I made quite some money from crypto. Now I want to reward myself just a little...

I made quite some money from crypto. Now I want to reward myself just a little , tell me best sites to spend my cryptogains on.

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>amass a fortune in crypto
>never learn its uses or how to spend it

Just cash it out mane.

get some amazon giftcards

definitely not a needy, noisy, dog

Its the best actually, not needy not noisy at all but very friendly and intelligent.

>feed me
>clean my poop
>clean my hair
what's your reward price-range?

Well he's the only responsibility in my life soo its not really a problem.
>prob in 1-5k range, no guns tho I am eurocuck

overstock.com nigga you welcome


watches are a popular thing on this board. Pic related was my trophy (


Just bought this shit yesterday for 5$ suits my autistic nature kek

Just found a site I can buy a gaming computer with crypto soo I am prob gonna go for that.


Dude get a sick chestpeice with a cryptic bitcoin reference (only if you really made it big though)

good choice, make sure to get a really nice gaming computer, better if it's a laptop.


I already have chest, stomach both sleeves and my right leg. I will start with my back end of this month

put a bitcoin symbol on your middle finger then

No visible places soo when I suit up I can cover everything.



those prs hollow bodys would be nice, wish they had one with a floyd rose

Guess they have a bigsby option