How about we just admit none of us know what is going to happen next, and its scary as fuck

How about we just admit none of us know what is going to happen next, and its scary as fuck.

We actually know, but there are many delusional retards.
There is a 5 wave downtrend pattern, we are on the wave 4 now. Which means we pop up to ~$9500 then go back down to $5500. Only then we will start recovering.

Sqiggly lines then

I agree. My target is slightly higher though. From my counts, we barely reached a 1:1 MM on the 3rd wave, and a 1.618 on the fifth looks to be around $6500. What do you think?

That TA is a load of horsecrap

So have we already reached the bottom of the dip or what?

you are all stupid as fuck. God i hate TA faggots

Then offer up something to refute it, dumbfuck

I know what is going to happen next. The market is either going up or going down. It's not fucling rocket science.

I don't know what's going to happen next and it's not scary because I didn't invest more than I could afford to lose. Saged because OP is a fag


If you actually knew how to use ATR, you'd realize you're only furthering our points.

Nice argument you total fucking faggot.

volatility is correlated with negative price movement, fuckwad. See how low the ATR is right now, relative to the downtrends that occured in mid Dec and Jan? As the major corrective wave consolidates for another primary impulse cycle, the ATR wedges. Draw a trendline from the relative ATH ATR and the one in jan. See how much room we have between where we are and where a third contact point would be? That the the point to focus on, when it happens, because as it bounces off of a third ATR resistance, it will confirm a new uptrend in price, which will correlate with a renewed low level volatility as price increases in a less parabolic fashion.

Jesus I don't know why I bother explaining anything to you neets.

Low ATR is a good thing.
Every time BTC recovered it was after going back to low volatility.
Maybe take some time off your palm reading and do some logical thinking for a bit.

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>says low ATR is good
>says recovery comes after going back to low vol
>literally undermines his own point by posting 14 day ATR showing vol on an uptrend

enjoy your losses you moron. I'll continue to short and dump on idiots like yourself.

Did you mean to write "exciting"?

>scary as fuck

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>uses candle stick charting

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