So what drugs does Veeky Forums use?

So what drugs does Veeky Forums use?
No weedfags

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Coffee, wine, Claritin 24 hour allergy relief

kratom, weed, cbd, shrooms sometimes

No drugs
Enjoy being a degenerate and dying early

Stoned right now

I've used everything in the past, a lot of acid particularly

Amps and blow in bull markets. Xannies and Oxy in Bear markets. Lucy and molly at concerts. 2CB, DoX, and Ket for fun nights out. Shrooms for hiking and skydiving.

Yeah right Hunter Thompson

I love me some ketamine. Good shit.

Because it's so fuckin hard to purchase those with crypto and tor

Everything except MDMA. I have exceeded my lifetime doses on that one.

had my first acid trip a few days ago, bought it with my crypto gains. was pretty good but it fucked up my sleep schedule

this user's DOC is penis


My doctor also hooks me up with that one for regular infusions. Dude's a lifesaver. You ever try MXE? I miss that stuff. it was even better imo

Occasionally modifinal and racetams. Vape. Caffeine. Vaporub. That's about it.

Those are all mainstream drugs bro. Once u have a drug collection it's hard to stop

weed, alcohol, shrooms, lsd, dmt, mdma, coke

I think that's pretty much it

Coffee, Vape

Me and the wife do cocaine all night while we play co op video games. Watching crypto charts on 2nd monitors for quick trades when shit is going down. Sometimes we throw mdma in to the mix. Less crypto trading gets done then though...

Ha. I-I can stop whenever I want

just cafeine. About 3-4 cups of coffee + 1 energy drink a day

50mg of Zoloft and 100mg of Modafinil a day.

Prior to that - weed, cocaine, MDMA, mephedrone, amphetamine, ketamine, 2cb, LSD, mescaline, nitrous oxide, amyl nitrates, salvia divinorum

Drugs are bad mmmkay

LSD. It's derivatives e.g. 1p-LSD and 1A-LSd are even legal / not-regulated in Germany.
Didn't even have to use darknet to order lol.

Would you reccomend Salvia? It's the most popular drug I haven't done and I'm on the fence about it

LITTERALLY me except on shrooms 24 7

adderall or coffee + l-theanine for getting shit done, phenibut for job interviews/presentations (absolute fucking godsend), mdma for concerts. mda is shit imo.

love me some golden teachers. incredible headspace. shrooms > lsd imo, lsd is nice for festivals and hiking tho.

etizolam/c-lam for sleepy sleep. havent seen a real xanax in years, sad!

drugs are pretty rad dudes. just gotta properly research and do em right.

U couldn't handle the crashes anymore?

Pretty much just coffee and modafinil so I can day trade for 20 hour blocks without tiring.

Also LSD is pretty save as far as drugs go and has teached me so many things.
On the other hand, I never leaned anything from alcohol.

salvia is special, the first time I smoked it I turned into a road and had cyclist un over me for 5 minutes. Also it feels like being stinged with thousands of needles at the same time.

Not really recommend it.

Here in UK at the time you could buy it freely in headshops. It has a weird horrible tingly body feel and mentally you are literally blasted out of the stratosphere for 10 mins which can feel like hours.

I felt like I was watching myself in a movie theatre and also was a plant pot for a while.

Should I do shrooms tonight boys?

still got some of those liquid shroom vials somewhere around here...

keep posting this :)

Cocain when it's bullish
Krokodil when it's a bear trend

I know exactly what you mean with the needle thing.

Where is the best place to get modafinil in the States? I'm sucking this semester. Do you like the effects? How's your experience been? How much do you take? Any side effects?

Fuck yea, someone with taste. Especially drone; that shit becomes everyone's favorite drug the first time they try it.

Every third week or so I like to eat 150mg harmaline, climb in the tub and smoke DMT for 6 hours straight while I ride an onahole and stare at furry porn.

Feels incredible, the serotonin action turns your orgasm reflex off so you can fuck your hole as long as you want and you'll never come. All while extradimensional entities and machine elves continually dismantle your sense of self into 4D building blocks that they juggle with back and forth while doing hyperspace backflips.

Would recommend.

yeah, Iḿ the type of person who smoked two more bowls after that experience tho lmao. Was a psychonaut for a while but now have a kid on the way so the DMT entities literally told me to stay away from drugs until I created a stable and loving environment for my kid.

Someone tell me best place to get weed online. Thx.
Insert suggestions below here.

U.K. here but I buy Modafinil from afinilexpress and pay with bitcoins

I think they deliver to USA too - they ship from Hong Kong and India. Modalert is hit and miss hit the modvigil is good shit. Just got another 50 pill order in the other week.

Really really helps with motivation, productivity and focus for work which Zoloft zapped out of me.

Weed, LSD & occasional alcohol use.

Smoking weed at the end of a LSD trip is the best thing there is in life. You just feel perfect in every way. Especially if you took a large LSD dose and the weed at the end of the trip brings back a lot of visuals.

Thinking of trying Lyrica(Pregabalin) or Gabapentin, which one?

Are you UK / Europe? I mostly was into drone in 2010 - 2012 before it became illegal.

Every club here used to stink of that shit. Fucking 3+ day parties with no sleep and no food. Used to fuck dirty drone sluts desperate for dick while high and barely maintain a boner.

Great times.

You weebs are puthetic...100% natural here not even alcohol

Study/focus: pramiracetam, noopept, sudafed, modafinil, caffeine (the last 3 are my bread and butter)

Recreation: alcohol, weed, LSD, DMT, psilocybin

Every now and then: mdma, x, nos, coke, k, adderall

>tfw you have no gf to do this with

itt everyone under the age 20
>want to die already
>get older
>drug side effects become prevalent
>dopamine completely fucked
>forever depressed

Phenibut and GHB are far superior GABA drugs. I wouldn't fuck with Pregablin recreationally

Nah US, I wish senpai. Got some shipped; nobody I shared it with had ever heard of it. Used it super responsibly (only 1 redose per sesh), so my brain thanks me but I never had any wild drone party experiences. Beautiful times tho

are the darknet markets actually safe anymore? I really want shrooms/acid, and I don't want to grow shrooms even though I know it's pretty easy. I haven't been following DNM since silk road went down.

I'm interested....

forgot to mention, tianeptine sulfate is god's gift to anxious weebs, even better than phenibut for social events, interviews, presentations etc. Too bad it has opioid receptor activity and its reputation is in the shitter thanks to /opi/ fiends sucking down grams a day and going into fucking traction over it.


I hope u never get raided, I have 9 felony drug charges for just possession.

>not even alcohol
Alcohol is the Bitcoin of drugs, and I'm not saying this as a good thing.

Ya I'm glad I didn't do anything until I was 18 or else it would be much worse.

Still am very cautious with uppers like coke and molly.

Ive tried pregabalin , it's reasonbly nice feels like a cross between an opioid and a stim of sorts. would recommend 450-600mg

goddamn how'd I not know which words are replaced

Feds seized the biggest 2 mid 2017 (years after SR1). So somewhat risky yea

propranolol is a god send for anxiety. i wouldn't be able to make it without it. if any of you have social anxiety or public speaking phobia, take a low dosage of propranolol and watch it change your life.

tfw user is a genius

>Phenibut and GHB
Sure, but if you're ever caught with them, especially GHB and similar ones, you'll be forever branded as that guy who had "date-rape drugs". Even ketamine is branded that way by the media. (And I don't know why I see so much posts about k on biz today.)

Why wouldn't you fuck with Pregabalin? Genuinely curious.

I have wanted to try GHB for long time, but dosing seems hard. And I would want to do it in a social setting. So maybe first time I do solo to feel it out?

Yeah it was a massive thing here. I was at uni at the time and more biz students were importing shipments of it from china and slinging it on campus - totally legally and purest most delicious grade drone ever. Used to smell so bad.

Then around 2012 the government here banned it and prices shot up and people started cutting the dwindling drone supplies - not sure if you can still get pure stuff anymore but would love to get my hands on some for nostalgia.

Don't use open darknet marketplaces, take time to know the community, prove yourself and get invited to private ones.

People who have never had a truly introspective moment in their life will tell you to do it without a second thought because they themselves did it once at a party with several other slackjaws whose only intention is using their mind as a testing ground for escapism. Truthfully, most people who do it have awful experiences because salvia divinorum is a psychologically intense with a naturally sinister presence. What you're searching for is DMT. Vastly more pleasurable with a beauty that evades human lexicon.

I'm from Mexico and I was around drugs since I was 10 years old. All my friends from school the block smoked weed and some of them inhalated cocaine. Yet I have never done nor will ever do drugs.

>100-150mg harmaline or mixed harmines, extracted from syrian rue
>20mg viagra to ward off limpdick
>Snow white DMT extracted from MHRB and hextuple washed in distilled water
>Tomax 2D Wavy Ripple Succubus in Soft
>XL claw bathtub
>Your choice of porn

Only way it could get more euphoric is adding MDMA to the mix, but I don't think it's worth the neurotoxicity personally.

new crypto celebs but with sport stars, get in early

GOOd shit. You enjoy life I can tell. I'm the same way. People will never understand.

Was looking into this, what dosage? I've heard 40mg once a day? Not looking to get fucked up. Also, what sites have pure stuff with lab certs?

>around 2012 the government here banned it
If you're in the UK it got banned in 2009, it was a crazy time, a lot of people got rich, and there was a fire sale right before it got banned. The RC scene back then reminds me in some ways of the crypto one now.

Just weed bro

LSD prodrugs ALD52/1P-LSD are available on the clearnet. They metabolize almost immediately into LSD inside the body, so you get the exact same effects in the end.

That's good, you shouldn't do them. Anyone who can avoid drugs and alcohol should.

Anybody ever microdoses LSD? Gonna try it next weekend. I've done a full dose before, but I just don't have time for a full on 12 hour trip anymore

Vyvanse (prescribed). Adderall, Xanax, mdma, ecstasy, shrooms, LSD, alchohol, weed, dabs, hydros. And maybe a couple others. MDMA is he best on by far

Microdosing is a meme. Also, make sure you have real LSD and not some analogue, and if you do have an analogue, make sure you know which one it is to know what to expect. A lo of things go on blotter, look up the Bromo-DragonFLY fiasco, lol.

Adderall and red bull

I use phenibut when I have some social event or to get girls or in general anything that would make me anxious. It's really amazing, it takes all the worry away, you can just do whatever and feel no shame or fear. It's also great for job interviews, as you become completely outcome-independent. The most important job interview of my life I had while "high" on phenibut + propranolol and it went great. It felt like a normal conversation with other people about my previous job.

Phenibut also gets you the best sex of your life and after you're done having an epic day it gives you the best night sleep too. The next day you'll feel completely refreshed. The only drawback it has is that if you take too much you run the risk of getting depressed when you're off of it, since life will all of a sudden feel tasteless and boring. But taking it occasionally to make your life more interesting is more than advised.

I get this but where would u meet anyone. pointer or tip?


i get the reference i see the joke

I might have fucked up my brain from doing too much mdma during one year of college.

However, now that I'm trying out pressed pills, shit's been pretty good. Orange tesla's get me to a good place without being overwhelmed or having a shitty comedown.

Coffee (black with root chicory), wine, beer, whiskey, gin, absinthe and sometimes vodka+redbulls.

d-amph and sometimes kava

branded by whom? if you get caught you got bigger things to worry about; and it's not like the cops are gonna tell everyone you had GHB. The stigma does suck, it's legit the absolute best sleeping drug in existence. So many nacoleptics/insomniacs could benefit if getting a prescription was easier.

I just know people who seem wired differently after being prescribed for a while, but honestly after reading a bit I probably would try it out. No harm in doing it sparingly.

GHB dosing isn't too bad. You just need an oral syringe. You gotta start low, and redose a tiny bit after 40 minutes if you don't feel much until you can find your sweet spot. The dose-response curve is ridiculous though; the difference between feeling nothing, feeling great, and falling asleep is small. Definitely try it by yourself the first time, and don't overdo it.

Microdose is good. I recommend putting a tab in a vial with 5-10mg water and a tiny bit of ethanol (vodka). Then you can dose volumetrically.

I was doing shrooms but even .3g started to make my reality crumble and become depersonalised. I become aware that 'I' don't exist and it makes me feel anxious, even thinking about it makes my palms sweat. I've pretty much agreed to remain sober the rest of my life

can confirm phenibut works for job interviews

1 mg of Clonazepam whenever needed
10 mg of Zyprexa every night
600 mg of Lithium in the morning, another 600 at night
Lots of coffee in between
Occasional cigarette

I used to smoke weed all day erry day but that life is behind me. I've got some bad paranoia to cope with. I've become much more successful without it (although I do owe my teenage drug stupidity for introducing me into Bitcoin).

>Vastly more pleasurable with a beauty that evades human lexicon.
Can confirm ineffability. I am always thinking about my DMT experiences and trying to reduce them into a handful of representative descriptors. Fast. Flashing. Geometric. Brusque. Multifarious. Hyperreal. But none of them begin to describe it. It's truly a sacred space beyond all human understanding.

...says the guy who jacks off in a bathtub while I'm high on it. Go figure. It doesn't feel conflictive at all. Honestly at sub-breakthrough doses I feel it has a very primal/sexual energy and it's really helped me get in tune with my body and appreciate the pleasure vibes it can create.

2009? That long ago - feels like later but I guess it was then.

Yeah it was crazy back then. Big money to be made by noobs selling technically legal drugs.

Every toilet cubicle in every club was always locked with someone blasting mcat up their nose on their flat keys.

Had better nights in that shit that on MDMA

nice...may try soon when i have time...
how would it compare to 16 hour masturbation seasons on adderall?

bad coke, coke, mda, mdma, shrooms, some weird shit I was given at a techno fest (felt like amps but with a horrible comedown), lots of weed/hash, lots of diazepam (my life saver), 5htp and 0 opioids.

Some lost its magic, shrooms gave me a wild rollercoaster with a terrible ending, too much of a pussy to try lsd, smoke weed on the reg and parted ways with diazepam

DESU user I pulled the label off mine and can't remember where I picked it up. 10g was around $100 at the time. And yeah, somewhere between 20-40mg will last you the better part of the day.

Just be sure to take it intermittently only when you need it, I start feeling nasty withdrawal (cold, anxious, tense) if I take it even two days in a row.

I do DMT occasionally but I find I've never been able to "breakthrough" and I get anxiety when I'm on it

One tab cut as small as possible. Vial dropper. 100 drops of distilled water. Wait 1 day. Anything over 5 drops and you're asking for it. Take it easy.

Currently? Caffeine, zolpidem for the occasional trip&sleep, phenibut. Also I just took a 37.5 mg tramadol pull because it was the only thing I had for headache and I think I can feel a slight mood increase (I know it's a very small dose, but I have no opiate tolerance).
Used to do all kinds of fucked up shit.

Thanks user. Didn't realize you'd get withdrawals that fast considering some countries have prescriptions. But I guess a lot of drugs do.

Honestly have never tried amphetamines, although I've got some 2FA from an old RC shipment that I've never dipped into. Might be amazing to combo with DMT, though I'd tread very cautiously if using the harmaline/MAOI in the mix.

5-MeO-MIPT is also good to splash at 2mg to make any drug experience more sexy. It kind of sucks at full psychedelic dosages though.

You can buy drugs that are similar to LSD on the normal web. These drugs have been designed so that their molecules are different just enough not to be considered LSD under current law. But once you get them in your body, your body says "eh, good enough" and treats them like LSD. Same goes for any other drugs. The downside is that they can have unexpected side effects, and by using these kinds of analogues, for example, a bunch of people instantly "got" parkinson's and had their life ruined. In another case, some analogues restricted blood vessels and people had to get limbs amputated. That's the explanation in dumb words. They're as powerful or more than mainstream drugs, but you need to know what you're getting into.

I quit all drugs, only still smoking cigarettes. Kinda hard to quit those and crypto isn't helping.