10 minutes

10 minutes

Is this the coin that plagiarized whitepapers?

I was just reading the whitepaper. Looks kind of shitty.


who cares, theres lots of coins with good white papers that tanked horrible and even went below ico price, where shit like icon and aion went well over 100x because gooks made them

not saying arcblock will do the same, but it'll do a nice flip i hope

def not something i would hold long term though desu~~

> not usi g smartcontracts
> banning everyone asking relevant questions on telegram
> refunding if you didnt get in after 4 weeks
> ceo video in some shit tier rented building with woman doing shit behind.
>0.50 cents a token.40m mcap right after ico

Enjoy your bags

That was a very smooth ico not gonna lie.

Strapped in and ready!

one of the few ico i've participated in where the site didn't completely crash

timer went to 00 and i did a quick f5 and the adress where there, no fucking 404 error or anything, and i got my coins pretty fast aswell

yep, although the address going after the fold when refreshing almost gave me a heart attack

Gotta admire that the website didnt crash but that Telegram gave me asscancer. Didnt get the coins so hopefully they'll return ethers asap

Same, no whale bullshit either. Got in under 40%, now to wait. Comfy.

they'll begin to refund coins 1 week after tokens has been distributed, which is 4 weeks from now

atleast you cant panic sell your ethers while you wait

How fast did the ETH get sold out? I didn't participate since I have many ICOs to get into and ArcBlock got many red flags

I got in at 80% and I took like 30 seconds to buy

Maybe I should of putted in an ETH.

eth got sold out in less than 15 minutes

cmt lasted for 20 minutes

20 mins to sell out, if you didnt get your transaction in a few seconds, you got fucked.

Sent only CMT and no problem getting in.

Does anyone actually have any coins on their dashboard is it just saying "pending" and zero ABT?

I think you didn't make it bro

Thanks that answers my question.

It is shit, but the hype is huge.

So Ian Shillina is the new PBC?