The future belongs to the link holders. the meek shall inherit the earth

the future belongs to the link holders. the meek shall inherit the earth.

the future belongs to nobody cause society's about to collapse soon

10k reporting in

Where my 8-12k Marines at?

there's so many LINK fags on this board it's pretty much destined to fail


Went all in for 17k link.
Either i make it or i off myself, no way around it.


why would you ruin this with a shitty jpeg at half the resolution and no transparency?

You say the meek shall inherit the earth, yet you're the smarmiest faggots on this board.

Blessed are the linkies, for they shall inherit the earth.

Earth has already been conquered.


But not its mineral rights


This is difficult to believe if you actually step outside your door on a Saturday night, user.

Yeah, sure has eh. 6 months after ICO, ChainLink yields a 1.3x return on ETH LMFAO.

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Where my 50001-75000 marines at.

1 we don’t answer to you
2 what do you need marine

If this doesn't pump to $50 each i will literally kill myself. This is not a joke. My last ditch effort to make it.

*the stinky shall inherit the earth

I've sold all of my linkies. I've given up.

the question is how many years can you hold for? i remember when i bought eth at 6-10 when it was shilled on Veeky Forums 2015. i sold what little i had after a year of it literally not moving and sold for a meager 16 dollar. just give it a year or 2. want to retire early? hold for 5-10 year. sell only a little at a time.

LINK won't even hit $50. The singularity will pump it to $500 immediately

Im holding. I got nothing else.

I sold over 900 ETH at $2 each. Not again.

10 years? Even 5 is pretty generous. Curious to know why you think it will take that long for link's price to reach ETH level growth.

Only .5 K can I still Make it?


i want to believe you fags aren’t scamming

Link is literal dogshit. Mobius is so much fucking better but you retards are to stubborn to see it.

it’s not a pajeet chink coin, so no

you’re wrong