All the dumb millennials who were supposed to feed the crypto bubble are already in...

>all the dumb millennials who were supposed to feed the crypto bubble are already in, no more fiat inflow to sustain bubble growth

>crypto is already mainstream in terms of media coverage, no more naive normies to get in

>no more moons

>regulations incoming

>tether about to implode and probably bring down a few exchanges with it

It was fun while it lasted, crypto is over.

>reddit spacing
>retarded FUD

Thanks for your contribution.

>ask 10 random people on the street about neo, omg, com
>0/10 know what you're talking about
>those are some of the biggest alts, imagine the gains in stuff like link, req, ark
>mfw op is a fucking faggot
Every time

Xlm, not com
T. Phonefag

>all the dumb millennials who were supposed to feed the crypto bubble are already in,
wrong, I know quite a few people that dabble in stocks but still have not moved onto crytpo, waiting on more authoritative greenlights because they are beta bitch boys that missed out on gains so far

there are actual millions of people in cues waiting to get on exchanges to buy crypto







Also I can tell you are a salty nocoiner.

Darn, over again!

robin hood +1mil people in queue to trade crypto...i can't believe how bad you are at FUDding

Thanks, just sold 100k.

Once the remaining platforms are adopted into every day society, we won't need normies to even know what a blockchain is, everything will be utilized with or without their knowledge.


It would be like asking people about Google in 1998

FUD Ass nigger

the average person moves with the sentiment the mass media tells them to have. once we start the good news every day cycle they'll come flowing back in to push us to the top. just remember to sell this time

When the crypto market cap slowly reaches $1Trillion over the next few months, the media will talk about it again and a whole new wave of normies will come in.

There's only $12 billion or so of actual money invested in all of crypto you complete brainlet. This is only the beginning

Good. I hope it all goes to $0. I hope we lose all of our money for speculating on tech we don't understand instead of utilizing the platforms for their intent.

This space is why normal people can't invest in venture capital companies. Because they have no fucking clue how to spend their money. They're not responsible and they're not smart. The elitists are right and they're just protecting you.

Sell everything so I can buy more you stupid fuck.


Market cap does not equal invested amount

awareness is not participation

Retarded shitcoiner

"How's your bitcoin going, user?"
>haven't held bitcoin in over a year

Most people have no fucking clue what crypto currency is, they just know that bitcoin exists because it popped up on their Facebook feed. And even the average normie that did invest couldn't name a single coin outside of the ones on Coinbase. We're literally at the infant stage.

>all the dumb millennials who were supposed to feed the crypto bubble are already in

This is stockhouse bullboard tier fud. It's the same statement on any speculative sector in a major correction. All of the buyers are already in, they say. There's nothing left. All is lost. Sell your bags (to me) for pennies. And so on. Market recovers and these same guys start shouting about bubbles again.

Sorry fag, you're going to have to liquidate your shorts. Maybe it will go back to 7k if you're lucky.

The average person takes months to years before they actually buy any after first learning about it. Once it breaks 20k again the final "bitcoin is a bubble" meme will be crushed and the FOMO really begins.