Monero Gold XMRG

Anyone following this? Devs just exit scammed.

Originally 21 million supply, devs used an integer overflow to double the supply, then quadruple, and so on.
They recently just generated 1,157,920,892,373,160,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, that's got to be some sort of record.

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This is why you don't buy pajeet diarrhea.

>G-guys the normies are gonna be all over this
>G-guys its a fork XDD

Here comes the sec

>implying Uni Banker isnt behind the scam

That annoying twat needs to go

Fuck man, srsly that fucken suck for anyone that holds this coin. How is this executed? Only devs can do this or anyone with enough knowledge of smart contracts?

kek, anyone that was dumb enough to buy this shit token deserves everything.

eth is quickly becoming the most pajeet coin with all this shit



In the wild, 95% of people would die in the first day.
This is how weak humanity has become. Cattle for the slaughter that have to be protected by the state or they will walk off the cliff like lemmings.

Yeah it has been for a while. Investing in Eth is equivalent to investing in pajeets continuing to scam.

inb4 "muh eth dapps" because you faggots know there are none.

Afaik only the devs can, I know fuck all though. I'm just assuming since no one else has created coins and such. Logically, only the devs should be able to do it.

but guise, flippening!


Fun fact, unibanker (@ethereumblue) is the one behind these scams
He did neo good, bitcoin red, ethereum blue, all that crap
Now he's calling out his own scam to pump his rep
Weird little guy

read their whole bitcoin talk thread

the people who buy this stuff are actually delusional. unless they are paid accounts, people saying that it is monero and they loke the colour gold so they are going to buy in. And another scammer who made an xmrg token was saging the thread trying to get people to buy HIS scam token instead. One person with sense asked if he could see some info about the dev team because they didnt look legit and the dev said he would forward that guys question onto their marketing team

Like what the fuck. This is just a joke at this point

Thank you for your money and of course I should say this:

Sorry for your loss.

lmao I saw this shit being shilled here yesterday

nice, I see they made like 300 btc, good for them and their smarts, if I understand correctly they exploited the bug to multiply their share and then dumped to the poor schmucks
brav-o brav-o

Solidity is just inviable garbage at this point

It's not ethereum's fault that you're all gullible retarded marks

>I just said ethereum is shit
>Calls me a gullible retard

What did he mean by this?

God I hate Indians.

>Use a known and poopular name
>Add gold to it
>Pump and dump

Who could have guessed?

>April 2018 - the 'flippening' finally occurs, ETH replaces BTC at no1. and BTC crashes
>June 2018 - smart money realises ETH is actually a shitcoin
>July 2018 - everyone is expecting a pump here but really ETH crashes and weakhands sell. Previous ironhands become weak and sell off their stacks
>September 2018 - NEO no1 on coinmarketcap. BTC and ETH are irrelevant at this point. NEO worth 50k but nobody will sell as price is rising parabolic because coins aren't divisible.

screencap this

What's up with black people and picking scams?

If no one was watching originally, the price went from 800sats to 100sats, then gradually down to 40 sats. It was then hovering around 30sats and then the dev did a last dump down to 1sat. Kept bouncing between 1-3sats and finally ended at 4sats where coinexchange deactivated the listing.

It also seemed like the dev was buying orders through 3-4sats as there was large orders being set every second, seemingly to try pump the price higher to dump again.

I don't expect the dev to have too much luck withdrawing every bitcoin since he was trading up until the listing became inactive. Definitely got away with a decent amount though.


free market fixed it

Do you think he woke up yet?


mfw Clif was right... just waiting on lawsuits to be thrown around