I'm done accumulating so I can talk about this. I tried to get in on ICO 2 days ago but it sold out in 2 fucking minutes. Only 2x ICO price right now and it's only been 2 days since ICO. They're already on IDEX and ED and are on Kucoin and on Monday. They also just released their API to the public.

Literally one of the most god tier ICOs of all time. Super good use case and ridiculously good team. I woke up at 4 AM to try to get into this because it's that good.

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Anyone doing even half assed research knows MedicalChain faggot.

There's fucking 20 posts on here a day about TRAC and stupid ass LINK. God forbid we talk about something new shithead

i am considering it but it's already 4x presale price and i think it will dump on kucoin what is your opinion

does shit dump on kucoin after listing?

It depends, ocn pumped, ary dumped
It's random

Presale price was 20 cents. It's 50 cents right now. Also, it's getting listed 4 days after ICO and they released API. They're way ahead of most things that get released on Kucoin

ARY dumped because it literally got in KuCoin as Bitcoin crashed hard.

Pre sale price was 25 cents OP is full of shit and wants to dump. Check the depth on ED, fucking insane.

Absolute trash coin that people are dumping

Yep. Bad timing. Buying into shit coins like this one is a bad idea at the moment. OP knows that and is trying to sell you his bags while he can.

ED is broken retard.

You are the idiot asking if shit dumps or pumps when listed on Kucoin. Figure it out you fuckin idiot.

Have fun holding bags

No you idiot. Pre-ICO was 20-23 cents. ICO was 25 cents. It's 50 cents on IDEX and Etherdelta right now. I have no bags, I missed out on ICO. If you don't think this will 2x ICO price you're a failure




Damn I saw that and clicked so fast to sell. Someone beat me to it

team lacks the connections to push adoption for this. medical records problem needs political / insider solution

Why is everyone fucking lying?

Presale was 10 cents

For early investors yeah. For the public it was 25 cents. Do some research you filthy pajeet

1st Round: $0.10 - COMPLETED
2nd Round: $0.12 - COMPLETED
3rd Round: $0.14 - COMPLETED
4th Round: $0.16 - COMPLETED
5th Round: $0.18 - COMPLETED
6th Round: $0.20 - COMPLETED
7th Round: $0.21 - COMPLETED
8th Round: $0.22 – COMPLETED

ICO Price: $0.25

Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico.
Prepared to get dumped on user


That's because of the ETH price they invested months ago, the ratio is not that much different.

And those are early institutional investors, hard to believe they will be dumping day 1 on Kucoin...

>Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico.
>Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico.
>Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico.
>Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico. >Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico. >Only $4m out of $24m cap was sold in ico.
private key 0x51836a8247402830b361519e948ffcaf5fb8d521

It just fucking mooned 50% on IDEX. Stay poor retards.

Wut? 1.74616492 ETH at 60 and 61 is not mooning

The charts are fucked up and order book not updating, lots of sells going through at 72. Watch it real time.

I see now. Good luck dude, just remember this is an ERC20 token.

AXP, ARY all did this and look at them now. Sell high brah.

Yeah I got in earlier at 54 and got out at 72. Gonna try to get back in at the same price we will see.

trading was supposed to start 30 minutes ago according to the kucoin announcement....

doesn't a high buy order get automatically matched with the lowest sell order on ED? What sort of shit exchange is this?

On 5th, today is 4th

o-oh.. thanks

Please ignore this comment, definitely not relevant.

>135,000 people registered for the token sale. On 1st Feb 2018 at 10:00 am UTC the token sale opened for submission of KYC documents. Within the first 2 minutes, 45,000 individuals submitted their KYC information. Shortly after, we closed the ICO portal in order to start processing applications. As KYC was being processed on a first come, first served basis, those who passed were invited to participate. We processed 1,773 applications in total.

People definitely didn't miss out here. Definitely no FOMO buying on this coin. Pajeet coin confirmed, move on.

>it keeps going up
i should have fucking bought... is it too late?

Put 20k USD at pre sale price of 0.20cents. Already almost 4x.... I have a good feeling about this one, going to HODL hard because the gains can be astronomical on this! Not shilling, but man you guys get in once you DYOR, there is so much room here to grow.

where buy

>tfw was happy with a 40% gain in thirty minute
>could have had 100% gain in a couple hours

I'm so fucking stupid. Oh well, there will be a new one tomorrow.

90 cents, get in now biz we're gonna do another 3x on kucoin tomorrow.

Btw, for all the people fudding that presale price was only $0.10, ETH price was about $400 at the time. They got less tokens than public sale:
Pre-sale : 1 ETH = 3000 MTN
=> 1 MTN = 0.0003 eth
ICO : 1 ETH = 4300 MTN
==> 1 MTN = 0.00023

Can buy at: or

those green bars make me nervous

Trust me, dont be afraid! They already have many big exchanges to enter, these are just baby exchanges. Check out, its even announced on their top bar that it will release tomorrow. This is JUST the beginning guys....

alright ill try to swing trade up to 600 from 400 right now then put that in but I think my plan might be to take it out after a few days then dump it into jibrel

>l try to swing trade up to 600 from 400 right now t
Yeah man, sounds like a plan! Just HODL once you do, I don't expect to sell any of my coins for a while, the potential is just too great on this one. I only expect to get back my initial investment. My regret was not buying more, but I have all my ETH in other ICOs at the moment.

Does anyone know the difference between this one and MediChain? I might try to get on the MediChain ico as it seems like a really interesting project as well.

Huobi is dump city. It will drop 40% minimum on Huobi listing.

Not saying you won't profit here but it's a risky buy and even more so if you wait until it gets on Kucoin.

no one is dumping their bags onto me

and ED isnt currently showing trades that have taken place recently. reeeee

My Weiner is ready!

in other news i'm really liking idex, a major improvement over the cancer that is ED and the trollbox is pretty entertaining

i think i might move all my trading over there since nothing moons on binance anymore and this place seems to list coins right before kucoin for maximum gains so you can get out before the staple kucoin dump of no return

whats the price in$ rigt now?

85 cents

fk me wish I had more money to put in. Put in initial 250 a week ago up to $1000 now got fired yesterday though so it's ration time.

It has no application. No Hospital would EVER use this.

private hospitals maybe

pretty sure the NHS already has a digital system set up for this (or they are working on it)

See this is the problem, now you pretty much have two coins for the same shit

80 cents. 500,000 million supply. Compared to other supply chain tokens etc., I think this one is about topped out. Mooning on exchanges is becoming a thing of the past as more people keep trying to get in earlier and earlier. I'm not buying at this price, I'll wait for a legit exchange.

The lead is on an NHS board. But it has little influence and I'm sure he knows that the NHS would never, ever use this. They were developing their own system.

Private hospitals would likely use their own internal system. No way blockchains will be trusted with medical records for a long, long time. If ever. Dump this coin soon. It's kept alive by normie hype.

Although I do wish I went into the ICO, because I was 50/50 on it. 20/20 hindsight. Didn't know the BTC shit was gonna happen on that day.

looks like its dropping

>tfw my order was filled at roughly 0.0006 eth on ED

lets see how this goes, gonna have to get the normies keen for it

when does it start trading on a normie friendly exchange?

dumped at 0.00089

thanks for the easy 3.5x friends