Who else just lost all their money?

who else just lost all their money?

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>buying erc20 scams


Let me guess, Nano is a shitcoin huh op

Cashed out at .075 earlier. What happened?

>Monero gold

lost 200$, thanks biz

>lost all their money

literally how?

holy shit, get dumped on. I always wonder about shitty erc-20's that use another coins name but throw a random word on the end, and what kind of retards would buy them. and, oh look! it's Veeky Forums

ok not all my money but i just lost a half a bitcoin


main dev here, ask me anything.

Yeah, what was it? Creators dumped everything?

It's because I bought it.

Post proofs

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

2018-02-03 00:31:28 buy 0.00001040 40921.10977837 0.42557954 0.00063837 0.42621791
2018-02-03 00:24:07 buy 0.00001110 7354.13543868 0.08163090 0.00012245 0.08175335

compare my time bought to the chart. impeccable timing at hitting the top.

Proof? And what happened?


it's okay I sold at 799 and put a bid in at 250 sat and it immediately went through it and to 50 sat

I warned about this today. did u not listen

ok now its back where i bought at 250 sat again

wish i has just put my original bid in at 100 sat


Just why
Why would you buy this

It's getting added to Binance just hold.

Why does that cause a crash tho?


13,000,000 of the 21,000,000 tokens are in the coinexchange wallet. They have the same modus operandi during the NEOGOLD pump and dump.

im gonna launch hobonickels adamantium

how do you inconceivable faggots buy this shit?

lost hundreds of euros.
luckily i had a comfy hodl in nlg

Holy fuck man, I was looking at this coin yesterday and figuring out if it was worth a shit then I checked out their team...

Seriously, how does anyone fall for this shit.

Are these just random photos and names?




I did 5 minutes of research, saw the devs kept like half the tokens. Such an obvious scam. Erc20 monero, u guys deserve it if u fell for this

I got out on a 0.2 bitcoin profit earlier this evening, feel like the bees knees, see it went down massively.. : >Holy pepperoni! i can quadriddle my stack!! Buy in.

>it doesn't go up.
>it's tanking, why's it tanking
>spot that red candle the size of half my screen
>oh no, oh nononono

See my 2 bitcoin i've accumulated throughout this past half year melting away..

I need monerogold anons, i need it bad. i'm not going out like this.. not like this.

Top Kek

Checkout the IOST Team

It dumped another time. I accumulated and set a sell order that totaled over my initial investment.

Watch this. I'm going to get out of the scam with net gains.

>based on the principles of libertarianism
>backed feverishly by ancaps
>died instantly in an actual real life market environment
Really makes you think huh?

You're confusing the actual Monero, which is still alive and well, with this ERC-20 scam token

Lmfao what the fuck is this.

I can't even begin to try to even imagine what kind of retard would buy this

Why the dump? Anything in particular? News? greed? Help a curious no coiner here.

Ethereum has nothing to do with Libertarianism. ERC are made for pumping and dumping on normies.


LOL. Just look at the faces of the team, how the fuck does anyone fall for this shit.
No wonder we're heaving bear markets for fucks sake

He's right tho, it's just a little retracement go buy the dip


Everyone is too focused on instant gratification, multi-moon, 1day 10x's. Straight up dumb money. Welcome to Crypto 2018.

I fucking did it. I bought a dip and sold a resurgence. I spent $409 USD on this thing, and made off with roughly $492.


No, Ethereum is full communism.


ETH is socialistcoin. Which is why it has buried monero.

I went storm chasing some more and netted myself some more profit. Bought another dip and sold safely, to bring my net gains up to $197.


Why do they call it monero gold, if its just an erc20 token? Can I get a quick rundown?


Is this a bot?

can somebody help me out here? how the fuck did these goobers think they could get away with selling an ERC20 token as a monero fork?

what is the backstory, please

Disgusting. Everyone who invested in this deserves to be poor and shit in streets.

Because people on Veeky Forums are literally retarded will invest in any shitcoin if it has a low market cap.

This was the most obvious scam ever. The literally say on their OWN FUCKING WEBSITE that it's an ERC20 token not a monero fork.

a healthy correction

I never trade shitcoins that don't trade in good exchangers.


someone (probably the devs) generated insane amounts of tokens using an integer overflow exploit

lmaoooo i cant believe you fell for this

We knew this was a scam, and we were looking to meme it to a higher price and dump on the normies who didn't do any research on this shitcoin.

Joke's on you, I profited after the dump by buying the dip and selling 3 recoveries.

> Buys scamcoin
>Complains publically about being poor

Better double down and buy the dip. Did bitconnect teach you nothing?

The shire was literally ancapistan