Friendly reminder that there will be a new king soon

friendly reminder that there will be a new king soon

prepare your anuses

Lol youre an idiot

most refuse to see it

trust me, user. buy this as soon as this hits exchanges.

It's true.

>as soon as it hits exchanges

so, 2020?

When does this hit exchanges and why has it been delayed in the first place?

try in a month

if this hits $100 i will get the logo tatted on my ass. screencap this.

It's true. All of it.

Been looking forward to Tezos. Going to stake 250k coins and live off the returns

My grandchild will buy some when it hits exchanges in 2050.

they're imploding because their own legal team sued them for a large percentage of their funds.

i love the idea, but i don't know what its chances actually are. really hoping to see it succeed, its a prototype of a truly decentralized governance system

XTZ should be on exchanges by March.
The delays occurred because of a personality issue with the guy who created the Tezos Foundation in Switzerland

>they're imploding because their own legal team sued them for a large percentage of their funds.

this never happened

If you don't agree that adaptability is most important you're blind. Whatever you think is cutting edge right now will be outdated soon enough.

>not just the protocol but the rules of changing the rules can be changed, the governance system, nearly everything can be changed
>the protocol can update automatically given that the update's passed a period in test-net and been voted in for the second time
>written completely in OCaml making formal verification of the protocol possible
>the way its PoS works makes it easier to stake solo as you can be offline until you're called to (by a notification beforehand) be the validator for a block every now and then
>Liquidity and other higher-level languages for the brainlets who can't use Michelson
>hundreds upon hundreds of millions for funding development

This shit will steamroll everything else. Screenshot this.

newfags have no idea

>personality issue
they got sued by their own foundation and have been fighting over funds for months and months.

i guess i had some details wrong but there was an internal legal battle

They have about a billion usd in funds after last year's rally. Release day will be sweet.

Yea I can only imagine. Pure dumpfest lol

Perfect chance to buy

it's called tauchain dummies

In for 5k of these. I am never going to have to work again

>one man vaporware project

I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!

What if Ohad dies tomorrow? Who could possibly have the intelligence to continue his esoteric work?

Vitalik died today, its not in the news yet. the currency is stable.

Ohad released some code on github, he is immortal, his ideas will live on forever, the force always balances itself, his genius will be reborn

Team of 15+ people
Beta launch in a month

If you don't think this will be listed on coinbase (Olaf Carlson, coinbase first employee on board) and Gemini (winklevoss twins follow founders) within the year, you're deluded

I have 5000 from the ico, it will never launch.

interesting tech, but too little too late to catch ethereum