throw you a couple bucks if you take some pictures showing how desparate you are.. e.g., pictures of your house, garbage in the streets, etc.

Tbh at $100 you might as well bet it on a roulette wheel or buy a hooker. Transaction fees will rape you with that amount and nothing is mooning at the minute. If youre really desperate youll learn to swing trade, although i wouldnt risk daytrading with shit tier connection. If you swing trade something stable like ven was a while ago its basically impossible to lose money. Anyway good luck, keep $5 for a good rope. Youll need it this time next week.

I would get shot, but that would be nice i guess

sure user thank you for the advise

my gmail: [email protected] gmail

Claro, no soporto vivir aqui

For real fuck off, Op none of these degenerate are going to send you anything, they just want to get a laugh out of you being poor. Invest in link or if you really want put that on zclassic for the month, sell before Feb 28th. Then put what you have made on link and hold till next year. Or if you don't want to put or eggs into on basket go link and jnt

nah i'll send him $50 if he fulfills the request

Claro. No soporto vivir aqui


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go to cucuta suck dicks for a penny after 400 dicks you've made the monthly salary, return to your city with comfy living the rest of the month, repeat

You're gonna get scammed. Anybody can fake that shit. His probably setting everything up right now.

Better help IRL to those you know are real

You get some faggot that gives money to some venny poorfag and now they all come here begging for gibs
>literally worse than nignogs on welfare


I'll rather prefer sit my ass off and work on microworkers for jews than doing this, sorry

i pay $50k/year in taxes to help those local to me, they get enough of my money.

ok your choice, whatever that means

too picky for a 4USD salary

Pon esos 100 en REQ. Ahorita compras casi 300 tokens. Vas como mínimo a duplicar tu plata de aquí al 31 de marzo que es cuando lanzan la mainnet. Pero podría llegar a 1$ en realidad.

Hey, I'm the same as you but not living in a so fucked up country. Capitalism is coming soon, hold tight.

maduro is going to be killed to be honest

You're a cool dude

Im Venezuelan too. Here us proof since people did not believed me before. Here is my address if you want to help me out

OK user, I'll take your word for it. Do it op and let's see if you comes through, can bet he is some teenage faggot lurking biz. Might be a good lesson to anyone else here, not like op has much to lose


Gracias, de donde eres? probablemente termine comprando REQ

not for me

What I would recommend is learning life management skills.

Making yourself look like a victim is probably the worst thing you could do to yourself. Watch some of Tony Robbins's presentations, read PDFs of his books, get the fundamentals and skills to thrive, and start kicking ass instead of blaming life.

Duh didn't posted the pic

>Sneak in California. Become a Muslim. Sorted.

Because you'd get shot in head or what?

Because you become a minority in the most liberal state in the US. They would accept you with open arms.


Like I give a shit if you're in Venezuela or Colombia or whatever shithole country. Post a picture of your shit house, let me ask a question about it to verify (likely asking you to pick up one of the objects and take a picture of it), and I'll send you $50-$100 depending on how shitty it looks.

I'll spend $200 bucks max GO

You're not living here to know how its like, having skills here is just meaningless, you make more money on internet jew sites than doing normal works 24/7

lol i thought the same

You realise that is pointless advice for someone living in a country in the middle of a famine right?

just lift, bro

easy to do living on 1/2 cup of rice per-day

just please don't come to Perú, we have to much Venezuelan refugees


1. Is it true that Raiblocks (Now NANO) was huge in Venezuela and got people a bit of fortune ?
2. Is it true that you can live months in Venezuela with just a few dozen dollars ?
3. How much do you have to pay to fuck a hooker for one hour ?
4. Do people sell their own daughters for money so you can marry them, how much would you need to pay ?
5. How high is the rent for a luxury single person apartment for each month ?
6. Which area of Venezuela is very safe, cheap to live in and beautiful at the same time ?
7. If i wanted to live one year in Venezuela where would you recommend to live and how much money a month would you need ?
8. How do you pay for most things and if you need to use Bolivar how do you buy lots of it via dollars or crypto without getting fucked with ?

Mira mmguevo hay mucho trabajo online, traduciendo whitepapers, coins faucets, frelancer, y chupando verga por un centavo, identidades (KYC) para ICO.

Deja d pedir limosnas y mejor prefuntale a estos gringos de mierda como te puedes ganar 2 centavos online q no sea metiendote un sharpie en el orto.

Ten dignidad, no hagas sonreir a los judios.

Believe me I won't, even if someone pays me for it, your people is just too ugly and everyone looks the same

Muh fridge. Thats tape at the bottom because one of the splitters broke kek
Help me out

>even if someone pays me
>only have 100 bucks


>your people is just too ugly and everyone looks the same
Maybe we aren't so different after all my commie friend.
If you are planning on buying crypto now is a very good time. Chainlink, Req, Quantstamp, DeepBrainChain and Salt are all great long term holds.

Well, being a jew myself, I guess I really couldn't imagine living in such a shit country.

Only thing you can do now is play the refugee card I guess.

Anyway, define "jew sites", would ya

1 usd is enough
16 usd
black market

ok, take a picture of your hand holding the jar with the red lid and dark liquid and post your ETH address.

How many times have you posted your fridge at this stage?

damn do i feel sorry from you.

1. I don't know what is this
2. Yes
3.shit tier ones less than 5$ (for real) good ones 20$ at max
4.No, they don't sell their daughters to marry someone, but maybe for fuck her
5. a GOOD one, less than 100$
6. Just go to a high tier zone on Caracas
7. High tier zones on Caracas or maybe Margarita, you literally can live like a king for one month with 200$+
8. you can buy Bolivar on localethereum with crypto

No estoy pidiendo como no se de que me hablas

>Look mmguevo there is a lot of work online, translating whitepapers, coins faucets, frelancer, and sucking cock for a penny, identities (KYC) for ICO.
Let d ask for alms and better prefuntale these shitty gringos as you can earn 2 cents online that is not getting a sharpie in the ortho.
Have dignity, do not make the Jews smile

jew sites = any microworker online

whatever is mentioned in this thread, stay far away from it

>Gracias, de donde eres? probablemente termine comprando REQ
Venezuela también, por si no era claro. Caracas.

why don't you just fade into bolivian?

2.Average salary is about $5 so yea you can live a whole montn with a few dozen

3. Hooker about 1 or 2 dollars

4.idk but there are a lot of kipnaps

5. Idk I don't live luxuriously

6. None. The better ones are private towns and houses cab sell for over $100k

7. Stay in big cities and keep a low profile and you're set.

8. Black market
Wtf this is my 1St time


Mira mamaguebo como se deposita Bitcoin a un banco Dominicano. MamaguebAAAAAAZó dime!

Invest that money in an online course or books, if necessary, that will allow you to get better jobs.

what is that shit anyways? anyways buy some meat for christ sake.

tx: 0xd83c6891dbfeea263a9e12c65701494a19654775e92ea2680e1f4f51e2ebe7c8

>Im going to do a little research for this because i actually cannot believe it, how does that make sense

I cant believe you do not know it. Germany will soon become a broken state, like half of Europe. And I am living here ... fuck.

I honestly was thinking about this but by being in this country I would had been rejected from every USA online page right now

Go all in on TURTLE COIN, 100x by the end of the year, trust me, you’ll have $10,000 by this Christmas

Try from another country, then. Ask for recommendations.

Don't, pdf are free, youtube has everything you thing you need to learn. Don't listen to this faggot.