A crypto celeb, sports version. Just a launched, so the price is still fairly cheap

A crypto celeb, sports version. Just a launched, so the price is still fairly cheap.

where are the female japanese volleyball players

Shill this on the crypto celeb discord. The highest celeb sold for 151 eth.

this is going to the moon!

Agreed a million times better than buying gems and numbers.

Yeah I'm going all in

how do you mine it?

Excellent idea, I'll contact the owner to make a request. So far, there's basketball, tennis, soccer players, and swimmers.

the UI is shit tho...

Right now the cheapest celeb at crypto celeb is going for 4 eth. So crypto sports has a much lower entry point (for about .3 eth), and will likely explode as well, based on the popularity of crypto celeb.

Agreed adding MMA fighters would be good as well.

Is this like Dubai license plate satire wtf are we buying here

Brainlet here

I cannot understand how it works. I buy a celeb and then ? How do I make money?

The game is structured like the highly popular crypto celebs. In both games, you pick and choose a celeb / sports hero. You buy it, and own it. And someone can then buy it off of you, for a higher price. This is how you profit.

For example, let's say I currently own Michael Jordan. You can then just select him, and buy it from me, for a higher price. You then get a profit.

Adding to the above message, keep in mind that in crypto celebs, people have paid up to 150k in eth (so yes 150 eth for one celeb). I say this, to give you an idea about how popular this too will likely become.

it's a ponzi scheme

as long as you don't hold the bag you'll make money

there's a guy from this morning holding a 6eth bag lol

And what fee does the celeb xchange get for it?

Yes and important factor is also the game. For example, there's ethergems and ethernumbers. But not many care to buy these, so for these games and depending on what you're buying, you likely will be bag holding.

The game was just launched, so I'm not certain.

Devs adding features if cryoto celebrties within the next 48 hours, all nba players and soccer players should reach 1 eth atleast. Get in cucks

I've flipped like 5-6 today alone, up over 1 eth

also, people who got in early on cryptocelebs made over 6 figures in a week