I will soon release a 100% free crypto folio application that is faster than anything available right now...

I will soon release a 100% free crypto folio application that is faster than anything available right now. It is available directly in the browser making it cross-platform. It is also possible to make your folio public and share it.

Anymore ideas you would like to see included for this project? I have been talking with big investors but still currently own 100% of the app.

The ability to sage post like these within the app

waifu mascot

The ability to filter LINK.

Make the keylogger optional

hire me as the logo designer for 6 figure starting salary

It's available DIRECTLY in the browser you fucking larp.

replace all the logos with cute anime girls

should I really

Integrate tradingview in a non-retarded way.

Make it cute.


I don't really care about your app thing just tell me the sauce of that manga

the girl is botan kurashiki, dont remember the name of the mango though, i recall it being good

rather, i should say "girl" if memory serves me right

dev here, let me help, you can keep ownership

post Discord


Will there be a mobile app? It should have integrated Veeky Forums browsing, come pre-loaded with wojaks for posting, and have an anime girl mascot. To keep the normans out.

Instead of comparing prices with satoshis compare it with linktoshis

add forex and commodities markets too and make a top list of accounts appear with best track records to public so the best traders can share their positions if they want to

How much of my data will you collect OP and how much will (((GOLDMAN SACHS))) pay for it?

real time update / auto refresh

sick of swiping down on portfolio a million times when I ADHD autism swipe to see portfolio change

would be really fancy looking too if you could allow users to set extremely low update intervals so it looks like the app and chart are organically moving

also having localized graphs to show change in gains for each coin in your portfolio would be nice too

Literally the only thing that would make me stop using coin.fyi
Which does exactly what you are making by the way.

the charts will not be available right at launch but everything else will be(real-time update), the charts will come really soon in a future update.

Do you know how gmail has this thing where you can change the style? That kind of thing would be neat. And yes, I would pay for an animegirls option, but you may get in trouble with copyright people and all that. It still sounds like something to think about once it's finished.

>I would pay for an animegirls option
op all joking aside this could be your USP. coin.fyi already is an established version of what you are trying to make and I'v been using it since like November.

make it open source

Godspeed OP

desu I'm down for the anime girl option but... where do I get enough cool looking anime girl icons for the currencies? any ideas?

This should be part of the paid, "classic" edition.

Interactive waifu that offers advice and words of encouragement, so I can live longer for her

>tfw no neet waifu assistant to read out my portfolio and cheer me up when it's in the red

Ask for some?

There's got to be drawfags around for ones that don't have a girl yet


any pack available?


Please OP, I need this or I'm not gonna make it in the next dip.
A 2D girl yelling "hodl" or "don't panic sell baka" will prevent my suicide. I seriously can't make it alone anymore

About to kms

If they won't even download it free how the fuck are they gonna pay for it.

Absolutely this.

No, think like a person in real life, not like a basement dweller.

I'll look for one

AHAHA Found it, crypto-currency-girls.com

And please do have a visual novel-esque trading partner that does these , things. That would be sweet. You can probably hire Nyanners to do voices for cheap lines as well. You can monetize (in-app purchase) by offering packs for different girls and voices.

you're a legend mate. any contact info?

For Taylor (Nyanners)? Can't find her specific email but the inquiry page I believe is here: