Guys, what's to stop me from opening an LLC in the Cayman Islands and cashing out all gains, tax free, that way?

Guys, what's to stop me from opening an LLC in the Cayman Islands and cashing out all gains, tax free, that way?

Da joos

The only thing stopping you is yourself.

you can do that problem is moving the gains back to whatever country unless you also got a laundry business

How u going to bring it back ?
They dont let u bring a suitcase full of cash on an airplane or ship

> be exchange
> get withdrawal order
> check SWIFT
> Caymans
> call IRS

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No no I mean basically creating a business like "My name Consulting, LLC" and just having all your finances flow through the business. I already do this anyways withing the US and its been so great these last two years I figured with these crypto gains I could do something similar.

The IRS has zero regulatory authority over the Cayman Islands. I'm not sure what you are saying

But it does have authority over the exchange and the account owner.

How do you send the money to a cayman Bank account? You need to be already wealthy to organise that magic.

Just move to Singapore. Eat roti prata and dim sum and drink lime juice while you cash out at 0% tax.

You think the IRS has authority over Binance?

Pretty sure you're wrong man. On all accounts.

Not even remotely true. You can literally do it online and the filing fee is less than $100 i think

Nothing is stopping you. That's the way everyone is cashing out.

You cannot send money from OECD country to Caymans without the permission of local version of IRS or SEC.

Tax evasion is doable but more complex.

Actually you can, you just need to use the correct forms.

No you can’t. Not without your local taxcunts knowing it. Because of something called swift. And if they know, you’re fooked on the whole point to avoid taxes. Are you stupid ?

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St. Kitts & Nevis.

>Buy eligible 400k USD property or donate $300k to a hurriance relief charity
>Receive St. Kitts citizenship, open LLC
>Don't even have to be there
>Roger Ver does this

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Repatriation tax. You’re fucked either way goy

the account owner is a company, not him

So Monero is the future basically for funneling money into tax havens. OK got it.

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probably your IQ and ability to understand the tax system and how to set up an LLC - if you try this you'll have a higher probability of going to prison than if you just don't pay. You brainlet fuck.

Good question OP I was wondering the same thing

Gonna have to renounce that citizenship.

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This is what I don't get. Why haven't people got this yet? Monero should be #2 after ETH

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Get a self directed IRA LLC in the United States. All gains are tax exempt. Want your money before you are 59.5%? Roll over some money into a seperate IRA, put it in a traditional investment and be retired. If you are 40 and do a 72(t) distribution you need about 1.5M to get to retirement with annual payments around 60k a year.

>40 yrs old
>72 yrs old
Am I the only one who won't give a shit if I have money when I'm super oldgag what's the point you can't even have fun

Your tax liability lies with the country of residence. You cannot just open a company in the Caymans and live in the US without paying taxes to the Uncle Sam.
And I think burgers have it even worse, they have to revoke their citizenship altogether and then they get buttfucked upon leaving anyway.
It's all over, buddy boyo.

Or hold for longer than one year to get 15% long term capital gains tax (if burger).

Ummm... yeah you can. You think everyone that has companies in tax shelters actually LIVES there?


>lose sick gains to the tax man or bear season and chink new year

You just can't win.

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maybe you can start using terms that are actually appropriate so it looks like you know what you are talking about when you clearly do not

step 1:
it's tax avoidance, not tax evasion.

Lol wtf are you brainlets going on about, Monero is great of course at concealing the source/size of your crypto stash, but won't help at all with the use case described by the OP (avoiding paying taxes when you actually cash out to fiat).