If you spend your money on stupid lambo cars you dont deserve it...

If you spend your money on stupid lambo cars you dont deserve it. A smart investor would put it into the stock market and increase it even more. Do you think Warren Buffett got rich by buying a lambo?

I've been thinking about this lately, at what dollar amount do you feel comfortable enough to treat yourself and stop scraping every penny into investments?

"A smart investor would put it into the stock market."

Yes, but not in 2018.

stockmarket is gonna crash next month Idiot

Smart investor would put it into managed fund that has averaged above 8% return a year. Don't buy a car or house for cash because the interest rate is only about 4%-6% you are better off paying interest as you will still be up 2% or more.

You need to use your money to make more money to supplement your income stream.

i think of it in terms of time rather than dollars. i'm fully committed to investing every penny i have for the next 2 years minimum. after that i can buy a car but i'll never buy a lambo or anything close to that expensive. investing that same 200K+ in the stock market and living off the returns is a much smarter move. if you're not averse to the volatility you could even leave it in ethereum and probably make more overall

Once you are making millions to the point where buying a lambo isn't that big of a deal. But that's only if you get a good business going.

When I get a $5,000+ profit score I typically will spend a couple $100 on myself. Gotta treat yourself once in a while.

>Do you think Warren Buffett got rich by buying a lambo?
no, he got rich by being born into a rich family

But the dip

he literally had 1k when he started out, his only luck was to be born into economic boom

>smart investor
>managed fund

if you fellas make it would you stop touching trades entirely or keep up with it?

Warren wanted money. Warren used his money to make money.

I want a Lambo. I'll use my money to get a Lambo.

that's why no one knows who the fuck you even are user. you have beta goals

i'll keep some holds that i'll check up on every month or so but fuck sitting in front of a computer all day trading shitcoins after you make it

THIS plus his parents had quite a bit of money. His father was a stock trader.

If I've made it then what's the point?

>stock market

>not magic cards and Lego sets
BAKA senpai

Says the beta with neither money nor a Lambo.

FUCK OP this is exactly the kind of faggot shit ruining crypto

The knowledge/connections his parents imparted him was worth far more than the any of the money that he may have inherited. He was already a self made millionaire at the age of 30, which is something like 8 million today.

>managed fund
>8% returns
>smart investor not getting jewed by fees
pick two.

I'd say once it starts giving me enough passive income to live off of, 50k a year should be the maximum I need but I think I could do it with 30k

the only thing that might really fuck me up is that I might want to move to another country eventually