We're still going to $10 right guys?

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Welcome to hell dubs xlm dips until op dies

>fairx dropping soon

inflation dividends

10 is way to optimistic, but its gonna moon for sure. My XLM bag is loaded

Let's focus on $1 first

No. Just no. Let's try to establish a floor above 5000 sats first. Then we hope btc stops shitting the bed. Then we wait for fiat/xlm pairings due to xlm stability and watch xlm decouple. Then we can start speculating in fiat.


the absolute best case scenario for this thing is if it pulls a ripple and goes to $3 and let's be honest that isn't going to happen.

This meme is why I got in.

Soon. Like May.

But the problem is I was just holding this to buy more link, which is going to be at least to the edge of the atmosphere by then

stinky linkies lmao. XLM is gonna pass link in value soon anyway

I hope so

let's fucking hope so. need some more of that stink after dumping this snek

Shit... Checked.

Still feelin comfy with my XLM though... still at over 2x it's looking good.

Shit.. Checked. Yeah I bought at 5 cents but I was poor so I only have 8.2k. Trying to get to 10k link. XLM was a longterm hold for me until I saw that roadmap, now I just want out

Yeah I only had 10k XLM but I traded some for BAT when that dropped to like $.18 And now they are both the exact same price. But I've been swing trading both to build my stack, only avg about a hundred or so each trade but it adds up after awhile.

Same here, can't decide when to sell my xlm stack. I'd like to wait for fairx, but q2 is a long ways off

Yeah I was thinking after the beta release, which could be any day now.

>selling Amazon of crypto in 1998

you're never gonna make it

>Selling Microsoft during the 90s
Never going to make it

>and then drops back down to .50 cents
If that shit hits $10 right now i'd sell all my bags

You already know it'll dip

we already know stripe is working to replace their bitcoin platform with stellar. they're networked with coinbase and co, so I wouldn't be surprised to see xlm listed on coinbase this year. especially if fairx is really a thing.

>selling Apple in 1990

kek poor pajeets shoo shoo