Is being a physician the best job there is? Can't think of another job that comes close to competing with this comp

Is being a physician the best job there is? Can't think of another job that comes close to competing with this comp

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Now divide that pay by the annual hours worked, factor in 10 years of education and debt before you start, and look at the sad, worn out faces of doctors who wish they had done anything else. Then decide if its worth it.

CEO is the best job.

and dont forget, you have to work with the dregs of humanity every day in order to SAVE them

I cant think of a more soul crushing job if you aren't a bluepilled NPC

>10 years education and debt
that can be paid off within a couple years after getting full time employment, often less if you go work in an underserved area that's offering 300k+ to get you out there

>annual hours worked
so what, you get assloads of vacation time too

Programmers at top tech make more than that. I was an intern and made 8.5k a month

lmao soul crushing

>not being a sociopath in the year of our lord, 2018

>Tfw physician in third world shithole

Almost free education but pay is 500-1k usd/month

I feel so JUST'd bros, lost 8 years of my life studying for least I got my shitcoins

no you didn't

Pilot at Chinese airline pays better and you get all of the qt chinese waifus

physician assistant is up there, 2 year post grad program, not 8 years like medical school/residency. Get to work as a doctor pretty much (ER settings you are independent 99.9%), work under doctors insurance, get payed 90K, and a ton of benefits.

sound like some asian retard desperately trying to justify his chosen education path, and slowly realizing that its going to be decades of torture, and not just A decade of torture

>filipino """"doctor"""""

please don't delude yourself into thinking that you actually learned anything

you are a step above nurses in that you understand to disinfect instruments before you start using them, but there is a reason you are so incredibly under-payed and why you can't find work outside your country

its because your education is fake

stem + crypto trading and you don't need to look at dirty pus filled cocks

yeah but youre a bitch for someone making double or triple your salary

>14 years of pre-med, med school, residency
>high debt
>high stress
>long hours
>no social life
>get constantly cucked by malpractice insurance fees
>maybe after 30 years start your own practice on your own terms

no thanks lol

so all the shitty parts of being a doctor without the pay and respect?

One of the highest rates of suicide and debt?

Insider here
You could not be more wrong
Bad currently, will not get better in our lifetimes

>tfw making 2/3rds of this out of college as a software engineer and can easily surpass it

feels good man

>tfw ER doctor working on a Caribbean island rescuing Amerifats on cruises with heart attacks.

Feels pretty good actually. After work it feels like vacation everyday.

But I did. I think after taxes it was closer to 7 tho. Didn't really care since I barely spent half of it while living there.

you sound like a white trashlet cuckold who's coping with the fact that his shitcoins will never provide him a stable income

Math PhD
1) Get paid to go to grad school; no debt to worry about paying off
2) $300k starting job afterward

software engineer in what part of the country tho

Yep, I knew it, an angry little asian manlet.

I'm already retired btw. At 34.

I trade crypto for fun, I don't need to work another day in my life unless I want to get a bigger house or a boat.

Nah fuck that, just trade memecoins

nice larp. you typing this inbetween pizza deliveries?

Stay mad, manlet. Sounds like you were also too stupid to take profit in 2017. That's not happening ever again, btw. Sorry you missed out.

Face it, Chang. You picked a horrible, soul-sucking profession. Not that you Oriental bug-people even have souls.

>being a physician
requires fortitude and discipline. not for the average bizbro

>actual nazi
>talking about souls

holy shit it's like i'm jizzing all over your gay face right now

>fantasizes about jizzing on men
>calls someone else a fag

not just an asian manlet med student, but a gay asian manlet med student

also lmao at this brainlet thinking he's fooling anybody posting under two different IP's

next time try picking a better a posting structure to throw people off instead of

>gets outrageously BTFO'd
>is pretending to be laughing

still nutting all over you, holy shit. didn't know i even made this much LOL

oh I'm sorry, did you think the next 30 years of treating fat, sick old retards would be rewarding?

who meme'd you into this? your parents?

>I'm not angry, YOU are angry and BTFO!!!

you have seven posts in my thread and are posting under different IPs


The "M" in STEM stands for "looking at dirty pus filled cocks".

You could always go to med school after working a few years if that shit really means that much to you...

This is why every primary care doctor and hospitalist is some pajeet or ethiopian. Every white or atleast American physician is enamored with specialties and view anything less as beneath them and a failure.

literally no one knows that though

I got WebMD, medcucks eternally BTFO.

google highest paid developer doesn't make above 300k a year, project managers max out at around 200k

it's really not that crazy dude, goldman interns in nyc get a flat $10k/month including housing. google is about $7k/month but you also get like $10k housing stipend for your internship.

im starting a job and after signing bonus and stock it's around 160k, and that's entry level. way better than the medical field, chill 4 year bachelors degree.

do you consider the higher levels dev jobs, or management? cause those people (who get promoted from dev roles) make way more than that considering stock grants.

Literally this.

The chinks are paying american pilots under age 55 with 5k+ jet time a319/b737 and up experience over 30k$ a month bc their pilots are so fucking terrible over there

Also american pilots on those same planes are making 250k+

Southwest captains are making up to 500k a year with overtime seriously think the m in stem stands for medicine?

>higher level dev jobs

the highest-level dev salaries do not exceed 300k at google.

management does ofc, but CTO, CEO is a different kind of work

found the source.

google top software engineer salary 275k (Facebook 210k)
top project manager salary 231k (Facebook 200k)

it doesn't list Microsoft though, they did pay Anders Hejlsberg $1,000,000 just to leave Borland and join them before they started designing C#, but he was really over the top level (first offered him 500k to join them but he rejected)

Dentistry shits all over med imo- close to same pay but less university and less stress.

truly pathetic men. is it that hard to accept that being a doctor takes a lot of effort and intelligence and so in turn there is reward for such diligence?
The weakest and most beta men cannot accept this and pretend those who succeed and work hard are "soul less", "chinks" and "manlets".
You've never truly excelled and that hurts but dont hate on the people who do good in the world and get rewarded for it.
Go read some books and meet some people you little "men".

This. Keep coping you pathetic neets

>i studied python so ill get paid 500k when i graduate
it will take you at least the time it takes for a doctor to be accredited for you to be paid a third of their pay

med school debts are paid off during your paid placements

You can do laboratory work and research where the only "patient" you need to interact with is a cadaver for tissue samples.

actual doctor here. if you want money you take the path known as the ROAD radiology ophthalmology anesthesiology derm. easy money easy hours

i went ophthalmology route and shit cash. my state has a scholarship to pay for my tuition for me to work in state. only work 6 hrs/day 5days week 200k/year

yes but its the absolute worst form of wage slaving. Office environment but you cant waste time or talk to other people to pass the time. You literally look at teeth for 8 hours a day. Its death

Medicine is science

nice larp

What about pathology? I have a BSc in biochem and am currently reviewing/studying for my mcat. I want to go into pathology because chemical pathology is similar to biochem, don't need to interact with many patients, and a lot of lab work (which I love).

>what state??

My dad is a senior captain at a major airline. He makes more than $350k a year. Probably closer to $400k a year.

ok what's the average pilot pay?

believe what u want. what site you think a med student was browsing in highschool and college

path=alot of labwork. hours will be shit but great for autists.

PA/CO/NY just finished rotation and have a job in PA but have options in others due to connections.

both my parents are doctors and it turned them into alcoholics, google it, its not uncommon

Can probably afford some good ass alcohol though.

yea they have a wine cellar of sorts, cheapest stuff is like 200$ and it tastes indescribably good.