How are you going to spend your extra 1.5$ a week biz?

How are you going to spend your extra 1.5$ a week biz?

So excited to see what this new tax cut is gonna do for working class americans, trump is really looking out for the smaller guy and Draining the swamp


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Trump Cuck

effective cuts are roughly 13%, so closer to $15 a week for a secretary.

This woman got enough recovered to get her Costco membership paid instead of the gubbmint forcing it to some non working nigger family that would blow it on soda pop.
Yeah MAGA bichez

What are you faggots talking about? My net pay went up $100.

What the fuck...Trump promised us to Make America White Again and make those fucking blacks and Mexicans stop stealing our women...he promised us a border wall and the deportation of everyone who isn't a white Christian...instead we get a measly $1.50 a week...he fucking sold us out...I'm never voting for the GOP again.

My weekly pay went up $52, or $2,704 for the year. Why are people mocking Trump for that?

Better in my hands than buying soda pop for niggers

>fat white burgers thought BILLIONAIRE fuck up gave a shit about their poor ass


larp kek

Fuck off...we had a Kenyan communist nigger in the White House for the past 8 years...this was supposed to make everything right and White again...we finally had hope...instead he screwed us over....

I make an extra $100 a month under the new tax plan. It’s not life changing, but it covers the electric bill.

That's another dollar store pound cake per week, OP. In Burger World this is major, major change.

My company gave me a $5000 bonus and a raise so I'm not complaining. I'm sitting here drinking waiting for shitcoin #1 to jump down some more to accumulate.

>The wealthy elites hate you more than you white trash hate niggers and you fat burgers thought one would save you anyway

LMFAOOOOOOOOO you amerifats aren't even aware of the game you're playing

Alternatively, if she saves that money that's 1 free Big Mack a month.


I'm not super hot about Trump but then I see what makes niggers like you mad about him and it's like yeah, he's the best president that's ever existed.

>mfw I'll save 4% as long as I keep my crypto gains under $57k
I might not be able to do it lads, I'm a really good trader

Same here, cellphone+elec, thanks trump.

I can't believe he tweeted that. that looks bad and fits the crumbs narrative, sad


I'm getting an extra $75 a week. Beats nothing.

hiding is only feasible if you are under 6 figures, which I already make at my wagecuck job. living like a drug dealer does not appeal to me. the banks will catch up to you unless you deal with cash exclusively. source: bankfag analyst

This tweet can't be real

What's a 4% to you then?

American republitards think this is a huge win lmao

for example last year I would have saved 1-2k, this year that'd probably be 3-4k

Ausfag here. Am an apprentice making slave wages. Just got a $1.30 payrise. Feels damn good niqqa. Anyway congrats on having a president that isnt a piece of shit #maga

Link to the tweet if real

>Gets an extra $200 a year
>Can easily x10 that by investing it in crypto
>On the cushiest job alive
>Wahh why isn´t Drumpf giving me yet more money?

Kill yourself

I get $80 take home every 2 weeks. Not nearly enough to pay me off to support the cut.

twitter dot com

>when you’re unironically from plebbit

>mfw my getting an extra $200/wk from the cut just offsets the value of the dollar going to shit

fool, you're talking about $1.30 per hour. The americunts are praising their fat yellow God for $1.50 per week, aka 30 cents per day, aka 7.5 cents per hour.

Fuck you Australians are as dumb as the burgers

Ye I don't really get it but maybe that's why I don't get paid the big bucks, it fine.

Are you in the same timeline as we are, nigger? We’re getting weekly salt from deportation articles, ICE can do their job unrestricted again, and although this one is a punch in the gut, DACA will probably stay but in return we get the Wall, kill the Visa Lottery bullshit, and ax chain migration which desu is a better deal in our favor. He’s forcing niggers to get jobs to be eligible for welfare in some states and white birth rates and anger is the highest it’s been in 10 years.

It’s happening. I’d love to gas every queer and colored too but things are finally going our way for once.

theres no way thats real they wouldn't brag about $1.50 per week what the fuck

Yeah listen to this guy. Instead of us keeeping more of our money, we should give it to niggers.

>reminder that the lowest 40-45% of wage earners in America pay zero federal taxes. The top 1% pays 50% of all taxes.
>muh fair share.

>Defending the top 1%
How much Kool-Aid have you had?

bitch probably lives in california

>defending unproductive retards
the state of Veeky Forums

I live there. Fuck Lancaster. Also, fuck Lebanon. And Berks/dauphin/York. This side of PA sucks cocks.

Hey, at least she noticed some kind of change. This is the first time wages increased in 8 years or something.
I have two american friends, one of them got $400 extra a month and the other one that has kids got ~$1100 thanks to the tax cuts and changes.

I don't really understand how people can complain when they notice change for the first time in years.

It's okay, brother. He's just pretending to be retarded.

>Implying I was defending unproductive retards
Now that you mention it though, what have you done recently? And don't larp.

I'm getting 100 more a week.

>DACA will probably stay but in return we get the Wall
You mean the wall taxpayers are paying for? I thought Trump was a good negotiator, wasn't he going to make Mexico pay for it?

wagecucked at a corporation for the last 15 years

Even when I wasn’t a trump supporter I knew how i was going to be paid. It was on his website and he stated multiple times; the taxpayers foot the initial bill and it’s made up through trade renegotiations. We have a $60billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico and NAFTA is on suicide watch. Not to mention the wall costs $25bill and we lose ~$100bil a year (lowest estimates $85bil - highest estimate $130bil) to illegal immigration.

Seriously are all you plebbitors this dense? How often do you actually get to know what it is you’re talking about before you talk about It?

This, Trump fucking sucks. Spend spend spend. I'm all for cutting taxes, but you can't do that shit while ramping up spending. The piper will need to get paid at some point

>Defending either

> Not to mention the wall costs $25bill and we lose ~$100bil a year (lowest estimates $85bil - highest estimate $130bil) to illegal immigration.
source it

if you point out how retarded burgers are tehy call you a redditor its really sad actually

No ones defending them. Stealing money via taxes is wrong.

The tax cut is increasing the deficit by $4,500 per citizen. If you're getting less than that, you're getting cucked.

>Trump presented this figure as a hard fact to make his case, and not as the rough, high-end estimate that it is.

The figure matches a 2013 study by a group that wants to reduce immigration, FAIR.

It’s uncertain how much immigrants in the United States illegally cost taxpayers, but FAIR’s data is largely based on broad estimates and assumptions. Another report by a conservative think tank pegged the amount at about $85 billion a year. Reports by pro-immigration or neutral groups have come in significantly lower, and other reports have been inconclusive.

Even politifiction can’t argue It without diving into semantics and ‘faulting’ him for lack of pinpoint, on the decimal precision.

Seriously consider suicide if it’s taken you this long to figure things out. Facts like this aren’t even disputed - your entire argument boils down to ‘lol who cares free shit for everyone fuck white people’.

why build stupid wall when just go to home depot and take em from there?

this is the most reasonable metric. spoiler: most of us are gettin dicked

Fuck yeah new taxes!

Saving 90 dollars a paycheck and I get to double my deduction at the end of the year.

anyone complaining about this is a fuckin tard or a liar.

>>inb4 "but the 1% got as much in cuts as the entire middle class combined"

>>Inb4 my pay went down but no stubs to correlate this

>>inb4it only lasts 10 years

If you want to pay more, then donate to the IRS fags.

That metric is fucking absolutely retarded.

1% of americans pay 70.6% of all federal income taxes collected. Why in the fuck would you linearly get the average applied to every citizen. Fuckin stupid

I work in a hospital in a major city.
The tax bill fucks over emergency rooms because it eliminates the personal mandate keeping Obamacare afloat.

Less people having insurance means less people having checkups, which allows diseases to progress and become more expensive to treat. It also means the ER becomes the only place most people can go for treatment.

It also means hospitals get reimbursed less, which can lead to hospital closures which fucks over EVERYBODY . You will need an ER at least once in your life - probably at least 10 times.

It is overwhelmingly likely whatever gains you have in your paycheck will be consumed by healthcare costs.

Because it’s going to be a big and beautiful eternal FUCK YOU to all the spics, kikes, and plebbitors like you.

You want to spend 20 billion dollars on a fuck you?

unironically yes if it'll assblast the spics, kikes, democrats, and MSM in one blow

You are a child.

You do realize the vast majority of Veeky Forums aside from worthless neets like you are in the top 10-20% right?

Everyone's getting dicked, but at least some of us get lube, so it's okay!

implying spending more on the deportation process isn't a better fuck you... and one that will actually work at that

you're stupid, you liberal dipshits like to throw around the $20B like it's the end of the world. The US spends ~$600B per year on military. Democrats proposed $1 trillion infrastructure budget plan in the past.

$20B is nothing comparatively, and the psychological benefits will be immense. The United States building a Great Wall sends a message to the rest of the world, that we're a proud, independent nation who will protect our borders at all costs. The day of the free-roaming spics is over, we're entering a new age, sanctuary cities won't save you any longer.

Lol, wtf. I'm voting hillary 2020 now

lets just put martial law on illegal immigrants, make that happen instead of a dumb wall that has to be maintained 24/7

>great wall
fucking lol, you mean a shitty fence/money pit that any mexican or left wing youtuber can climb in 30 seconds?

It can't be explained as anything OTHER than a huge fucking win, you enormous fucking retard. This is a big fucking deal. Get your head out of your ass.

By the way, you're on the wrong website.

if i see anyone trying to climb over that big beautiful wall I'll shoot them

t. out of touch retard

if it were feasible to have braindead losers guarding the entire US / mexico border we wouldn't need a wall would we?

don't know about that, but i'm claiming my spot and no one's getting past me

>make too much to qualify for subsidies
>make too little to afford the $375/mo basic shit health insurance plan
>get penalized $800/yr fine because I can't afford to give two thirds of a paycheck each month to Aetna
Do you think I give a flying fucking if Conseula Lupita Gonzalez Lopez Dominguez Gutierrez Sanchez Rodriguez doesn't get free ER care for her fucking 12 anchor babies?

oh look, there's a mentally challenged redneck over there, lets just drive half a mile east and cross there.

This. Fuck Obama. Why am I forced to pay for healthcare I don't need?

thats why we need the wall, cause as soon as i see your little beaner head pop up over the top of it i turn you into mist

You don't know shit about return on investment. You are a scared cracker that likes to talk shit on the internet because you have no real world aspirations or abilities.

I look at hospital finances for shits and giggles. You?

You don't have to. It doesn't matter. An emergency room must treat everybody, because emergencies have to be treated without being able to verify somebody's identity. Are we supposed to wait to treat somebody hit by a car until family comes in with their social security card?

This costs money. Money that is not present of folks don't have insurance. Money that may be reduced when Republicans gut medicare and Medicaid to make up for the deficit.

It's a shit tax bill.

it's not a solid wall you dumb fuck, it's a fence and anyone on the mexico side will be able to see you before they're close enough for you to shoot them

>membership fees for groceries

Is Costco for fucking real? Why the fuck would I pay for membership? Is someone going to suck my cock at the checkout?

>he thinks that camo isn't a thing
I suspect that our shooter friend will not be wearing BUNPAT

would love to see some pasty Veeky Forums 15 yr old camping out in the sun all day trying to be sneaky. that's some real content.

>You don't have to
I don't have to what? Last time I looked, I still lose $800 on my tax return this year

>not a solid wall

then what the fuck do you call that ya fucken goof?

and whats this asshole on about? return on investment? I already said that the psychological benefits will be immense in addition to the actual money we save on reduced deportation/ICE agents. I'm not scared at all, I just know the Great Wall will be a huge success. Not sure what you're saying about aspirations/abilities, I'm 29, have a degree, work full time, enjoy my job, and have a decent crypto portfolio. I'm very comfy.

This tweet is even better.

would love to see the cost estimate of building something like that across hundreds of miles

trump is making the obama admin look fiscally conservative

Holy shit I didn't even see cadpat at first


You don't have to care about others to want to have a functional emergency room near you when you inevitably have a MI from all the shit food you eat.
Care about healthcare costs? Go for the source. Inability to import medicine or medical supplies.

"Psychological benefits" are a bullshit cop out. Not everybody thinks like an overcompensating mental midget. You don't even realize most illegals cross legally - they overstay their visas. The wall will do jack shit

Wow Trump hating faggots. Maybe "muh based blacks" don't create prosperity?

Keep sucking nigger dick you demoshit.

>The wall will do jack shit

gives me a good launching point for sending beaners back over to their shithole country

like i told the other guy i'll make it my lifes mission to protect our sacred borders. We aren't a country if we don't protect our borders. If we don't have strong borders we might as well rename ourselves United States of Mexico because that's about all we're worth at that point, and the fact that you liberal fucks are willing to hand away our country to foreign enemies is pitiful and disgusting

You are a hysterical, overemotional manbaby. I'd take Sancho over your hateful ass any day.

Yeah just wait until he puts our economy into recession like Nixon, Reagan, H.W. and W. did and your hodls go into free fall as a result. Fucking morons.