We are about to enter capitulation. Only a bit more guys

We are about to enter capitulation. Only a bit more guys.

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Trips confirm btw

So despair is what, 6k BTC? I'm kind of fucking mad banks closed all credit buying options now, pretty much confirmed they don't want us using their money to buy the fuck out of this crash.

I think we are going to have one final dip soon. Then things will stabilize.

You should have cash anyway from not holding like a fucking retard while the price tanked.


I cashed out 20k before the crash and bought too early was my problem. I didn't exact another dip after that.

The trips have spoken, tommorow btc 100k


Whoa there, watch who you're calling jackass, buddy!

And they are fighting for it right now
Whales are pushing it up, but bears seem strong

i'm hoping that it goes down and we finish the job

DIE BTC, i already sold alts at loss

yes, the final dip is coming

this so hard. But not even credit cards. I deposited fiat 2 days ago and will only go through on monday. This has never happened before.

>it dips
>buy the dip
>it dips again
>buy again
>literally buy everytime it dips

BTC won't die so easily. BTC will be like gold, cool to have but not usable by most people

I don't see bitcoin going on another major bull run but I don't think it will just die out.


This guy probably bought back in and he's super rich now

Only small marketcap shit coins kek

Jesus. I fucked up as an early adopter as well, but not as bad as that guy at least.

we all did
>t. spent 1btc on acid

I spent 50btc on acid. You got the better deal.

no amount of btc is worth the experiences of acid though, it's invaluable

>not graphing that in Log10000

Couldn't disagree more, would rather I'd never done it.

my friend accidentally dosed me with 1000ug when i wanted 100ug AMA

The cool thing about Veeky Forums being taken over by normies is you can easily track the general feelings of traders in relation to this chart.

Denial was very clear, people on the board are a LOT more pessimistic now than a week ago, and the height of euphoria was end of december/january. People were going nuts. Veeky Forums wears it heart on its sleeve

Maybe some people will actually wise up and withdraw the hollowed out husks of their life savings instead of waiting to lose it all.

how does it feel knowing that you're actually still tripping and this is all a dream? I'm not even real bro

I would rather lose all than not make it

fucking keks

My last trip warned me about the incoming crash, but i didn't listen to those "imaginery" fairies...

Then you are a fool.

I do 1000ug as a normal dose man, if you're not exploring higher dimensions you're not really experiencing lsd

get this pajeet sine wave out of my face

I would trade my acid experiences for 50 btc and then do acid after I have money

That sucks man, I’m sorry that someone ruined your experience and it wasn’t even your fault. But in smaller controlled doses, it can really help you psychologically every once in a while.