Pajeet here

> could afford only 250 JNT
> tell me how many lambos i will drive?
> pls sir
> i have family
> pls

maybe one lambo... in two years? assuming their idea works and crypto as a whole doesn't crash with no survivors in 2018.

Realistically it will be a 1 billion mc project before the end of the summer, so about 7.50 per coin. There is a chance it becomes a 10 billion project if the overall MC goes well north of 1 trillion, but thats unlikely.

With 250 never lambo, but maybe a nice vacation somewhere.

Why is JNT good? Precisely because it does not care about crypto crashing. Token value is tied to the project, not the market. So review your assumptions.

The answer is, one lambo if their idea works, but 3 years down the line.

150 mil circulating supply means 1000 per coin is impossible, but $10 this year and $100 next year is possible.

You must be totally retarded If you think bagholders will not dump this shit if market start crashing again.

I actually hope they dump it because I'd like to pick up more for less
I'm not in it for short term gains

2 years down the line this could very well be a 10billion dollar project. they are partnered with the ruling family of dubai to pilot jCash in the UAE. The UAE said they want to put the country on blockchain by 2020 so I think long term, 10 billion is certainly doable, and it will likely go higher.

When the DAO comes in Q3 it'll buy up any dumped coins. Look at their roadmap on medium, the DAO will make the coin recession proof.

You fucking retard. Read how the token works. I am talking about the long term. If BTC and ETH are 10 dollars in 5 years, JNT does not care. Because the underlying tech is still there. There will be onchain liabilities that the DAO needs to hold in JNT to back them with.

Fucking hell, did noone here study some basic economics AND read the whitepaper?

nigga nobody cares about whitepapers, we just here to make greenpapers.

>>tfw I only had one gf and never fucked (im 24 yo now)
wr should i buy u r bags nigga? seems not in market yet

My whole family has buy gibrel
is very future
I hope no fud because otherwise i have to kill goat

Oh my god... this fucking place... There is no helping you. I'm 60x since July, even though we are in a bear market right now. I know how to make greenpapers. And I'm telling you that Jibrel will be worth billions, not matter what ETH and BTC do. And why? Because their token economics will make it happen. But understanding those would require an IQ above 80, so 90% of this board is out. But guess what? It won't matter once the DAO is online. Sure, this will pump and dump for the next few weeks/months, but once the business model kicks in noone will give a shit about your lunch money anymore. You're either in or out.

Whatever dork.

Nice arguments kid. I can picture how you look from the way you talk.

where to buy sir ?

K dweeb.

Bibox or gate. Soon kucoin. Expect Binance and Bitfinex as well.

>hurr durr watch me, I'm being retarded on p-purpose


what is circ supply/total supply? current price?

Circ supply is a bit unclear due to ICO fuckery. Assume 150M. Current price 68 cents

wt happened to ico ? any mess?

Sure thing pal.

Me too. I want to become Jibrel whale

I think Bitcoin Suisse got an allocation to sell and they sold a bit more than they wanted.

When is one a JNT whale? I have around 300k right now.




tfw only 2800 JNT

No u