I will never have enough money for a skyminer. Should I take out a loan?

I will never have enough money for a skyminer. Should I take out a loan?

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"I think everyone that is in before the 6000th or 10,000th Miner is gonna be baller. "

>booth babes
how do I short this?

Yeah dude I just listened to that interview. He did talk for a long while about cats, but other than that I was rock hard all the way through. The only problem is I only have 7.5 sky

Is one miner still 1 bitcoin?

I can afford it how do I get one?

I guess subscribe to this mailing list and wait for them to make more

for a noob, what is skyminer? is it just another asic?

Have you ever been to vegas?

its a miniserver for cryptographically routing encrypted data. test version of future distributed internet hardware backbone.

what the FUCK kinda pis do i need to build one of these bad boys?

raspberry pi 3?
orange pi?
orange pi prime?

anybody have any tutorials for DIY miners?


See sticky threads

>actually decentralized

You should always take out loans for useless shit you can't afford that will ultimately be worthless.

It's a scam. I've searched and they don't provide a guide that allows you to build a fully functional miner.


Is this not complete?

Is skyminer a new coin? I thought you were talking about some sort of mining setup (videocards) lel

>scam because someone hasn't spent their personal time to make you a complete skyminer-for-dummies guide yet
It's DIY. They released full fucking specs on the official miner, what more do you want?

Has anyone successfully built one yet?


>paying $600 fucking dollarydoos for a couple of rpi ripoffs, a router and some extruded aluminum
people are retarded

$600? Actually I can buy one then. Give me a link to this amazing deal!

>no picture book instructions

>they don't do it for you, for free

build you own then. It comes out to pretty much the same fucking price. Honestly with the price of BTC right now the official skyminer is actually cheaper. Miner is only .055, shipped.

you can't buy one because they are backordered for months. but you can get in line or build your own.

Official guide is like 150 words

What will mostly happen is that you order $600 worth of parts and end up with a pos that doesn't work when you try to merge the 8 different raspi together. I can see a million things going wrong.

This isn't diy as a building a computer, this is diy like building your own self driving car with no documentation and a 150 word command line.

Then you aren't technologically literate enough to run it anyway. You want free money? Work for it.

Nigga I'm on the mailing list. Where's my email that let's me buy a skyminer for .055?

My entire point is that they're trading your 1 btc and giving you shitcoins in return like bitconnect.

I haven't seen even one person with a functioning diy with multiple working boards. You'd think with the estimated 50k a month people would be a little motivated.

wtf is this retarded looking bullshit

>My entire point is that they're trading your 1 btc and giving you shitcoins in return like bitconnect.
they didnt have an ICO, and need to raise funds for hardware R&D

>I haven't seen even one person with a functioning diy with multiple working boards. You'd think with the estimated 50k a month people would be a little motivated.

facebook com/skycoinproject/posts/434225683658818

I have seen several. I would be another one, but parts take up to a month to ship here from china. I've received 4 of my 8 packages so far. They're giving you coins below market rate for fucks sake!

I just got my email last weekend and I've been on the list for a long time. This isn't newegg.

also why would people be motivated to get more people competing against them?

I'm one of the rare people that cares more about the project than the money, so I'm here shilling at you guys. Everybody else is shutting the fuck up and stacking orange pi's.

Ahh ok. So there's a queue? I haven't been on the list that long.

Build it yourself faggot

You've got literal months before mining will earn you a cent to learn how to build.

Here's the list of parts from the SKY telegram: pastebin.com/cUsqNv2X

Better off buying actual coins than that bull shit you dumb ass there is literal warehouses full mining

yeah there's over 2000 people in the queue, and only 600 miners shipping this month. I'm miner 187.

Is 2GB RAM really necesarry? I don't get why you have to use Orange Pi Prime for this. Can't you just use Raspberry Pi 3?

Thanks user. You're alright

How does 'good technology' actually give you peace of mind when investing in a coin?

Sure, it may have good utility, but does that really matter seeing that its coins that get shilled to the main public and normies that actually moon? (such as bitcoin).

they commissioned the "prime" version of orange pi specifically for v1 skyminer. 64 bit processor is probably more important than 2gb ram, but 512 gb ram will probably be a bottleneck if you have a decent upload connection. AFAIK nodes have to decrypt the address portion of every packet and reencrypt with the next node. So low ram will cap your throughput. I'm sure it will still be usable though.

2700+ people from today
I am doing that, will start build next week.
This isn't mining in the sense you are thinking about.

>64 bit processor
People have posted that the 32 bit raspberry pis do not work with the sky code.

Its all about the long run man. If you're looking for a quick buck the only thing that matters is where the coin is in the market psychology pattern. But years from now holding the shitcoin of the week is going to be worth literally $0 no matter how many of them you have. LOTS of 2013 era shitcoins are DEAD DEAD.

Hey do you have any good resources for learning more about hardware in general? Like how do I get to the point where I can understand your post?

makes sense, I know when I installed go to test skywire on my craptop it required 64 bit.

kek, my thoughts exactly

So this shit is like hosting your own tor node except you need a $800/month enterprise connection if you want to remotely earn any sort of money.

Everything is software based and it's only an amount of time until some genius sys admin figures how to run this shit off aws and make off with some big bucks.

The ideal is decentralized internet except the average home isn't outfitted properly and this will eventually go back to centralized already established data centers. Fail.

wew, lemme think for a minute. I've been an amateur computer nerd for 20 years so I've kinda just picked this all up along the way while spending at least 50% of my time just playing vidya games. Don't play games any more so I'm getting more into the tech side.

Of the top of my head i'd say just google/wikipedia literally everything that you don't understand, recursively. So when the article you're reading contains something else you don't understand, you look that up until you can proceed with the previous article. That's the only think I've ever done (with anything).

That's definitely not a process that works for most people, however.

This is a good project to start. You will learn more by building a computer than reading. Raspberry pi is dirt cheap.
Start by taking apart an old computer and look at every part, google it, and go read.
Back in the day CompTIA had the A+ certification that went really in depth into hardware.

Yeah but... what if the market crashes before that investment pays off?

Or if that coin doesn''t get enough back up and then it doesn't moon?

Or if new or better technology than that arrives or gets pushed by institutions before the coin hits a decent price?

Same here. I think I'm gonna try to learn some random shit that corporations need in order to fake out work experience and studies on my cv and then try to get a sys admin job.

Miner 1484 reporting in

Is building a mining rig worth it nowadays considering there are entire factories dedicated to it?

Isn't it better to directly invest into coins or trade them?

Market "crashes" are temporary my man. You've gotta have an accurate vision of the future because that's what crypto is all about: creating the future. This is the cutting edge right now. People call skycoin a scam because they don't understand it. I've never seen anyone that demonstrates competence not be enthused by it. But even picking a good project doesn't stop you from having to pay attention to competition. Right now Skycoin is the best bet because it is a top competitor in every playing field. Most of which it is unrivaled in. On top of that, it's presently in the sweet spot in terms of market psychology.

Dude I want to put Sky miners in multiple properties I own on every continent on the planet. I want to satellites into space was Skai miters on them creating it indestructible decentralized internet free from State Control.
I'm a fucking SKY Marine bitch.

build one, it's just a bunch of orange pis

>decentralized internet
>requires existing internet

I'm using what I cashed out last year to fund the rest of my engineering degree. Still don't want to work for anybody else, but the price of crypto has gone up so much I can't accumulate meaningful amounts no matter how many hours a week I wagecuck. I started net losing money while working last year because I couldn't be around to play the swings.

depends on the market, my miners made me a hell of a lot more money than my investments the last month

>we can get meaningful amounts of people to magically switch to new physical infrastructure that we're just starting to create.
You've got no vision.

If i had the capital, no, I wouldn't start a mining farm. Some people do if the roi suits them, and if less people do it there is more to gain, so an economic equilibrium gets reached. Sky is a bit different in that participating in the network is the mining. This is not a hashing based solution like gpu mining ETH.

I have 75 mbps internet. How much should I expect mining to hurt me?

Even bitbean has a vision you mong. It doesn't mean that it's good.

You and me both m8. Rocketry is actually one of my specializations. I've designed (on a team obviously, but I had several innovative contributions) a 10' reuseable rocket in the past and I'm going to project lead on another one next year. If I can't get hired by a company doing something I love, I'll be starting my own.

that's because you cashed out you retard

I said YOU have no vision. Meaning you can't see a future that someone else hasn't described to you. I have very limited amounts of time to spend on people like that.

Is it really in the sweet spot of psychology?

All I see being shilled around (excluding completely obvious pajeet) as a good inversions LINK or VEN.

I'm a total newfag to trading and crypto altogether, but I am lurking every night before sleep and I am planning to do my own research into evrrything.

I don't even have a wallet yet, lel. Also don't really have the money to invest yet, just started wageslaving and will have to wait one full month aftet which I might buy a notebook first and spend my money... Still have to pay rent, food, etc.

Idk if I should risk my money into investing yet, but at the same time I feel like I'm gonna miss out on really good prices with these dips happening.
Will I be fine if I buy in like 2-3 months? Or should I do it now?

Thank you user.

I see. Are you working while you study or are you working full time atm?

Maybe I should just buy something promising and hold since I won't be able to be around for the daytrading.

You are trying way too hard to appear as an intellectual.

They have plans to scale to 1Gbps and 100 Gbps in the future. But that won't be possible until hardware tech matures a few years.

I'm not trying. I've been like this since I was ...3 years old.
I waited to go back until I had enough money to finish without having to work a job. All my spare time is for side projects. I'm taking max units this semester so I can do as much extra stuff my last two as possible.

Fuck does that mean if I set up a miner It'll eat my whole fucking internet?

>All I see being shilled around (excluding completely obvious pajeet) as a good inversions LINK or VEN.
that's generally the stuff you want to avoid. only use Veeky Forums for exposure. You can't research what you don't know exists. Learn about cryptography first. Most people in this market don't really grasp the fundamentals so they invest in things that don't actually benefit (or make money) from the tech.

You can assign it a portion. But it can use as much as you are willing to give it. Think of bittorrent.

Look I'm trying not to just throw insults back at you, but you really must hard a hard time with reading comprehension. That's all I'm gonna say.

What are you studying, what do you work as?

I am thinking about starting a career, but I'm 25 already and idk if it's worth it to get into debt to finance it.

Samefag posting under cellular?

This thread is more about this faggots life than skycoin

I turn 30 in a couple months. Only go to school if you already know how you are going to get ROI. If you study the right things and leverage the university environment to your advantage (networking, letters of recommendation, extracurricular resume padding, etc) it's one of the best investments you can make.

Various engineering. Mechanical, materials, fluids and manufacturing mostly. I also have already completed a minors program in psychology (neuroscience specifically) to round it out.

because everyone responds with ad hominem rather than any legitimate rhetoric.

I guess we can just start posting oc now? I got the answer to my question. Apparently 1 skyminer isn't 1 btc anymore, you have to join the mailing list to buy one, and one user even gave me a nice guide to building my own.

What does neuroscience have to do with manufacturing and materiales lul.

Also, do you really enjoy studying something like that? What are your side projects about?

Thanks for the life advice mate, I'm pretty depressed as of lately and anxious cause idk what to do with my life.

The real network isn't even up right? Only the testnet?

Are the batch 1 being delivered? Curious why this isn't getting any coverage.

Ideally I'd like to build my own miner but on the forums it looks like people are still gathering parts.

Nobody gives a shit about your life you fucking 30 yo

Nothing (yet). I did it for fun. So yes to your second question, lol. But I think some neuro background will be very helpful within the lifespan of my career. Brain-to-computer interfacing is right around the corner.

the thing that got me out of my depression was learning to love the struggle. That's one of the grim realities of life. Embrace it and you will find--no . . . create--happiness.

I find it amusing that you think I have enough time to type the posts im responding to. I've been pretty much constantly typing the posts of this ID (my cellular is rangebanned BTW) for over an hour now

Why the fuck are you guys shilling this constantly???? Actually pissed off. More people with skyminer = less money you make. Fucking stupid pajeets.

Testnet is up, not mainnet. They've delivered the first 500, and the next batch will be 5,500. Idk how many of those have been sold. Probably all of them but hey, I'm on the mailing list. And user just gave me this pastebin.com/cUsqNv2X

I don't even know if the testnet is up yet. From my email:
>Please refer below for the shipment date of respective batches.
>a) 1st Batch – 50 units - Ships from 1st Feb – 7th Feb
>b) 2nd Batch – 250 sets - Ships from 10th Feb – 28th Feb
>c) 3rd Batch – 300 sets - Ships from 30th March – 30th April
>Priority in the order list was sorted by the order that a customer had signed up on the mailing list.

>buying the raspberry pi * 9 box
no thanks

Fuuuuck. I'm not getting one for 2 years am I?

Sorry, I missphrased my question:
do you enjoy studying an engineering about materials, manufacturing and such?

I know you must've enjoyed the neuroscience.

I'm off to bed now, I work tomorrow, good luck to you, dear user.

scarcity is already taken care of, lol.

also the money is low on the list of my priorities. I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

I strive to enjoy every challenge placed before me.

Good luck to you as well :)

Build your own nigga

>I strive to enjoy every challenge placed before me.
You don't need a cover letter for Veeky Forums nigga

No it's not you fucktard. People can make their own miners.

>also the money is low on the list of my priorities. I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Literally all Synth talks about is the price and how much money people will make. This project would have 1/100 the level of interest it currently has if it didn't have monetary incentives so sit the fuck down.

I'm literally convinced that the same person is shilling this from different IP addresses. Or is it the new marketing team that was recently hired? Literally using the same pictures and shit, how desperate and lazy.

"I'm in it for the technology" are the fakest most insufferable faggots ever.

Mining Sia coin now and it's full of them. I really don't understand why it's so apparently shameful to admit you like money.

I haven't heard him talk much about the money until this most recent interview. Usually he's making fun of greedy people or naming the jew.

Don't buy it but look into building a mining rig.

For $20 a coin you have to be a moron to buy this.

None of that changes how I feel, friendo. You getting angry won't either.

I understand and do not judge your shill paranoia, and I honestly wish I had enough time to be doing it. Also, there's only so much skycoin propaganda in existence man. Last thread I was in I posted almost everything I had, so I'm sure most of the other Veeky Forumslets have it too.

This may seem strange to you, but I was having an actual heartfelt human-to-human interaction for a while there. Judge all you like.

Far and away the most obnoxious thing looking through any coins subreddit. I don't know who these people think they're kidding when they try to make themselves out to be the people that would still be around if the money wasn't there.